Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy?-Quick Answer

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If you are thinking about buying Prada, you may be wondering if it’s ideal to buy the handbag or pair of heels in Italy or back home.

And you will agree with us that it can be very confusing for you to make up your mind on this because people will always offer different kinds of advice on the same.

Still, there is also the fact that most people advocate shopping for the best of Italian fashion products while in Italy because the prices tend to be lower there.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

With all this information, what decision will you settle on?

Where should you buy your Prada bag, Italy or any other market or store in other parts of the world?

To learn more about the cost of Prada products and where the best place to buy them is, keep reading to learn more.


Is it cheaper to buy Prada in Italy?

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

Well, we’ll start off with the very good news; that if you are on holiday or on a business trip in Italy and are interested in buying a pair of Prada heels, handbag, or any other fashion item, it’s generally cheaper making the purchase in Italy.

Essentially, the prices of luxury goods tend to be much lower in Europe than in the rest of the world’s luxury markets.

The main reason for this is that Europe is home to most of the luxury brands, being home to iconic names like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Saint Laurent, etc.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

Then you have Italy itself, which prides itself in being home to big brands like Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu, Gucci, and Prada, just to name a few.

Because all these big brands are competing for a market of the same of the best things in the luxury realm, there is a feeling of healthy competition that naturally results in slightly lower prices.

There is also the fact that most of the goods are produced in the European countries before they are shipped overseas.

So, if you buy them from the country they are manufactured in, you will spend less. You should also know that luxury goods are usually cheaper when you buy them from the country or place where the brand is headquartered.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

If the brand is headquartered in Europe, the products will be cheaper in Europe.

Once the goods are out of the country they are manufactured in, other costs like shipping/ transportation costs and taxes, among other costs, are factored in, and this results in an overall high cost of the product abroad.

That said, the prices of Prada products and others by the luxury products can be high, even in Italy, meaning that you shouldn’t expect good bargains throughout Italy.

And so, if you are interested in getting the best quality and most affordable luxury Prada items in Italy, we recommend shopping from the not-so-touristy places.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

In fact, you should avoid Prada outlets in touristy places; instead, take a trip to the manufacturers’ outlets that are located outside the tourist centers like Milan. In other words, don’t shop from Milan,

The other thing you should know about Prada and other luxury brands in Italy is the fact the prices are essentially lower because shopping from Italy or the rest of the European countries entitles you to a tax refund, which is why it’s generally cheaper to buy Prada from Italy.

So, to get the best value for your money, even when buying high-end fashion, you may want to plan a trip to Italy for shopping. Again, avoid the outlets in the very touristy places.


How much does Prada cost in Italy?

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

Prada is one of the biggest and older Italian fashion brands that was established in 1913. The brand offers a wide array of luxury products, but most people are drawn to their handbags and high heels – the handbag is quite popular, though.

And you will be happy to know that if you are buying the handbag in their Italian outlets, you will scour a huge discount given the significantly lower cost of the bag in Italy, and when you get home, you will be entitled to a 12% tax refund, which really is, a big deal.

But even without the tax refund (Sales or VAT), buying that Prada bag in Italy is just that cheap.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

So, what price are we looking at, exactly?

Well, the prices of the handbags, for example, are quite variable and often range from about €600 to as high as €2500. And with these prices of Prada in Italy, there is no doubt that Italy is the best and also the cheapest place for you to buy Prada handbags from.

In the US, for example, the prices are even higher, with the lowest of Prada bags going for $890 and the most expensive of these bags going for at least $10,300.


Are Italian designer bags cheaper in Italy?

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

Yes, Italian designer bags are much cheaper in Italy than in the rest of the world. This is the case because the bags are made in Italy, and the production costs are reasonable and sustainable.

And in addition to buying the bag in Italy, you also save more through tax refunds, which are often more than 10% of the value of the bag/ purchase, depending on your country of residence.


Is it better to buy designer bags in Italy?

Yes. And the reason for this is that despite the lower costs for the designer bags made in Italy, there is also the fact that you are sure that the bags were made in Italy and not China.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

And the fact that there often are sales discounts in the month of July, plus the lower price of the Prada bag in Italy, makes your purchase in Italy all that worth it.

You also get to enjoy a wider array of products to choose from, and even though the products vary with stores, there is always something excellent for everyone and at a reasonably lower price than you will ever find at home.


Which country is Prada cheapest?

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

For the cheapest Prada pieces, we recommend shopping from Italy or any other European country.

In essence, there are many other factors that come into play when determining the cost of the Prada bags and other luxury items, depending on where you buy them from, and some European countries will sell the Prada pieces at even lower prices, but Italy is generally the cheapest country that you could shop from.

We recommend shopping for Prada in their factory outlets based in Italy, and preferably not the outlets located in the tourist destinations because the prices tend to be higher in these destinations places compared to other parts of Italy.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy


It’s generally cheaper to buy designer products from the country they are manufactured in.

And in the case of Prada, it’s ideally much cheaper for you to buy the Prada handbag from a Prada outlet in Italy than in any other outlet.

The best part is that you always get authentic designer merchandise from these outlets.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Prada In Italy

It’s also cheaper to buy Prada from Italy because you’d enjoy a tax refund when you get back home, especially for EU passport holders.

You may also want to shop from sites like MyTheresa because you’d get a good deal, or better yet, shop during the months with many running offers.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!