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We all know that pretty much all the best luxury fashion brands are Italian, but how much do you know about Furla?

With Prada, Versace, Bottega Veneta, Moschino, Giorgio Armani, Miu Miu, ETRO, Valentino, Fendi, and of course, Gucci are the household names synonymous with the best of Italian Luxury, it makes sense that other brands might be overshadowed despite the fact that they could be just as good as the other brands.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand?-

Furla is one such brand, and in this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the brand while also answering the question of whether this is another one of the Italian Luxury brands or not.

So, let’s get started!


Introduction Furla brand

Furla is recognized as a luxury fashion brand that, unlike the rest of the luxury fashion brands, offers what they tag as accessible luxury.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand

Furla has positioned itself as the brand of luxury fashion that specifies offering the best level of luxury in the most accessible ways. Furla has been able to make this possible by focusing on the emerging markets that are full of the middle class, especially the ones who would like to be associated with the rich and the highest classes in society.

This strategy makes so much sense in the current market, where there are many upscale brands that cannot, unfortunately, be afforded by the market that is looking for affordable and more accessible luxury items.

So, what Furla is doing is making sure they set up a healthy competition in the luxury goods market by creating a products line that competes with bigger labels like Giorgio Armani and even Marc Jacobs in terms of quality while making sure that they enhance the level of accessibility for their products.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand?-

This means that even with big players on the luxury markets scene, the presence of accessible luxury brands means that the brands like Furla gain a huge competitive advantage because their presence in the market acts as the primary diffusing line. This then plays to their customers psychologically, assuring them that they are accessing the most optimal design and the premium level of quality desired, but at the entry-level price point. This is exactly the strategy that has been adopted by not just Furla but also Michael Kors, Coach, and Tory Burch, among others.


How then does Furla compare to these American brands offering accessible luxury products?

All About Furla

Furla is an Italian (accessible) luxury brand of handbags that is known for very many things, among them the best of undeniably unique feminine handbags.

But it is a sporty brand too, and from them, you will come across some of the styles of the most sensational handbags that are meant to create memories that last forever. Their bags also look rather chic.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand

This Italian Luxury goods company was established in1927 by the Furlanetto family (Aldo Furlanetto). Currently, Furlanetto is a limited liability company, but it remains under the ownership of the Furlanetto family.

Furla boasts a wide range of Italian-designed products that range from shoes and handbags to the best of Italian accessories. The company’s headquarters are based in Bologna, specifically in an 18th-century historic villa. But over the years, the company has expanded, and they now have its 5 subsidiaries in France, the USA, China, Japan, and also Korea.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand?-

Although the Furla brand was created in the 20s, the first Furla shop/ business was launched in 1955 in Bologna.

However, the company reached its peak and began its biggest expansion moves in the 1980s, as they launched the little-known Italian luxury in the bigger market, launching a franchising network.

This expansion was propelled by the fact that the brand made its very first handbags in the 1970s. This expansion move set in motion their fast growth, and today, they boast an impressive portfolio that includes 71 countries that they export to.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand?

The franchising and presence of subsidiaries in the top 5 nations of the world have led to their significant growth and success, and the subsequent establishment of at least 1,000 retail outlets, as well as 320 single-brand boutiques – 164 of these are franchised, and 156 are still owned by the Furlanetto family.

Notably, their penetration into Mainland China, Macau, and Hong Kong markets was precipitated by the joint venture the Furlanetto company got into with Li & Fung holdings Ltd.

And in one of their more recent expansion strategies, they got into a joint venture with India’s Genesis Luxury Fashion Pvt. Ltd, while also filing for what’s known as the foreign direct investment that gives them the opportunity to get into the Indian market.Is Furla A Luxury Brand


Regarding the materials used for their accessories, Furla was, as of 2019, only using faux fur in their collections. Keep in mind that all Furla bags are made in Italy.

Today, the Furla name is a luxury brand name that is synonymous with great quality and the best of style. Their handbags and all other accessories stand out for the joyfulness, the most colorful presentations of creativity, and an excellent feel of the Contemporary Italian Lifestyle.

