Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

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Do you remember the day you had your wedding? Whether that day was one year ago or ten years ago, many things have changed in your life as a married person.

You might have started a family, lived in different houses and locations, or held various jobs, and your love for each other has grown. One thing that has remained constant through all the changes is your wedding ring, and it still sparks beautiful memories of the day you got it.

Upgrading your wedding ring may come with contradicting feelings, and this article discusses some questions related to upgrading your wedding ring to help you make the right decision.


How often do you upgrade wedding rings?

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

There is no fast or solid rule for how often you should upgrade your wedding ring. The decision regarding how often and when exactly to upgrade your wedding ring is totally up to you as a couple.

The decision is driven by different reasons you need to consider with your spouse and as long as both of you are comfortable with the idea, then go for it.


What anniversary do you upgrade wedding ring?

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

Upgrading your wedding ring can be done whether you are celebrating a milestone anniversary or renewing your vows.

There is no right or wrong anniversary to upgrade your diamond for a larger carat size, a higher quality, or a more sophisticated cut.

One of the anniversaries you can upgrade your wedding ring could be the tenth one since it is an immensely popular celebration for couples.

Ultimately though, the decision is yours as a couple of the anniversary to upgrade the wedding ring, whether you choose to upgrade after one year or 50 years of marriage, it is all up to you.


Is it bad luck to upgrade your wedding ring?

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

Upgrading your wedding ring is not bad luck. Understandably, finances change, styles evolve, and personal preferences change over time, and what you picked for your wedding rings may not be what you want years later.

Upgrading your wedding ring may seem like a strange proposition because, after all, is it not supposed to be forever?

But looking back since your wedding day, you can see how much your love and lives have grown, and it is only fitting that your wedding ring should also reflect that growth.

Upgrading your wedding ring and deciding and planning on the upgrades to undertake with your spouse can be an exciting, fun, and romantic adventure to enjoy together.

And just like the original wedding ring symbolizes your love and the first stage of your marriage, the upgraded one will also reflect your love and the growth over the years as a couple.


Wedding ring upgrade etiquette

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

Your wedding represents a commitment that no one can change. However, that does not mean that you cannot change the ring over time.

Your love for your partner remains steadfast; however, changes in your life such as financial flexibility or finger size may force you to have a ring upgrade. 

Over time you have to upgrade your furniture, cookware, and clothes. Upgrading your wedding ring to celebrate various milestones in your marriage life is also essential.

For instance, you can upgrade your wedding ring every 5 or 10 years. It is crucial to invest in the ring because it is the symbol of your marriage. Below are the wedding ring upgrade etiquettes.


Adding a Second Wedding band 

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

The 2nd wedding band is the most routine addition to the wedding jewelry after the first wedding. You should slide the band perfectly on the other side of the engagement ring. 

Some couples wait for significant anniversaries, such as the 5th or 10th-year mark. In others, the bride requests the bridegroom for the second band as soon as they feel they have enjoyed the first one well enough and wants to have the second one. 

You can wear the first and second wedding bands as a ring stack. In this jewelry option, you have the freedom to remove the engagement ring for an uncluttered look while still maintaining the appealing shine it brings. 

If you wear the stacked wedding rings daily, the second ring should zig where the first one zags. You can also opt for symmetrical rings to avoid mismatched patterns that may look awkward. 


Make a practical choice 

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

Sometimes, a stack of wedding rings may not suit your recreational or professional activities.

For instance, if you are a healthcare professional in a healthcare facility that requires that you remove and clean your ring regularly, you should consider purchasing a replaceable ring that you can wear while on duty.

A silicone ring is perfect for this case. In such a case, the original ring remains at home and is only worn during special occasions or on leave days. 


Engrave the band

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

It is essential to engrave vital information on the wedding ring. If you keep forgetting the wedding anniversary, you can engrave the date on the ring.

The ring should be large enough (3mm) to hold a 2mm engraving. An engraving less than 2mm will look like a fine print and may be invisible to the naked eye. 


Modify the current ring  

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

To celebrate the milestones, you have achieved in your marriage life, replace the current wedding ring’s center stone or add a halo around it.

If you have a genuine attachment to your ring’s original gemstone, but the band is irritating your finger, you can choose to recoat the latter (the band) with rhodium or replace it entirely. 


Procure an entirely new ring

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

Your taste and preference for jewelry may change over time. Your finger or that of your partner might have outgrown the engagement ring.

In such a case, you can buy a new ring that fits your taste or finger size. Keep the old ring as a spare. You can also repurpose it as a necklace pendant. 


Your new ring should be better than the current one

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

It would help if you took time while choosing the upgrade to your existing ring. Consult your partner before changing the ring. 


Tips for upgrading your wedding ring

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

Changes in the taste of jewelry or finger size may give you the thought of upgrading your wedding ring.

When making the decision, you should follow the following steps;


Communicate with your partner

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

Before making the final decision to upgrade your wedding ring, the first thing is to talk with your wife/husband.

You should only proceed with the decision to upgrade if both of you have agreed that it is necessary to change the ring.


Take time to choose the new ring’s design 

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

Take time to choose the right upgrade. Rushing may lead to wrong decisions, and you might end up with a downgrade instead of an upgrade.

Take time to select the suitable materials and jeweler for better results.


Set your ring upgrade budget 

Is It Bad Luck to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

You should have a budget in place for the ring upgrade. Budgeting helps to avoid overspending on the upgrade.

If the cost of upgrading exceeds your budget, you may decide to reuse the original ring’s gemstone on the upgrade.

Reusing the gem reduces the cost of the upgrade. You can also choose to recoat the original ring’s band and replace the gem.

Therefore, upgrading the ring should fall within the set budget. 



Your wedding ring is the only constant since your wedding day since there have been significant changes since then. You may have bought a starter ring, and the budget has now changed, the ring could have gone out of style, or your personal preference has changed.

All these are reasons to upgrade your wedding ring. Upgrading your wedding ring is not bad luck since the upgraded ring symbolizes your love and reflects your growth as a couple over the years.

So, if you feel the need to upgrade your wedding ring, go for it and get yourself something that makes you happy.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!