Is Cubic Zirconia Good For Jewelry? (Detailed Expert Answer)

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Cubic zirconia has become a popular alternative to diamonds and other precious games. High-quality zirconia jewelry is almost indistinguishable from other pricier natural stones.

Are you curious to know if this synthetic gemstone is worth the hype? Read on to discover the answer to this question.

This article also discusses the pros and cons of zirconia jewelry and provides you with useful tips to guide you when making a purchase.


Brief Introduction of Cubic Zirconia

Is Cubic Zirconia Good For Jewelry

You are probably aware of diamonds- the adored gemstones of all time. But did you know that scientists discovered a cheaper alternative to it?

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that perfectly imitates the qualities of natural diamond. In the laboratory, experts melt zirconium oxide powder under extremely high temperatures in the presence of calcium or magnesium stabilizers.

After long hours of exposure to heat, the Cubic Zirconia crystals are formed. 

Cubic Zirconia crystals are colorless. These crystals can mimic diamond shapes like the standard oval or cushion cut. Even more, interestingly, experts have discovered ways to make colored versions of this synthetic gem.

Although Cubic Zirconia is strikingly similar to diamond, there are several differences. Cubic Zirconia is heavier than diamond, is completely colorless, and reflects more colors.

The interesting invention of Cubic Zirconia in making jewelry presents jewelry lovers with eye-catching pieces that closely resemble those made of diamond.

Experts continue to discover more ways to make Cubic Zirconia more similar to diamonds. Cubic Zirconia stands as the closest imitation of the diamond.

This synthetic gem presents a hard body coupled with elegance- an excellent alternative for people looking for more affordable jewelry options.


When Was This First Time The Cubic Zirconia Used in Jewelry Making?

By now, you are wondering how experts came to make this wonderful discovery or when Cubic Zirconia first made it into the jewelry industry. Well, let’s say one thing led to another.

Zirconium oxide, a natural form of the stone, was first discovered by an iconic duo of German mineralogists, M.V Stackelberg and K. Chudoba.

The two discovered that when Zicornium oxide was melted, the result was cube-shaped crystals. Although this was a curious discovery, scientists did no further research until later in the 1960s.

Scientists were facing a shortage of natural rubies used in laser technology. In search of a cheaper and more available alternative, the simulated version of Zirconium oxide, Cubic zirconia, was discovered.

In 1973, scientists at Lebedev Physical Institute named the crystal FIAN. Full industrial production in 1976 spearheaded the widespread knowledge of the Cubic zirconia. Its popularity led to its grand entrance into the jewelry industry.

In 1977, Russian scientists discovered that they could grow Cubic zirconia crystals in the laboratory. The crystals joined the jewelry market under the name Djevalite or simulated diamonds.

This was the first time Cubic zirconia was used in jewelry making. However, this phenomenal product did not gain immediate popularity as you would expect.

The cubic zirconia was made popular by fine lead crystal maker Swarovski when he adopted the sale of the synthetic diamond under the name CZ. Cubic zirconia gained popularity as a cheaper and equally appealing substitute to standard diamond jewelry a century later.

Experts continue to improve the appearance of the cubic zirconia to match that of the diamond. The latest innovation is the application of a diamond-like carbon coating to make it harder and improve luster.


Why Cubic Zirconia Is Good for Jewelry?

If you visit a jewelry store today, you are likely to find jewelry pieces adorned with gemstone pieces strikingly similar to a diamond. Cubic zirconia jewelry has become popular in the last few years. You may wonder if these pieces are good enough or made of quality material. Below are some of why cubic zirconia jewelry makes an excellent choice.

1. It is an affordable alternative to diamonds

One thing about diamond jewelry pieces is that they are super expensive. If you have been yearning to have diamond jewelry but cannot afford one, this is an excellent option for you. Costing only about a fraction of the price of diamond stones, you can easily have a collection of elegant cubic zirconia jewelry. Since these pieces are super affordable, you can easily replace them if they get lost.

