Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings?

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If you have a diamond ring with smaller diamonds, one of the things that you would be struggling with would be how durable the gemstones are and whether the small diamonds would fall off accidentally after some time.

Well, this article explores the world of diamond jewelry and, more importantly, the durability of small diamonds.

So, if you find that you can be a little rough with your hands because you are always using them, and you just want to make sure that the small diamonds will not fall off days after buying the rings, this article is for you.


Is it common for diamonds to fall out of rings?

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

Well, yes. It is quite common for small diamonds to fall off from the rings. Of course, the diamonds should not fall off if they were set in place properly, but they still do.

The good news is that even if the diamonds fall out, it won’t be the first time it’s happening. It happens more often than you think, and the diamonds can be re-affixed if you find them on time.

Most jewelry makers can repair or fix the problem and fix the lost diamond.

As mentioned here, it is quite common for diamonds to fall off from diamond rings because accidents happen all the time. And with you on your hands most of the time and for nearly every task, you run a big risk of losing the diamonds when the ring bumps into the surface of the ring.

To avoid this from happening, you may want to take the ring off when engaging in activities that require the use of your hands to a large extent. You should also consider taking the ring off when washing your hands or when you shower.


Why do small diamonds fall out of rings?

The small diamonds on your ring would fall off for many reasons, but the top reasons why are as follows:

1.The diamonds were not set properly

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

This is the most common reason why the diamonds fall out, and it’s often a problem that can be blamed on the craftsmanship of the jeweler or its lack of. This will also happen if you buy the diamond ring from an inexperienced jeweler.

Keep in mind that when the diamonds are set loose on the settings, even without your knowledge, the diamonds could be knocked off easily. Over time, the loose diamonds will be even looser, hence a bigger risk of loss.


2.The build-up of residue under the diamonds or between the ring’s settings

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

This is an unlikely cause that would result in the diamonds falling off, but it is still a reason. With this in mind, you should clean your diamond ring more regularly.


3.Damage to the diamond

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

While diamonds are considered the hardest substances on earth and are, as a result, marketed as indestructible, diamonds can be damaged.

Yes, diamonds are very brittle and are extremely hard, but the diamonds could be lost if the diamonds are damaged.

This would happen when enough force is applied, which would result in the diamond breaking.

In case of a complete break, the diamond would be dislodged from the ring, and you would lose the stone as a result.


4.Damage to the ring’s setting

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

In case of accidental damage to your ring’s setting, you could lose the diamond. The setting could break, and in case of extreme damage, the diamond would be lost.

That said, you should know that the diamond rings with claws for settings tend to be much thinner and also weak, hence susceptible to damage.

If the ring set is worn out, the diamonds would be damaged too. This is the case with diamond rings with claws and different settings, which will wear out more naturally, resulting in the loss of the diamond.

Ring settings made of platinum or gold can be a little too thin, and in some cases, the claws may not be too durable or secured correctly. These weaknesses in the structure of the ring would increase the risk of loss of the small diamonds.


5.Incorrect diamond size

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

This will be a low risk or possibility if you get your diamond engagement ring from a reputable seller.

Even so, you should know that diamond rings set with stones in the incorrect size would mean a high risk of the gemstone falling off.

In this case, the diamond might be too small for the ring mount, affecting how secure the stone actually is when it’s mounted.

With this in mind, you consider working with professionals when getting your engagement rings and ensure that the jeweler understands the importance of size specifications for different rings.


6.Weakness after you resize the ring

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

If your engagement ring has tension settings or diamond shoulders, meaning that the ring is at risk of being resized is high, this will also translate to the high risk of losing the diamonds.

The problem often arises after resizing because it means that the security of the ring settings is affected.

So, if the ring has been readjusted in the past, the risk of the diamonds falling out is quite high.


7.Displaced Claws

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

The other common reason why small diamonds fall off rings is the presence of displaced claws.

In some cases, the damage to the ring isn’t what causes the claw to fail, and in such cases, the diamond would fall off.

If the claws or the prongs move out of place over time, you may lose the diamond.

This would also happen if the claw is no longer working and it cannot secure the diamond properly anymore.

When this happens, you will notice some movement if you poke the diamond.


8.Gypsy Settings

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

Even though most small diamonds fall off because of sloppy work or settings, the gypsy setting often leaves you with loose diamonds at risk of falling off.

It is important to know that although the gypsy setting is reliable when the work is done properly, there is always a high risk of the stone being dislodged in case of strong impact. This would be worsened by severe forces of wear.


Does resizing a ring make diamonds fall out?

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

The risk of diamonds falling out is high when the ring is resized. However, this often depends on the type of setting for the ring and the number of size changes required.

The tension and channel settings are quite hard to work with, especially with harder metals like tungsten or platinum.

But this risk is lowered significantly if working with qualified jewelers who will advise you appropriately.

Also, the risk of the diamonds falling off is too high when the resizing affects the diamond, not just the ring.


How to Avoid Losing Diamonds from Your Ring

Is It Common For Small Diamonds To Fall Out Of Rings

  • Always seek help from professional, qualified jewelers when working on the ring’s setting or for repairs of any kind.
  • Get the diamonds replaced by a qualified jeweler if the diamond is knocked loose.
  • In case of worn-out ring settings, the claw would have to be replaced professionally, then repaired and built on it to ensure the best setting and more secure diamonds.
  • Keep your diamonds safe, and have the ring fixed immediately the moment you notice that the stones are loose. Tightening the settings and repairing the damage will prevent more damage to the ring
  • Be careful handling rings that are prong set with yellow gold because this is not the most durable form of gold
  • If the ring is made with prong settings, you’d want to be careful about the prongs, checking for signs of wear regularly, especially after an accident and if you spot damage of any kind
  • If the ring has invisible-set diamonds, avoid wearing it when engaging in vigorous tasks. This also applies to the inlaid gemstones, which tend to fall off easily.
  • Be careful when cleaning rings in the ultrasonic cleaner



Small diamonds tend to fall off quite often, and it is a common problem with rings made of small diamonds.

So, don’t beat yourself too hard when it happens.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!