Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift?(2024 Updated)

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Since the beginning of time, jewelry has been one of the most delightful gifting options for any occasion. Whether a birthday, wedding, or even when it is just a sentimental gift. When we gift the valuable people in our lives, we wholeheartedly express our undying love and affection.  

If anything, most people do not buy jewelry on a regular. That alone is a reason why any jewelry item is an exclusive and unique gift that holds more emotional value than any other present.

When gifting someone you love, you will always feel the need to invest in nothing but the best jewelry pieces.

Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift

However, finding the best item to express your sentiments towards your relationship may be a daunting task. Sometimes it could be because there are too many options available in the market. Other times, it could be because multiple jewelry superstitions may be holding you back.

Among a few jewelry superstitions that you may have come across could be; it’s bad luck to give a watch as a gift. But, how true is this?

In this write-up, we will look deeper into this superstition and confirm whether it is true.

Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift

Is it bad luck to give a watch as a gift?

In the past, believers of superstitions would say that a watchmaker always left a piece of their soul in hand-made watches.

They also concluded that should the watch stop working, the piece of their soul left in the watch would be broken and would afterward disappear.

This superstition was centered on the balancing wheel that you find within a mechanical watch. Its movement symbolized the watch’s soul that was given to the wristwatch by the watchmaker.

Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift

In Chinese history, giving a watch is seen as a curse. When the two Chinese symbols for ‘watch’ and ‘gift’ are put together, they create a word that means funeral. Based on this explanation, watches are seen as a sign of counting down days to one’s death, which indeed is a bad sign.

In today’s world, most people embrace watches as an affirmative gift around the world. That said, when you gift your loved one a luxurious wristwatch, you express generosity, love, and kindness.

In fact, in places such as Russia, it signifies that you wish that the recipient lives a prolonged life full of happiness. In other parts of the world, a watch is more of a mechanical feature that tells the time. Nothing special is attached to it.

Overall, watches make a great gift, and they are a great way to express what you want to be in a person’s life every day.


5 reasons why watches make the great gift

Here are five reasons why watches are an ideal gift for any occasion and a way to express your love to those in your life;

1. Giving someone a watch means that you are gifting them time

Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift

If there is one thing we all value in life, then time. Time is the best gift you can give anyone who feels as though you are too busy.

 Giving someone a watch allows them to always be on time for any meetings they have. Giving your loved one a wristwatch may signify that you want to spend lots of time with them.

Watches are a great fashion statement, and they have a professional touch to them.


2. Watches are for everyday wear

Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift

One good thing about watches is that they are durable. You can wear them comfortably daily. If you think about it, most of us wear watches for functional purposes.

For this reason, they can never be a throwaway gift.

All in all, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have a jewelry piece for beautification and functional purposes.


3. Watches carry a great sense of personality

Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift

Whether you are walking around with an elegant gold watch, a vintage one, or one that features a classic design, you will realize that each one of these has a unique feature that adds character to your outfit.

Gifting your loved one becomes a fun experience when you can pick out a watch that matches both character and personality.


4. Watches are a permanent reminder of those close to you

Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift

Remember, we tend to wear watches on our wrists daily.

That said, you will always remember the person who gave it to you every time you look at your wrist.

Even better, you may end up feeling closer to them than ever before.

That goes hand in hand that sometimes we gift our loved ones watches to express that we want to be present in their lives every day.


5. Watches are a luxurious gift

Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift

Show me your watch, and I’ll show you how much luxury you may want to explore in the jewelry world.

Remember, wristwatches have a unique character to them that exudes luxury.

You can always opt for a sophisticated, if not a dazzling wristwatch, for your loved ones. And, trust me, they always come with an executive feel!


Some Watch Superstitions

Is It Bad Luck To Give A Watch as a Gift

Back then, it was customary to stop the clock in a room where someone dies.

Doing this signaled the time of death so that nurses and doctors can record the time of death.

Based on this superstition, if a clock suddenly chimes or if a broken clock begins to work again, it may be a warning of death.

Another superstition is that you should never turn the hands on your watch backward. Doing this could bring bad luck to different aspects of your life.



There are endless jewelry superstitions that could hold you back from gifting your loved ones.

Whether you believe that surprising your loved ones with a watch can cause them great misfortune or bring them good luck and happiness, we can all agree that history is quite interesting to explore.

Overall, try to evaluate your thoughts on superstition so that you can know when to gift your loved ones the right jewelry or when to stop giving gifts.

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