Is BioFlex Jewelry Safe?(Detailed Answer by Jeweler in 2024)

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Wondering what BioFlex jewelry is, what it’s made of, and whether the jewelry made of BioFlex is safe or not?

This article gives you answers for all you need to know about BioFlex jewelry and the safety levels of this material.

It’s also important to note that when referring to BioFlex body jewelry, you want to make sure that you are using the highest quality and medical-grade BioFlex that will ensure a comfortable and flexible fit while also encouraging the healing of the new piercings.

In this article, we’ll look at all you should know about BioFlex jewelry and what makes it one of the popular jewelry materials on the jewelry scene today.


What is BioFlex jewelry made of?

Is BioFlex Jewelry Safe

BioFlex can be defined as a biocompatible and very flexible material made of the best quality hypoallergenic plastic. BioFlex was initially manufactured in 2001 by a British Piercer looking for alternatives for the best piercing materials.

It is made of 65% biodegradable PVC coating, as well as 35% polyester scrim. It is also quite transparent, has a high degree of temperature resistance, and is also known for being reactive to ultraviolet light.

BioFlex can also be defined as medical-grade plastic that has been approved in the US by the FDA since this material has been proven and tested by the US Pharmacopoeia, which has proven that BioFlex has passed the set standards for the class 4 Biocompatibility Test.

BioFlex has also been tested in the UK and has been shown to have passed the European Pharmacopoeia, along with meeting the supplement 01/2007 regulations and also the requirements of the fifth edition.

BioFlex has the same characteristics as the material called the PTFE plastic, which is also safe for piercings, but between the two, BioFlex is considered a much safer option for piercing jewelry, including body jewelry.


Is BioFlex jewelry safe? Why?

Is BioFlex Jewelry Safe

BioFlex Jewelry is one of the safest kinds of biocompatible materials used in jewelry making, and the top reason for this is that it has been proven to be safe for use in and on the human body.

Its safety is made possible by the fact that it is made of high-quality and skin-safe materials. It is very biocompatible, and there is a very low chance of the wearer of the BioFlex jewelry causing an allergic reaction, thanks to the fact that it is free of nickel.

It’s also fully compliant as per the standards by the European Union Nickel Directives.

Its safety is enhanced by the fact that BioFlex can be sterilized in temperatures higher than the standard autoclaving temperature condition, meaning no risk of contamination. It also boasts a high degree of chemical resistance, meaning you could also choose to sterilize it chemically, meaning that it is very safe.

Is BioFlex Jewelry Safe

The other reason why it is safe for most people is that it is very flexible, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the BioFlex jewelry hurting you when you wear it as body jewelry. Its flexibility is also why the BioFlex jewelry can be worn by sports fanatics, physical workers, as well as expectant mothers.

Finally, the medical-grade state of the BioFlex is why it is considered one of the safest materials for body jewelry and other kinds of jewelry.


Is BioFlex safe for new piercings? Why?

Is BioFlex Jewelry Safe

Yes, BioFlex is safe for new piercings, and it has been medically approved as the ideal plastic jewelry for new piercings.

The reason for the superiority of the BioFlex plastic and why it works well with new piercings have to do with the fact that BioFlex is non-stick, meaning lymph fluid and other body fluids will not get stuck on the BioFlex, hence no risk of infection or piercing healing improperly.

This material is also non-porous, and it wouldn’t harbor or encourage bacterial growth. And being a piece of medical-grade plastic that is flexible, it encourages faster healing of the piercings.

Autoclaving the piercing BioFlex jewelry means it can be well-sterilized before use, and it works well with the initial piercings.

Lastly, BioFlex is a biocompatible form of plastic, meaning it is soft, flexible, nickel-free, and overall inert and therefore suitable for use in the human body.


Pros and cons of BioFlex jewelry

Is BioFlex Jewelry Safe


  • BioFlex is ultra-flexible, offering maximum comfort and lasting a long time.
  • It is biocompatible, and it reduces the risk of allergic reactions and irritation to about zero. It also meets the highest standards of safety.
  • BioFlex is resistant to high-temperature conditions and it can be autoclaved in very high temperatures to prevent infection or keep the wearer safe.
  • Easy to reduce the length/ size of the BioFlex jewelry, and the best part is that allowing for the extra length means allowing for space for swelling.
  • BioFlex is transparent and can be worn easily in either direction and in places where you cannot wear metallic jewelry. The transparency also means that the jewelry is ideal for wearing in school.
  • Unlike the metallic bars, BioFlex has zero conductivity co-efficient, and it will not hurt the wearer even in the hottest conditions.


  • There are many BioFlex pieces of jewelry on the market today, and you may not end up with a genuine piece of BioFlex jewelry.


Tips for wearing BioFlex jewelry

Is BioFlex Jewelry Safe

  • Clean the jewelry well and frequently
  • Keep the jewelry on until the piercing heals properly
  • Wear the BioFlex on your cartilage piercings for fast and safer healing
  • Avoid disturbing the BioFlex jewelry to ensure proper healing
  • Sterilize the jewelry frequently
  • Remove the piercing jewelry soon if you notice or experience any irritation.
  • Use a pair of sharp scissors to adjust the length of the BioFlex bar and to reduce its length where necessary.



If you are looking for the safest piercing jewelry that is metal-free and, most importantly, free of irritants like nickel, then you may want to consider BioFlex jewelry.

BioFlex is non-metallic, and you wouldn’t have to remove it when going to the hospital or if you are pregnant.

It is also very flexible, adjustable, easy to clean, transparent, and hygienic.

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