Is Givenchy Jewelry Real?Why is it So Cheap?

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Givenchy is one of the leading French luxury brands known for its wide range of exquisite perfumes and haute couture clothing, and owning an authentic piece by Givenchy is always a dream for many individuals.

But did you know that Givenchy also deals in jewelry, meaning you could also buy Givenchy branded earrings, among other types of jewelry?

Well, we thought you should know. But in the same breath, how about a look at the quality of the Givenchy jewelry. Is Givenchy’s jewelry authentic, or is their jewelry characterized as fashion jewelry?

Also, is Givenchy’s jewelry worth your money in the first place? We have answers to these and more in the next sections of this article. So, let’s get into it!

Is Givenchy jewelry real

About Givenchy jewelry

Established in 1952, Givenchy is a renowned French brand known best for its haute couture clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, and accessories.

Givenchy was established by the talented French designer Hubert De Givenchy, and thanks to their innovative designs and the investment put in the business as it grew, Givenchy, or rather, the house of Givenchy, is now a member of the renowned Haute Couture Chamber.

The other notable thing about this brand is that it is one of the top luxury brands owned by the LVMH Group.

While the brand stands among the greats today, there is no doubt that the couturier extraordinaire, Hubert De Givenchy, played a huge role in ensuring the brand’s success.

Is Givenchy jewelry real

He is considered a creator with such a great personality, words were spoken by Audrey Hepburn, one of his muses, and with such description, it is no doubt that he is the man behind House of Givenchy.

Some of the iconic stars he has dressed include Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Wallis Simpson, and Jacky Kennedy. His pieces are synonymous with Parisian Chic styles, and he has been on the market for at least 50 years.

It’s also worth noting that The House of Givenchy was established in 1952, but Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy was born in 1927. 1952 was also the year that he presented his collection, which left an indelible mark in the fashion books – what stood out from his work were the separates, made of elegantly designed blouses with light skirts that featured simple features and blended in unique architectural lines. And with this, the enfant terrible in Haute Couture came to life.

Is Givenchy jewelry real

Givenchy’s pieces featured slender hips, spare lines, swan-line necks, and rather slim silhouettes; all design elements were swooned over by actresses from the world. In 1955, he came up with the first shirtdress, then in 1969, Givenchy Gentleman was born.

In 1988, however, Givenchy sold his label to the LVMH Group, retiring 7 years later. After the sale and his retirement, he saw his brand grow tremendously, and b as the brand got to create and work with one of the most exciting designers in the industry, from Alexander McQueen and John Galliano to renowned Riccardo Tisci, among other names.

So today, even in his 80s, Hubert is mainly absent from the fashion scene, and he’s only seen at momentous fashion events.

Many years later, and with several other collaborations by the brand, Givenchy doesn’t just offer great fashion items but also the best perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, etc.


Why is Givenchy jewelry so cheap?

While the range of Givenchy’s jewelry ranges from elegantly designed authentic jewelry pieces to the best designs of vintage, classic, and gothic jewelry design options, the one thing that is fascinating about Givenchy’s jewelry is the fact that their jewelry is relatively cheap.

Is Givenchy jewelry real

Some people would quickly jump at the chance to buy cheap Givenchy jewelry, and many of them do. Still, if you have taken the time to understand the dynamics of the luxury products market, you know that the price tag is usually relatively high. So, why the low price tag for Givenchy’s jewelry?

Givenchy’s jewelry is made of lower quality materials that classify the jewelry as fashion jewelry and not fine jewelry. Since fashion jewelry is often made of plated materials like gold or sterling silver plating over brass, copper, or other cheaper metal alloys, Givenchy’s pieces are not all fine pieces made of solid materials, so they are not very expensive.

That said, not all pieces of jewelry by Givenchy are cheap, and even the ones considered cheap would still be regarded as expensive by usual standards and pricing models.

For luxury brands, even the lower-quality jewelry pieces will be priced much higher than the jewelry sold in other smaller and unknown jewelry stores, even if they are made of the same materials.

So, cheap would be considered a subjective rather than an objective thing in this regard. Bear in mind that if the materials used to make certain types of jewelry are considered cheap, then the resultant jewelry will be cheap.


Is Givenchy jewelry real gold?

Is Givenchy jewelry real

The one thing that stands out about Givenchy’s jewelry is that the pieces are all created in such impeccable designs. But they are also made of very high-quality and reliable materials.

In most cases, however, Givenchy’s jewelry is gold-plated or silver-plated, with embellishments made of faux pearls, rhinestones, glass, lucite, and in other cases, heavy chains.

Others are made of zirconia, faux opals, diamante crystals, Swarovski crystals, cabochons, amber, wood, enamel, and multi-colored crystals. And so, Givenchy’s jewelry can be defined as high-end, fashion jewelry pieces sold in upscale stores and expensively because the pieces are by a luxury brand and because of the unique and elegant designs of the jewelry.

So, many of Givenchy’s jewelry is not made of real gold, but some are, and many other gold pieces are gold-plated. You can always tell Givenchy pieces by the double G logo incorporated as part of the design for all Givenchy pieces. Other pieces have 4 Gs designed in a square pattern/ shape.


Is Givenchy jewelry good quality?

Is Givenchy jewelry real

Despite being made of gold or silver-plated material and faux embellishments, Givenchy jewelry is quite popular. It is also highly regarded because of the irresistible charm it carries, not to mention the endearing charm of all its pieces. The jewelry is also designed to complement any outfit.

It is also worth noting that the brilliant mind behind Givenchy’s pieces, Hubert de Givenchy, created masterpieces that have stood the test of time. All creations by the man were elegant pieces that were and are still loved by women from all walks of life across the world.

So, even though they are not made of solid gold or solid sterling silver, their designs and manufacturing processes leave you with very high-quality and unique pieces of jewelry that the most skilled jewelry craftspeople have crafted.


How to spot fake Givenchy jewelry?

Is Givenchy jewelry real

To spot the fake pieces of Givenchy jewelry, you first need to know what to look out for in the real and authentic Givenchy jewelry pieces.

You also need to know that the authentic Givenchy pieces carry several markings for easy identification. These include:

  • Signature Givenchy G on necklaces
  • 4Gs or Double Gs made out in a perfect square
  • Hubert de Givenchy on the necklace
  • GIVENCHY, in precise spelling and even spacing
  • GIVENCHY PARIS-NEW YORK, often incorporated on the necklaces
  • BIJOUX and the 4 Gs specified in a circle on the Givenchy necklace

These details are often missing in the fake pieces.

Is Givenchy jewelry real

To spot the fakes, you have to be very careful and attentive to details because most counterfeiters have mastered their art to perfection, meaning they can almost replicate the above perfectly.

In most instances, however, you can tell counterfeits by looking at the logo details – these details don’t look perfect for the fake pieces, and you may even notice spelling mistakes. So, keep an eye out for the tiny details that would be easy to miss – the devil is, after all, in the details.



Givenchy offers a large variety of good-quality jewelry in all styles and designs, and they have something for everyone.

But most of their gold pieces, for instance, are gold plated and not made of solid gold as you may have hoped for.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!