2. Quality is guaranteed

It is easy to assume that since cubic Zirconia is a diamond alternative, its quality is compromised.

Cubic zirconia crystals cut like diamonds and shine with clear brilliance.

These stones are hard to break and maintain their elegance for years.


3. Easy to Customize

Unlike diamonds, you can easily have your cubic zirconia stone customized to your taste. Since the stone is readily available, you can request a cut- be it the standard diamond cut or a square cut.

You can also specify your preferred color. Cubic zirconia jewelry is available in a wide selection of colors, including pink, orange, blue and green.

Colored jewelry made from precious stones would cost a fortune, but color addition does not reflect a significant price difference with cubic zirconia.


4. Is Easily Maintained

Jewelry made from cubic zirconia is easy to clean and store. Wiping your jewelry with soft material will remove oil and dirt.

To maintain the luster, you only need to visit the jeweler at most two times a year.

As long as you keep your jewelry away from harsh treatment such as chemicals, the pieces will last years in great condition.


The Cons of Cubic Zirconia of Making Jewelry

At this point, you are probably considering purchasing a piece of cubic zirconia jewelry. It is only fair that we also highlight the setbacks presented by this excellent stone. Below is a list of the not-so-good qualities of cubic zirconia jewelry.

  • Less resistance to scratches. With time, the jewelry becomes clouded. It would be best to visit the jeweler twice a year to fix this.
  • Do not last as long as natural diamond jewelry. At some point, you will have to replace the jewelry. However, this is not difficult as the pieces are relatively affordable.
  • Cubic zirconia reads eight on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. It is not as hard as a diamond, meaning it is more likely to get damaged.
  • It is cheap and easily available. Therefore, the jewelry has little to no value.


Should You Buy Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

Yes, you should. Before discovering cubic zirconia, there was no known material that could match the radiance of diamonds. Diamond jewelry remained the desired treasure that not everyone could lay their hands on.

If you are a lover of elegance and fashion, but you are yet to afford jewelry made from special stones, then look no further. Cubic zirconia presents an excellent opportunity for you.

With cubic zirconia jewelry, you will make a statement. It will even be challenging for a jewels guru to tell your simulated gemstone jewelry apart from real diamonds!

Whether you want to attend a party, get a few pieces to match your holiday outfit, or be part of a friend’s wedding bridal party, do not hesitate to buy cubic zirconia jewelry. These pieces will serve you a great deal. Besides, they are quite durable and will last in your collection for a while. 


Tips for Buying Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Jewelry plays an important role in complementing your look. It is important to make careful considerations during a purchase. You need to make sure you pick a perfect pick for you that is of great quality.

It is important to note that cubic zirconia comes in different grades, and you might want to be keen to purchase the best quality. Here are some tips to guide you in your purchase:

  • Always go for the best jewelers in town. You will want a fine piece of jewelry made using the best craftsmanship.
  • It would help if you understood how these stones are graded. The highest cubic zirconia grade is 5A. Jewelry made from this quality is almost indistinguishable from diamond.
  • Do not be scared of the larger carats. Unlike diamonds, the size does not make a big difference in price.
  • Always make sure a good setting is made for your stone. You will want the jeweler to use a good quality metal that lasts and makes your stone pop.
  • Ensure that you get a warranty for your product. An experienced jeweler will find no trouble offering you a warrant for the pieces you purchase. A warranty guarantees you an exceptional jewelry experience.
  • Carefully choose a design that matches your intended outfit. There is a wide variety of designs to choose from, ranging from dainty earrings or studs. Whatever your intention, you will find a perfect match.



Cubic zirconia gives off elegance and sparkle when worn. This discovery fits as a perfect option for traditional precious stones.

Wearing cubic zirconia jewelry will give you an equally pleasing satisfaction compared to when you wear diamond pieces.

Besides, it is affordable and can easily fit any budget. Enjoy the rewards of your hard-earned money by securing several cubic zirconia pieces of jewelry.

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