Is Chinese Gold Real Gold?(Answered By Chinese Jeweler In 2024)

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The Chinese Culture is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cultures in the world. It boasts a very long history of elegant designs, including the best of top-rated high-standard gold.

One of the things that really stands out from Chinese gold is the fact that the Chinese gold jewelry, the gold statues, and the ornaments are all high-value pieces of gold, primarily because they are made of 24k gold.

Is Chinese Gold Real Gold

Unfortunately, there can be a bit of confusion regarding what exactly Chinese gold is and whether it’s made of real gold or not.

In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about Chinese Gold and real gold jewelry.


What is Chinese gold jewelry?

Is Chinese Gold Real Gold

Chinese gold jewelry can be defined as gold jewelry that is made of very bright and super-soft pure gold. This jewelry never tarnishes or rusts, and you can identity jewelry made of Chinese gold by looking at the hallmark sign for the gold.

Essentially, the Chinese gold jewelry is marked with numbers such as 9999, 999, or 999.5. In addition to these signs, Chinese gold jewelry or just gold jewelry from China would also have markings in Chinese Characters – the gold used is 24K pure gold.

Besides 24k gold for Chinese jewelry, Chinese gold jewelry might also be made using 18k solid gold and 22k gold. Most of the authentic Chinese gold jewelry is, however, made of 24k gold.


Is Chinese gold real gold?

Is Chinese Gold Real Gold

Yes, Chinese gold is certainly real gold. Most Chinese gold features a 24k stamp of authenticity. The reason why Chinese gold is regarded as one of the most authentic forms of gold has to do with the fact that China is the world’s leading producer of gold jewelry, and for centuries, China has always made some of the best and the most impressive gold jewelry. As a result, most of the gold jewelry sold on the market today is from China.

So, when you buy gold or gold jewelry and gemstones, you only need to ensure that you are buying the gold jewelry from a reputable seller.

The Chinese gold jewelry is made of real 24k gold, and though some of them are gold coin replicas, the jewelry is made of authentic gold.

According to the experts, Hong Kong or Chuk Kam jewelry has a finesse of at least 990 parts, and according to the International Gold Corporation, the gold they developed has, at its purest form, 99% pure gold plus only 1% titanium.

As a result, this kind of jewelry satisfies the 990 rule for pure 24k gold alloys. This version of gold is also quite durable.


Pros and cons of Chinese Gold

Is Chinese Gold Real Gold


  • It’s an authentic, high-quality Chinese gold
  • Elegant
  • Highly valued
  • It makes beautiful and highly lustrous gold jewelry
  • They make great investments


  • Quite soft and malleable, and develops scuff marks and scratches fast
  • There are many fakes on the market


Is Chinese Gold Pawnable?

Is Chinese Gold Real Gold

Yes, there is a chance that you could pawn Chinese gold, but before you do, you need to make sure that the selected pawnbroker or pawn shop is reputable and that they can take your Chinese gold and give you the best value for your money.

Note, however, that the most common versions of pawnable Chinese Gold are 18k and 14k gold, and there are fewer pawnable 24k gold options.

But if you have to pawn your Chinese gold, you should check the hallmark signs and the authenticity marks – the best of the gold is 999 parts out of 1000 parts pure, meaning that they are very valuable.


Can you buy Chinese Gold jewelry?

Is Chinese Gold Real Gold

You can buy Chinese gold jewelry, but to be certain that you are buying authentic 24k Chinese gold, you might have to travel to China or scour the internet for the best dealers of authentic Chinese jewelry. Given the high value of the jewelry, the risk of getting duped is quite high, and for the most part, you’d have to research extensively to be able to identify actual Chinese gold jewelry.

To choose the right kind of Chinese gold jewelry, here are some of the important factors and guides to consider:

  • Buy physical gold rather than paper gold. As tempting as it might be for you to settle on buying paper gold, everything changes when you buy solid gold –It’s also easier for you to protect your investment.
  • Make sure that the gold is under your direct ownership. Its ownership also needs to be unencumbered. So, get all the appropriate documentation for the gold jewelry, coins, or bars.
  • If shopping online, identify and work with suppliers who are well known across the market. They should be competent and reliable.



Chinese gold is real gold, and buying gold jewelry made of Chinese gold would be a great investment for you.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!