Is Celestrium Worth Anything?( Pros and Cons Explained)

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What is Celestrium, what is it ideal for, and how much is this metal worth?

If you are looking for new kinds of jewelry, Celestrium is one of the metals that you will come across, especially in the world of class rings and other forms of customized jewelry.

To understand its value, however, it’s important to understand exactly what celestrium is, what it’s made of, and how/when to use it. Keep reading to learn more about Celestrium.


What kind of metal is Celestrium?

Celestrium is a grey metal that has been trademarked by the Balfour Company, one of the leading manufacturers of college, high school, military, and even championship rings, among other products to commemorate special events.

Is Celestrium Worth Anything

Celestrium has been trademarked as some type of austenitic stainless steel metal that is used in the production of jewelry.

Note that austenitic stainless steel is one of the most common types of alloys of steel. It is made of chromium, carbon, iron, and nickel, among other metal alloys. This steel alloy is available in two main forms – 200 Series and 300 Series. 300 Series austenitic steels are made of a minimum of 8% of nickel, but series 200 austenitic have the nickel replaced by other cheaper alloys like manganese. All austenitic steel metals are known for their corrosion resistance, and they are the most common version of stainless steel used in jewelry making.

Celestrium looks a lot like white gold, but it is a preferable choice for Balfour because it is not only cheaper than white gold or platinum but also more durable. Celestrium is highly resistant to chemical reactions, it is strong, and the best part, thanks to its non-reactivity, is the fact that celestrium is quite easy to maintain.

The next best metal alternative to Celestrium is a metal known as White Ultrium, a creation of the other company that makes class rings, too – Jostens.

Celestrium is owned by Balfour, exclusively and the reason for its rising popularity has to do with the fact that this metal is significantly more malleable than stainless steel Celestrium is durable but also quite malleable, which means that it allows for easy engraving, and it can be etched or pressed with ease, like white gold or sterling silver.

However, unlike the softer white metals, it is quite lustrous and extra strong, and you don’t have to worry about it tarnishing the way silver would.

Is Celestrium Worth Anything

Celestrium’s chemical composition also allows for the fabrication of the Celestrium into high-quality pieces of jewelry that can withstand everyday use with ease. It’s also worth noting that Celestrium doesn’t need a daily or regular cleaning or buffing since the Celestrium pieces retain their brightness for a considerably long period. It is much more cost-effective compared to precious metals.

Balfour’s Celestrium is silvery-white, like white Lustrium, which is made of chromium and nickel.


Celestrium metal

This stainless steel alloy is a 400 series austenitic steel, and it contains a considerable amount of nickel, which means that it wouldn’t be an ideal choice for you if you struggle with nickel allergies.

Is Celestrium Worth Anything

Is Celestrium worth anything?

Though unique, Celestrium is not a precious metal, which means that the metal is not the most expensive metal variety on the market. What this means is that if you are looking for a valuable metal, Celestrium might not be the very best option for you. However, Celestrium is a trademarked metal, which means that it is a relatively valuable metal choice that would worth a small amount. In other words, Celestrium is not completely worthless.


Pros and cons of Celestrium rings (jewelry)

Is Celestrium Worth Anything


  • Elegant silver finish
  • Durable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • It doesn’t require constant maintenance
  • Allows for easy customization thanks to the high malleability of the metal
  • Tarnish-resistant


  • It might have nickel, which increases the risk of skin allergies and sensitivity reactions if you have sensitive skin,
  • Not the most valuable
  • Limited uses for this metal


Should you buy fashion jewelry made of Celestrium?

Is Celestrium Worth Anything

If you are looking for silver jewelry that will not break the bank but maintain an elegant look for years, perhaps something that can be customized with words inscribed on it or other forms of insignias, jewelry made of Celestrium might be a great option for you.

Celestrium looks just like white gold and platinum, but you don’t have to break the bank to afford it. It’s also quite durable, it doesn’t tarnish, and this means that it calls for minimal maintenance.

Celestrium rings are ideal for persons looking for class rings and such kinds of jewelry, and you may be interested in Celestrium jewelry if you are looking for elegant and unique jewelry. Just make sure that you buy the Celestrium jewelry from Balfour because this is the company with the trademark rights to Celestrium.

It is unique and a great alternative to sterling silver and most other silver-white metals. The only downside is that it contains a bit of nickel, and it might cause an allergic reaction.



Celestrium is a metal from Balfour, and it’s not to be confused by White Lustrium by Jostens. It is relatively valuable and worth a bit of money thanks to its unique features, including its durability, sturdiness, malleability, tarnish resistance, corrosion resistance, and the fact that it allows for customization while requiring minimal maintenance.

So, if you are looking for jewelry made of a metal like sterling silver, white gold, or platinum, at a fraction of the price tag, Celestrium would be a great alternative for you.

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