Is It Bad Luck To Buy A Wedding Ring From A Pawn Shop (Quick Answer)

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If you are looking for a good quality wedding ring but you cannot afford one of the fancy ones sold in high-end stores, or maybe you just feel drawn to pre-loved jewelry, you might be wondering if getting that kind of jewelry really is a good idea in the first place.

You might find that you are particularly doubtful because someone might have mentioned something about wedding rings bought from pawnshops bringing bad luck, and now, you cannot shake off that feeling.


Well, if you are in this situation and you’re looking for enlightenment into wedding rings bought from pawnshops – are they a good idea – you are in the right place. Here, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about wedding rings for pawn shops.

So, let’s jump right into it!


Is It Bad Luck To Buy A Wedding Ring From A Pawn Shop?

Is It Bad Luck To Buy A Wedding Ring From A Pawn Shop

While it’s technically not bad luck to buy a wedding or an engagement ring from a pawn shop, it’s important to keep in mind that it would be a very bad idea, unwise, and utter waste of your money to buy a specific kind of jewelry if your fiancé is displeased. What this means is that in addition to the ring purchased being nothing like what your fiancé would normally wear or just her style, it would be wrong and even disrespectful to buy a wedding ring from a place that your fiancé has previously expressed their hard feelings about/ against. If one of these places is a pawn shop, and if your partner already specified not wanting anything associated with pawnshops or just pre-owned pieces, then it wouldn’t be right for you to buy the jewelry from such places. Well, unless you are sure they’d never find out, which is, unfortunately, a hard thing for anyone to do.

That said, you should talk about the wedding ring with your fiancé or partner and know what their thoughts are about buying the wedding ring from the pawnshop. Some people don’t mind having to wear a ring from the pawnshop, but it is an issue for others.

So, is it bad luck to buy a wedding ring from a pawn shop or a pawnbroker?

Is It Bad Luck To Buy A Wedding Ring From A Pawn Shop


No, absolutely not. Essentially, the belief that buying a wedding ring from a pawn shop could bring bad luck is just superstition. A ring is an object that doesn’t hold such powers to turn your lives around. At the end of the day, whether your relationship/ marriage works or not depends entirely on the work you put in and how committed you are to each other.

Whether the ring is bought from a high-end store or a pawn shop shouldn’t really be a big deal, especially if that is all you can afford at the time. Also, the ring is just that, a ring – with no soul or feelings. It is, therefore, unlikely that a piece of jewelry made of metals and other physical materials would bring you bad luck.

Remember that although some people attach such strong feelings to rings, it’s impossible, unrealistic, and insane to believe that thought like bad luck would attach itself to a ring.

Of course, some people would argue that the wedding ring bought from the pawnshop brought them bad luck and ended their relationship, but the truth is that whether things go sour in your relationship or not is completely out of your control and the ring really has no impact on the stability of your relationship.


Should You buy a wedding ring from a pawn shop?

If you have seen an amazing ring at the pawnshop, but you aren’t sure about buying it, we’d recommend that you actually go ahead and get it.  All you need to do is to make sure that the quality of the ring is actually great and that you get your money’s worth.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy A Wedding Ring From A Pawn Shop

Below are the top reasons why buying the wedding ring from the pawnshop is an excellent idea:

Great savings – most of the time, a wedding ring sold at the pawnshop is worth so much, but it’s sold at a considerably lower cost compared to the prices at the retailer stores. So, if you are all about savings, or if you just want to start your marriage journey on a healthier foot, financially, getting that ring from the pawnshop might be the best decision you make. Expenses pile up real fast after the wedding, and you want to do all you can to save up. If that means buying a cheaper set of wedding rings from the pawnshop, then that would be a great idea for you.

You can negotiate prices at the pawn brokers. You hardly ever get the chance to negotiate the prices of high-end jewelry at the high-end retailers, and since you will be looking for the same quality pieces of jewelry but from a pawnshop or broker, you have a great opportunity of saving. Also, the pawnshop owner will not laugh at you for negotiating a much lower price.

The pawnbroker wishes to help you. It might not sound like it, but a pawnbroker is just as interested in your welfare as they are in theirs – to make money. So, it would be easier for you to get a good deal from your pawn shop than from the big retail corporates.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy A Wedding Ring From A Pawn Shop

Pros and cons of buying a wedding ring at a pawnshop


  • Prices are negotiable
  • Good range of affordable rings
  • Affordable, with the promise of great savings
  • Unique offerings


  • The ring might be in worse condition than it looks
  • Pawnshop brokers are not expert jewelers, and they may give misleading information


Tips for buying a wedding ring at a pawnshop

To buy a wedding ring from a pawn shop, take the following factors into consideration.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy A Wedding Ring From A Pawn Shop

  1. Always do your homework.

Check online for average prices for the jewelry, the styles, the effects of different styles and designs of the jewelry on the prices.

Know what you are looking for before you make a trip to the store

Doing this will help you avoid confusion from the moment you walk into the pawnshop. Though they sell pre-loved pieces of jewelry, these shops boast a very wide product variety to choose from. Also, having an idea of what ring you want will save you money and time.

  1. Be ready to negotiate prices.

All the homework you do will pay off here, and also, it increases the likelihood of you making the greatest savings.

  1. Always keep an open mind.

Don’t be rigid in your decisions or choices. Also, know that the rings that have been in the store for a while will cost less because the pawnbroker would want to get it off their hands sooner.

  1. Finally, you shouldn’t be scared of walking away.

If the deal or the ring isn’t right for you, walk away. This means that you should start the search for the ring months before the wedding.



There is nothing wrong with buying a wedding ring from a pawn shop, and a ring doesn’t carry bad luck. So, follow the guide above if you choose to buy your wedding ring from a pawn shop.

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