Is It OK to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry in 2024?

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I can’t account for the number of times I have had this question. The one thing that I can say with surety however is that in all those times this question has led to an argument that did not end well.

At one point in time, you might have seen someone with evil eye jewelry or you might be owning one yourself. Why then do they wear it and is it okay to wear it?

This article will answer these and other related questions clearly to clear your mind of any worry or doubt. Read on to find out.


Is it OK to wear evil eye jewelry?

Is It OK to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

Growing up I had a friend who used to carry a rubber ducky everywhere she went. Being a child, I assumed it was just a random toy that she enjoyed carrying around.

Later I came to realize that it was something that helped her stop crying whenever she was upset. Strange, I know. So, why am I telling you this story?

Evil eye jewelry is made with a talisman that is designed in the shape of an eye. The evil eye is a curse that is believed to be cast by a spiteful glare from someone who does not wish you well.

Wearing an evil eye necklace or bracelets kind of protects you from the curse. This curse could project itself in form of bad luck or certain negativities. With the evil eye jewelry on you, the negativity will be neutralized and the bad luck will be warded off.

People who wear evil eye jewelry believe it works. They trust that it protects them from evil eyes and that they are free from bad luck as long as they have it on.

Is It OK to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

So is this true? Let’s not answer that, at least not yet. Other people believe that there is no such thing as protection from the evil eye. They argue that the belief is unauthenticated, non-scientific, and unproven.

Just like my childhood friend with her rubber ducky, people who wear evil eye jewelry are protected from negativity and bad luck. Whether or not it is a true belief, it works for them.

Had I taken my friend’s rubber ducky and expected it to work for me, chances are it would have been a complete fail.

So, is it OK to wear evil eye jewelry? The answer is yes, it is completely OK. It is fin to wear them for protection or if you are not a believer, you can were them for the beauty and fashion appeal.


Reasons why we wear evil eye jewelry

Is It OK to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

At this point, you might already have an idea why people wear evil eye jewelry. Now, let’s look at the reasons in depth. Evil eye jewelry has a rich history.

They have been around since 5,000 years ago. The evil eye talisman has been represented in a lot of paintings and carvings of different societies.

Many cultures believe that someone can curse you by directing a spiteful glare at you. This glare might be a result of envy or anger towards you.

Wearing an evil eye jewelry shields you from the bad eye. If it was intended to bring you bad luck or bring negativity to your life, the talisman will protect you.

It works by absorbing the negativity and neutralizing it so that it does not get to you. This is the main reason why evil eye jewelry is worn. It also protects you from the negativity that you might absorb from your surrounding.

Is It OK to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

Imagine being in a toxic environment and your evil eye bracelet sucks up all the toxicity leaving you calm and peaceful.

Imagine also someone directing an ill-will glare at you and the evil eye absorbs it all. Your evil eye bracelet or necklace can last you a lifetime.

In rare instances, however, they break or fall unexpectedly. This is also associated with its negativity-repellant functions. Often when they break or fall off it means that they have absorbed enough negativity and are deflecting. You should then replace the evil eye.

The evil eye jewelry is worn by others for the qualities that the evil eye emblem symbolizes. The colors of the evil eye vary and each color has some traits associated with it. Here are some of the colors and what they stand for:

  • Yellow: stands for strength, energy, and power for concentration and overcoming health issues
  • Blue: represents good luck and positive makes you feel motivated and puts you in a creative space. It is also the color that wards off the evil eye.
  • Red: it symbolizes protection and strength to overcome anxiety. Red is a fiery color and it boosts your energy and protects you.
  • Pink: stands for calmness and friendship
  • Purple: a divine color that removes any obstacles that can come your way and brings balance to your life
  • White: represents purity and signifies new beginnings. Brings you new life-changing opportunities.

Is It OK to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

Others also wear evil eye jewelry for beauty. They have a strong fashion statement and bring out a person’s personality.

These people, however, may not necessarily have an idea of the evil eye’s meaning, or if they do they may not believe in it. Some of the evil eye jewelry is dainty, beautiful, and delicate. This is exactly what today’s fashion is about


Tips for wearing evil eye jewelry for daily life

Evil eye jewelry has a lot of symbolic attributes. For this reason, there are ways of wearing it and things to do if you want them to work.

Here are some of the tips for wearing evil eye jewelry.

Is It OK to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

1. If your evil eye jewelry is in form of a bracelet, it is recommended that you wear it on the left hand. This is because the left hand is believed to be your emotional side and it is the side where your heart is. Wearing it on the left side is highly likely to protect your vulnerability from the evil eye that when worn on the right side

2. While most people believe that buying yourself evil eye jewelry will make them ineffective, it is a sign that you are committed to it and does not affect the functionality.

3. It is recommended to not wear your evil eye bracelet 24/7. Give it a break while you hit the shower or when you are napping. This increases its workability and also keeps it from tarnishing.

Is It OK to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

4. There are also a lot of theories about how you can cleanse your evil eye jewelry. These theories are however not compulsory. Your evil eye jewelry has working potential with or without the cleansing.

5. If your evil eye jewelry falls off or breaks, the best thing to do is replace it. It has deflected after absorbing the maximum negative energy that it could hold.



People wear evil eye jewelry for a lot of reasons, some just as normal jewelry, and others for protective purposes.

However, there is a lot of misinformation about the evil eye jewelry. Since many people base their arguments upon assumptions, the information above will give you more information on the matter.

If you own evil eye jewelry you can also consider the above simple tips.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!