Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London?-Detailed Answer

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Coco Chanel is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Through the Chanel brand, she managed to revolutionize women’s dressing and create a unique fashion identity.

The Chanel brand is loved for the quality of all its products and how simple, yet eye-catching and durable each of their pieces are. From the classy suits to the stunning pieces of jewelry, you can be guaranteed your money’s worth by buying a Chanel piece.

Given the brand’s quality and demand, you can imagine that their products don’t come at a cheap price. Buying a Chanel piece is like an investment.

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London?

At least you can be sure you can have the product for a lifetime, if possible, but what if there was a way you could get them for a cheaper price? There is speculation that Chanel is cheaper in some regions like Paris, compared to other regions like London. How true is this?

That is what we attempt to explore in this article. We will also share with you tips on how you can buy Chanel products for a cheaper price in London.


Is It True That Luxury Brands Are Cheaper In Paris?

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London

Aside from being the city of Love, Paris is also known as the city of Fashion. The city is home to many large luxury fashion brands like Chanel as well as smaller designers and brands.

That is why many people flock to Paris from all over the world for the ultimate shopping experience. But is it just because of the endless choice of luxury brands or could there be another reason?

Many people speculate that in Paris the Luxury brands are cheaper compared to the rest of the world. That is true, luxury brands are cheaper in Paris. But why is that?

The reason is simple, most of the luxury brands have their headquarters in Paris, and export their products to the rest of the world. So, buying the product from Paris, means that you do not have to incur import and duty tax as well as, transportation costs.

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London?

For example, a Chanel bag could go for 6,050 Euros in Paris, but if you were to buy it in the USA, the price of the same bag would be $7,104.

That price includes the selling price of the bag $6,500 and the importing tax which is around $800. To add to it, there is a law in Paris that requires sales to be held twice a year in Summer and Winter.

Luxury brands, therefore, have to put their products up for sale during this time, which further reduces the price, making Paris the best place to shop around this time. Aside from Chanel, other popular luxury brands that are cheaper in Paris include, Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior, Celine and so many more.


Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London?

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London

The Chanel prices all over Europe are fixed in regions like Paris and Italy. In London, however, the prices might vary. Based on people’s experience, it seems to be cheaper to purchase Chanel products in Paris as opposed to London.

This could be due to several factors. The first is the exchange rate. Unlike other European countries, the UK uses pounds instead of euros. Based on the dollar, the pound is stronger than the euros. This could affect the pricing of Chanel products in London as compared to Paris.

There is also the matter of the VAT tax refund. In Paris, by law, if you purchase over 100 Euros, you are entitled to receive a tax refund on your credit card statement.

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London?

This helps you save on how much you spend on the Chanel product. In London, the option of VAT tax refund is not available. In January 2021, the UK government put an end to this scheme, therefore you end up paying more for a Chanel there than in Paris.

What’s more, Paris is the home base for Chanel, where the products are made. That means that buying in Paris means you don’t have to incur the transport and import expenses.

Think of it as buying directly from the manufacturer or factory without the need of any middlemen. Because of this, it is also easier to find some Chanel products in Paris that may not be available anywhere else, including in London.


Cheapest Country To Buy Chanel In 2021

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London

Before 2021, traveling to Paris used to be the best strategy for saving money on Chanel products. The money saved was said to be enough to cater for one’s fair to France, making it almost a free trip.

In 2021, there have been some changes made by the brand concerning their pricing that has affected this travel strategy.

The brand announced price increases as well as equalizing the global price of their products. This has resulted in the tables turning completely. Now it makes no difference buying Chanel in Paris or from your home. What’s more, the cheapest place to buy a Chanel now is the US.

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London?

Due to the increase in the price of Chanel products in Europe and the effect of the exchange rate, the products are now 8-10% lower in the US compared to in Europe. Even with the 10% VAT refund, the prices between Paris and US equalize.

While the experience of purchasing a Chanel at Rue Cambon and the special memories from the trip that will be attached to your Chanel, is priceless, it is no longer sensible traveling to France. So, if buying a Chanel as part of your itinerary when planning your next trip to Paris, you might want to cancel it.   


Tips For Buying Cheaper Chanel In London

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London

Although the price of Chanel in London may not be as favorable as in Paris or US for that matter, there are still ways you can save some cash. The following are four helpful tips you can use to buy a Chanel for a cheaper price in London:

Try re-sale sites.

There are resale sites like Vestiaire Collective, that are popular for selling Chanel items. Usually, the items are in mint condition, meaning they’ve been barely used or not used at all, and you’ll get that at a discount.

If you find something you like, ensure you read the item’s description carefully because such sites rarely have refund policies. You wouldn’t want to end up with a fake.

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London

Look for physical or online auctions.

This is another place to find used or barely used Chanel items still in mint condition, for cheaper prices depending on the highest bid. We advise you to attend the action with a maximum spending figure, so you don’t end up overspending.

Also, be sure you have done your research and are sure about the condition of the Chanel item before placing a bid. You can sign up at auction houses in your area or look for reputable auction sites.

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London?

Keep an eye out for Chanel sales.

This is normally the best time to shop for Chanel. The brand normally holds bi-annual sales for some of its items at reduced prices.

Of course, there are some popular pieces that you may never get on sale, but there are still a lot of amazing pieces you can snatch up for yourself at affordable prices.

So, save your money for the Winter sales if you come from cold regions, or Summer sales if you come from warmer regions.

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London

Buy Chanel Duty-free.

If you can’t wait for the sales, then the next best option is buying the items from duty-free stores like in the airports. First, you’ll need to do your research by calling the store and finding out if the item you want is in stock and if there is a duty-free price.

If there is nothing specific you want, then you can visit the store and buy whatever appeals to you and fits within your budget.

Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris Than in London?


Chanel might be a luxury brand with hefty prices attached to its items, but it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on owning at least one of their amazing pieces.

As you have seen there are always loopholes that will ensure you get the items for lower. Just keep in mind the tips we’ve shared with you.

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