Is Chanel Costume Jewelry Worth It?-Answered by Jeweler

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Even though costume jewelry is generally significantly affordable, Chanel’s costume or fashion jewelry is often priced much higher than other types of costume and fashion jewelry by other brands.

Of course, the higher price tag comes from the fact that Chanel is a designer brand whose products come with a much higher price tag than the non-brand jewelry brands or other less-known designer brands.

So, many people don’t think that the price of Chanel’s costume jewelry may not be worth it. However, we believe that whether someone considers Chanel costume jewelry to be worth the price tag is primarily based on their disposable income, attachment to brands and designer quality products, and jewelry style.

Most of the jewelry by Chanel are vintage costume pieces worth more than you may imagine because of their uniqueness and how long they have been around.

As Gabrielle Chanel noted, costume jewelry is not the kind of jewelry meant to provoke desires but the kind of jewelry to create an air of astonishment while remaining a form of amusement ornament. And this is perhaps the value that the costume jewelry by Chanel offers.


Chanel Costume Jewelry Quality

Is Chanel Costume Jewelry Worth It

Like other types of costume jewelry you may own, Chanel’s costume jewelry is well-designed, but these jewelry pieces don’t last forever. Some may last for months, others two years (more or less), depending on usage, storage, and the materials the jewelry is made of.

In most instances, however, Chanel’s costume jewelry is not the most durable form of jewelry. But you will be happy to know that the brand offers a replacement for lost or broken parts and elements of your earrings. Chanel accepts broken jewelry, and they will fix the pieces in about 2 or 3 weeks.


Is Chanel costume jewelry worth it?

Is Chanel Costume Jewelry Worth It

Coco Chanel introduced the idea of costume jewelry in the 1920s. For her, this was the best way of easily dressing up, with no display of wealth, and the costume jewelry provided a way of accessorizing and accentuating one’s entire look, not just one piece of clothing.

So, with this idea in mind, Chanel’s first jewelry line was created by Etienne de Beaumont. The new pieces were available only to select customers, so it’s quite rare to find any of them today, and if you’re lucky to have some of these old accessories, then they are worth it.

In other words, if you are looking for the best value for money where costume jewelry is concerned, you may want to start hunting for the older, vintage pieces.

Between the 1920s and 1939, there was a surge in the jewelry styles, and the fashion scene blew up with long pearl necklaces, fringe, dresses, and many Art-Deco-inspired jewelry options.

Is Chanel Costume Jewelry Worth It

But the best jewelry by Chanel from the period was the infamous enameled Maltese-Cross cuff bracelet of 1927 by Fulco di Verdura. This was also when Chanel started exploring different jewelry styles, dipping her hands in what would be the brand’s first fine jewelry collection, the Bijoux de Diamants.

But Chanel didn’t stop creating costume jewelry; if anything, it was their forte. Chanel worked with some of the most prominent jewelry designers like Elsa Schiaparelli, François Hugo, and Suzanne Gripoix, among others.

This meant that Chanel offered the best quality costume jewelry varieties. Chanel also partnered with the House of Gripoix as she was inspired by Gripoix’s unique Byzantine-inspired jewelry pieces, which were made for several decades.

So, if you have elegant costume jewelry options by Coco Channel, specifically pieces made alongside the big designers mentioned above, there is no doubt that the jewelry is worth more than a few hundred bucks.

Is Chanel Costume Jewelry Worth It

The Maison Gripoix-inspired pieces, for example, go for about $3800 on the market today, so holding on to such vintage pieces is worthwhile.

With the reopening of the 31 Rue Cambon Chanel shop in 1954, Chanel kept creating and selling elegant costume jewelry pieces and their new creations, including the beaded and multi-strand Sautoir necklaces and faux pearl clip-on earrings.

But even after the passing of Chanel in 1971, the brand has lived on, and they continue creating elegant pieces of Chanel jewelry and accessories that are worth something.

The rich history embedded in the costume jewelry notwithstanding, Chanel’s costume jewelry is stunning, with a number of breathtaking options that you could also buy. They don’t last forever, but they hold up moderately well, over time and with use.

 Is Chanel Costume Jewelry Worth It

That said, how you value Chanel jewelry largely depends on your budget. While costume jewelry is not worth much, especially the newer pieces, vintage costume jewelry is quite worthy, and if you want to make the best out of costume jewelry, you may want to buy vintage pieces because these hold value in the long run.

Also, check the jewelry’s condition in detail and take your time; you’d be surprised that some parts can fall off easily when you hold the jewelry in a certain way – to ensure that the stones are well-secured.

Unless the jewelry is made of some unique materials or has a rich history associated with it, and there are no loose parts, buying costume jewelry is not always a great idea, especially when you make such purchases anticipating a rise in the price of the jewelry.



At the end of the day, the decision to buy Chanel costume jewelry or any other designer costume jewelry is up to you.

Some jewelry pieces are elegant and well-made with no loose pieces or parts that may fall off easily, and though pricey, these would be worthy.

But if you are buying newer pieces, even with the offer of free fixing by Chanel, the jewelry may not be worth it.

The price and construction plus design feature out of the way, it’s also essential for you to keep in mind that if you are buying costume jewelry for daily wear, you will not get much value out of the purchases because costume jewelry, including the vintage pieces, aren’t known for their durability.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!