Is Heart Shaped Jewelry Tacky?(Detailed Answer in 2024)

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We all have different style preferences, and we’ll choose one jewelry style over the others, easily admonishing that which we don’t like because we are human, and we’ll turn away from the things we don’t like.

But then, there are types of jewelry that most people are against, and they do consider them tacky as a result. In this piece, we take on the heart-shaped jewelry – is it tacky or classy? Would you be considered basic and old-fashioned if you wore heart-shaped jewelry? Are you one of those people who feel some type of way when you receive a heart-shaped piece of jewelry for a present?

Keep reading for some insights into the heart-shaped jewelry.

Is Heart Shaped Jewelry Tacky

Is heart-shaped jewelry is tacky?

Well, we won’t really say that the heart-shaped jewelry is tacky, although other people would, and the general consensus is that the heart-shaped jewelry is rather tacky.

However, we’ll note that a large number of individuals consider heart-shaped jewelry as stupid and corny. Of course, this could be the kind of jewelry that really speaks to you, and it might be the best way for you to express yourself and how you feel, and that is still okay. As long as you are happy with a specific jewelry style, then you can wear it for as long as you are happy.

That said, the heart-shaped jewelry, especially the cheap ones, are considered tacky, which is why most people haven’t worn them since grade school. And the few adults that wear heart-shaped necklaces, for example, often opt for the dainty pieces that are made with a rather small heart shape made of high-quality materials.

Is Heart Shaped Jewelry Tacky

A look at the fashion/ jewelry options by the A-list celebrities, for example, shows that if the heart-shaped jewelry is worn subtly and if the pieces of jewelry are elegant, and made of high-quality materials, then you can pull off the heart-shaped jewelry look with ease, and without looking tacky. Dakota Johnson wore her stunning sterling silver drop heart-shaped earrings, and they looked elegant rather than tacky.

So, as long as the heart-shaped jewelry is not the same kind that was gifted to you by your boyfriend in 6th grade, you can still wear them with ease. In other words, heart-shaped solid silver jewelry from a top NY jeweler would be a great option for you if you love heart-shaped earrings, pendant necklaces, or rings.


Should you stop buying heart jewelry for your girlfriend?

Is Heart Shaped Jewelry Tacky

Very few of us like and even appreciate heart-shaped jewelry, which means that there is a chance that you may not like this kind of jewelry, and you wouldn’t appreciate the heart jewelry very much if you got it as a gift.

So, does this mean that the idea of gifting your girlfriend heart jewelry is something you should forget about?

Well, there are two ways to go about this – if your girlfriend likes heart-shaped jewelry – which means that you have seen her wearing some pieces in the past, you could opt to buy her a dainty piece. You could also bring it up and ask if she would wear that kind of jewelry. Her reaction – words and body language – will tell you all you need to know about her thoughts on the heart-shaped jewelry.

To be safe, you can choose to either buy her the best quality heart-shaped jewelry like a dainty heart chain necklace or a heart-shaped ring crafted out of 14k or 18k gold, or you could opt-out of this kind of jewelry completely, opting for a plain, simpler option instead.

Is Heart Shaped Jewelry Tacky

Also, avoid buying your girlfriend the heart-shaped jewelry encrusted with cheap cubic zirconia stones throughout – these are tacky, cheap, horrible, and no one wants to wear them in this day and age.

If you’d love to gift your significant other jewelry just because or for a special celebration, you may want to wait until after Valentine’s Day and get her something classy and elegant. A piece of jewelry that she would be very comfortable wearing every day, if possible. Also, by the time you are gifting your partner jewelry, you should know what they love, so don’t just wing it.


If your girlfriend doesn’t want heart-shaped jewelry, what’s next?

Is Heart Shaped Jewelry Tacky

If she is clear that she’d never wear heart-shaped jewelry, that shouldn’t feel like the end of the world for you. There are many other options that you could get her, besides the option of the heart-shaped jewelry varieties.

Look for high-end pieces of jewelry, even the simplest ones with no pendants or maybe one with a pendant that resonates with something she loves/ believes in.

If the pendant chain necklace looks good and is made of good quality materials, you could still opt to buy it, then remove the heart-shaped pendant.

Essentially, you have many other options to choose from; you only need to make sure that it’s nothing she loathes; either because it doesn’t represent her style or it reminds her of something sad.



We have different style preferences, and though some people love heart-shaped jewelry, others consider this style tacky, and they wouldn’t wear the heart-shaped jewelry even when the pieces are made of high-quality materials like 18K gold.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!