A look at each of the Furla handbags, for instance, shows the high level of craftsmanship – Furla takes pride in her team of talented artisans based in Italy. Their handbags are also made using only the very best of material from around the world.

And a look at Furla’s women’s handbags or the men’s accessories will reveal that the brand is dedicated to the delivery of the very best quality handbags and accessories.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand?-

The use of the finest quality leather and their ability to stay true to traditional Italian craftsmanship are the two things that the brand considers to be the most vital to the success of their brand. While other accessories may be crafted out of faux leather, their handbags are made of real, premium-quality leather.


What makes Furla so expensive?

Is Furla A Luxury Brand

Although Furla is considered one of the accessible luxury fashion and lifestyle brands, Furla handbags tend to be a little more expensive than most other brands in the same category as Furla.

The top reason for this is that the brand makes use of the finest Italian leather, and they really don’t compromise on the quality of their handbags, which means that if you are interested in saving a little money on an Italian luxury designer bag brand but don’t want to spend Gucci-kinda money, Furla would be good enough.

According to Eraldo Poletto, the brand’s Chief Executive, the brand is not only intent on the delivery of the best quality bags but also on maintaining the brand’s standards. With this in mind and the fact that this accessible luxury brand is, somehow, still in competition with the bigger brands like Prada, their pricing makes sense.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand?-

Features of Furla products

  • Bags made of real leather

Unlike other luxury brands that may not use real leather, Furla prides itself in the use of the best quality leather for their bags. In fact, the bags are made of Italy’s finest raw leather.

It’s also worth noting that the company started out in 1927 as a leather company, and their beautifully crafted handbags that were launched in the 1970s were made using the best of real leather.

Bear in mind the fact that Italian leather is considered the finest quality leather in the world, and it’s well known for that luxurious, butter-soft feel and texture.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand

  • Exquisite level of craftsmanship

Use of the finest Italian leather, coupled with the finest Italian (and Furla’s) craftsmanship, as well as the traditional leather processing/ stitching processes, leave you with exquisitely designed handbags that represent the ultimate feel of luxury.

  • Variety

While offering a beautiful range of handbags for women, from purses and mini crossbody bags, Furla is known for its range of elegant, comfortable, and very functional totes. Their mini crossbody bags are stunning, and they’ve been made in the most exquisite designs.

The brand is known for two of their most famous bags – the Furla Metropolis, a pretty mini-bag that is a real classic and a piece that exudes modern elegance; and the Furla Candy Bag that has been called the IT bag in the streets of New York and Tokyo, and as the name suggests, the colors look just like those of candy.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand?-

Is Furla a luxury brand?

Furla is a fine Italian luxury brand, and though not everyone holds the same thoughts about the European brand, perhaps because it’s not as popular as American Coach or Tory Burch, it still is one of the best accessible Italian Luxury brands.


Is Furla bags good quality?

Genuine Furla bags are made of genuine Italian leather, and they are crafted exquisitely, which leaves you with excellent quality bags that you will love to carry around.

Is Furla A Luxury Brand

Pros and cons of Furla brand


  • This brand is loved by young women because of the spectacular variety in terms of colors and models.
  • The prices of their bags are within reach for most customers
  • The high-quality construction of the bags, which are made of real Italian leather
  • Bold and beautiful colors offered
  • There is a bag for every style


  • Still pricey for an accessible luxury brand
  • Not as popular as Coach, Tory Burch, or Kate Spade

Is Furla A Luxury Brand

Which is better, Furla or Kate Spade?

Both brands are ranked quite high on global rankings for luxury brands, and buying handbags or accessories from either brand would be ideal if you are looking to grow your collection of affordable luxury products.

But when it comes to the quality of the bags from these two brands, Furla offers higher quality real leather handbags at almost similar prices to those of Kate Spade.

So, we’d recommend Furla.



Furla is one of the European accessible luxury brands that offer a good range of luxury bags and accessories. Their rapid expansion and growth over the years, use of the best Italian leather, and the exquisite craftsmanship seen in their bags all point to the best quality bags that can only be offered by a luxury brand.

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