Is Copper Jewelry Safe to Wear?( Manufacturer’s Advice)

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Copper is not a metal that is commonly used or even thought of when it comes to jewelry. People tend to gravitate to well know metals such a sterling silver, platinum, or even gold. However, copper is indeed used in jewelry making with some surprising benefits to it as well. There are some downsides, but when it comes to copper the pros do outweigh the cons. Let’s explore further.


Is copper jewelry safe to wear?

Copper is safe to wear in that it does not harm the skin. That’s because it is an antimicrobial, which means it stops the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, or viruses. Overall, copper also can kill these micro-organisms. For thousands of years and even now, copper has been used as part of treatment for wounds and skin diseases. That is thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties that it has.

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In the body, copper is a trace element required for the healthy growth of the brain, the heart, the skin, immune system, collagen, and bones. Overall, you will find copper throughout our bodies and in the hair, as well. Copper is, therefore, helpful and also vital for our bodies, both inside and out. For that reason, we can even say that copper jewelry is safe to wear. It also has additional benefits just by it being in contact with our skin.

Over the centuries, it is believed that copper bracelets contain healing properties. It was thought to help improve one’s blood circulation, detoxify their bodies, reduce inflammation, increase energy, and also improve the body’s oxygen use and stabilizing the metabolism. Even today, you will find that people are holding on to these beliefs and wear copper bracelets for various ailments or prevention of the same.


Is it bad if copper turns your skin green?

If you’ve worn copper before, then, you know that at some point it is going to turn your skin green. For the first-timer that is worrying. It is not only just copper that does that. There is other plated jewelry that does that. For example, you could have a gold or silver plated jewelry that still manages to turn your skin green. That is an indication that the base metal that the jewelers used contains copper. The green color is a tell-tale sign that the metal underneath is copper.

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The reason why your skin turns green is because of oxidation. Copper oxidizes when exposed to oxygen and other compounds in the environment or atmosphere. In this case, the copper is reacting with the sweat and oils or lotion on your skin, leaving you with a stain. That color that forms is a copper carbonate. That does not mean that you’re allergic to copper; it merely means there is a reaction taking place.

Overall, very few people are allergic to copper. If you want to stop this unsightly color from showing up on your skin, then there are few hacks that you can do. You can purchase a clear jewelry lacquer that you can apply to the item in question. That creates a protective layer between the jewelry and the external environment. For the same effect, you can also use clear nail polish. You do have to keep reapplying because that layer will eventually chip.

The other item that you can use is a car or jewelry wax. It works fantastic because it prevents the copper from tarnishing, and it also makes the piece shiny and looking brand new. To keep the copper in the same state, you’ll have to repeat the waxing process occasionally. Follow the same directions as if you were waxing a car; leave the wax on for a while before polishing off with a soft cloth.

You also do want to care for your copper jewelry. After wearing them, clean them to remove any oils and sweat that could be stuck to it. You can use soap and water to clean them, and after drying them entirely as you don’t want to activate oxidation to take place.  Otherwise, remember to wipe down your copper jewelry before and after wearing it with a soft cloth.


Benefits of wear copper jewelry

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There are surprising benefits of wearing copper that goes beyond merely completing an outfit.

1.Relief from joint stiffness and pain

Copper has been known to help people with joint stiffness and aches over the centuries. It is usually worn as a bracelet or a ring. It is the belief that the copper can activate the healing energies within the body. Thousands of people have self-reported that the bracelets or rings have helped them to feel better when suffering from joint issues. Copper is also believed to reduce swelling and the pain associated with it thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

2.Improved cardiovascular health

Copper is vital to our health and everyday functioning. It is said that when you wear a copper bracelet or a ring, there are small amounts of copper that get absorbed through the skin and get into the bloodstream. These amounts and negligible and will not cause any health concerns to the wearer. Once in the body, the copper wards off toxic metals in the body all the while helping the body to create more hemoglobin.

3.Anti-aging properties

Copper also has anti-oxidant properties. Therefore, it can fight off free radicals that bring about toxicity and thus aging in the body. Copper also promotes the production of collagen and elastic fibers and thus delaying the aging process both within and outside the body.


Can you shower with copper jewelry?

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 You shouldn’t shower with your copper items, and you should keep them from humid places like the bathroom. If you forget and shower with your copper jewelry, remember to wipe it dry. It is worth noting that the people most affected by the green color are those whose skin is acidic. For others, they can wear copper even in the shower, and they don’t experience that unsightly color change.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!