Is It OK to Wear Gold and Silver Together(Bad Luck or Not?)

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Fashion rules and invisible glass ceilings of limitation are broken every new fashion season.

Since the ancient times when gold and silver jewelry was the reserve of the royal elect among their societies, it was not historically known, nor was it deemed thinkable that you could wear both metals together.

In present times, however, mindsets and societies have evolved. So, is it now okay to wear gold and silver together?

Our human nature makes us susceptible to the thoughts and opinions of others. Now, more than ever, it is important to be and feel that you are part of the collective.

Is It Okay to Wear Gold and Silver Together

As human beings, one of the ways we fulfill this need is by self-aggrandizing ourselves with things of beauty such as jewelry.

Gold and silver each have their unique allure to them and they make us glow differently.

Having bought these lovely and shiny metals with glistening and emotive messages or symbolism, we feel some sort of instant attachment to them and they could be hard to take off the first week or so.

Naturally, we want to wear all our favorite pieces. Which is all of them.


Is It Okay to Wear Gold and Silver Together?

Is It OK to Wear Gold and Silver Together

Living in the 21st century, you will find that color blending and blocking is a huge trend that started somewhere in the 90s and is not about to end. From the color of our clothes, we are always seeking to blend in our look and make it look put together.

This should be no different when it comes to wearing gold and silver jewelry together. Just as you do it with your outfit, you can sure get it right with your accessories as well.

The first, most important things to remember are the areas of focus that are your ears, neck, wrists, and fingers. Those are the best spots for showing off a nice piece of jewelry all depending on your outfit.

A crucial factor that all the accessories you intend to wear should possess is a similar theme or complimentary theme. What this means is that if you wear yellow gold diamond earrings in your ear, you can’t then wear a silver beaded bracelet on your arm.

Is It OK to Wear Gold and Silver Together

There is a wrong and a right way to mix and match your gold and silver but it needs to be subtle. The right way to fit in a good match for the yellow gold diamond earrings is to match them with a two-tone necklace pendant, a two-tone simple ring, and about two or three tiny bands of silver, gold and maybe one rose gold ring on some fingers.

It is advisable to pick and choose your jewelry based on the design and color range. You don’t want to pick colors or designs that went extremely against each other because this would just look tacky.

Is It OK to Wear Gold and Silver Together

For example, if you pick a geometric theme, pick pieces of silver and gold that have these shapes from your collection. Then see how they combine in ratio and color.

Remember the rule “Less is more” when stacking on your jewelry. The aim is to be strategic and look sophisticated and classy while doing it.

First, define your chosen center of focus. This is the part of your body between neck, ears, wrist, or fingers that you will want to draw attention to. If your neck is your desired area of focus, you could pick out a few necklaces of varying lengths and either gold or silver medal.

Is It OK to Wear Gold and Silver Together

There is no special rule to how you do this other than laying on the necklaces one after the other. This blend sets the tone for the rest of the pieces you might want to add. Be sure that they do not overpower the necklaces.

So, you could either wear blended earrings or miss them and settle for two or three bangles of varying shades like gold, rose gold, and white gold. Mixing metal material as well creates the necessary contrast that helps you look put together.


Is It True That Wearing Gold and Silver Together Equals Bad Luck?

Is It OK to Wear Gold and Silver Together

Luck refers to something happening to you by chance without taking personal action. A lot of people believe in luck and the world today is revolving around much chance but all of which we have individually created.

That being said, believing that wearing gold and silver or any other metal could do anything more for you than add your overall beauty and presentation, you will be sadly disappointed.

Jewelry is metal twisted and turned into incredible designs that evoke strong emotion either by their message, symbolism, or because of the person who gifted it to us.

Is It OK to Wear Gold and Silver Together

Wearing it should not affect your life in any other way than by way of endless compliments from total strangers. To be exact, you may end up having such good luck from all the new attention you are getting. You may even be lucky enough to make a friend.

The rumor that wearing gold and silver together equals bad luck, is nothing more than a rumor. As a person who loves jewelry, I am quick to dispel such superstition and you should be too.

The truth is, wearing jewelry is a personal choice. A way for one to express their authentic style and creativity to the world. One thing that authenticity and creativity have in common is that they must come from the self.

Is It OK to Wear Gold and Silver Together

If you have a cool idea you want to try out and you think looks amazing, go right ahead and rock it to your next day out. Just be sure to remember to keep within a theme, color range, limit in the number of accessories you use.

The last thing you need is a dash of confidence, a spring in your step a twinkle in your eye, and a smile on your lips. Take a picture of the memories and step out to your day full of luck and beautiful surprises.


Tips on How to Wear Gold and Silver Together

Is It OK to Wear Gold and Silver Together

Trying out a new trend is uncomfortable and you are never really sure you are doing it right until you receive the first few compliments. Some of these tips may help ease you into the blended metals trend in a seamless and trendy fashion.

I. Wearing a two-tone statement piece of jewelry like a bangle, necklace, or earrings now and again will help you and others start to appreciate the beauty of these two shades together.

II. Have and maintain a standard of jewelry that will look good when put together. Quality and properly cared for jewelry have a pop of color that is pleasing to the eye and easy to blend.

III. Keep it minimal in your pieces and their placements, you don’t want to pile on tons of gold and silver jewelry because it blends in well together. What you want it to do is to create a subtle but intriguing pattern of two of the most loved metals blended into one outfit.

IV. Lastly, most importantly, always create a theme for your gold and silver jewelry pieces before you put them on. Having them match each-others’ theme and size of metal helps create a more thoughtful and put-together look.



The fashion world is living every moment out because so much has changed in such a short time.

Some of the things we can do today in fashion have been as a result of these trends that were set by one brave human or another and it sparked a revolution.

In light of this, there should be no reason to limit any of us from wearing what and how they want.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!