Is AWNL Jewelry Legit Company To Buy? – Expert Answer in 2024

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If you are planning to buy jewelry from AWNL, you may be looking at some of their jewelry options against the reviews by many of their past customers and wondering if you really must buy from the company or if you can trust the AWNL brand.

And we completely understand your concerns, especially because some brands fail to keep up with their good name after some months and years, so the quality of service and products may have changed.

 So, how is AWNL keeping up, and is it a legit company worth spending your money on?


Brief introduction of AWNL jewelry

AWNL Jewelry is a jewelry brand that was established in 2011, and it deals exclusively in Talisman jewelry, having been one of the very first jewelry companies to have discovered the power and the benefits of talisman jewelry, specifically, all the good that the jewelry that could give to its consumers. And so, the company started as an empowering brand whose intention was to bring and spread positivity and healing energy through all its unique jewelry creations.

Is AWNL Jewelry Legit Company To Buy

But the most important and unique thing about this brand and its meaning is the company’s very strong belief and values around a sustainable and eco-friendly practice of jewelry creation, particularly for Swedish jewelry designs.

More specifically, the brand’s ideologies are all-around things like the healing energies of jewelry alongside eco-friendly processes and practices that have made the brand even more popular and successful. More specifically, this Scandinavian jewelry brand focuses on creating jewelry designs focused on the global idea of vibrations along with the importance of finding and attaining a state of balance and equilibrium with yourself and the world around you. And so, according to the AWNL team, the jewelry pieces were created to feature a unique combination of gemstones that promote a high sense of neural balance for internal vibrations.

On top of that, AWNL Jewelry is one of the brands committed to using natural materials only, and this means that AWNL’s team travels the world to gather or collect genuine natural gemstones and crystals from all around the world. And unlike many other companies, the brand’s commitment to sustainability means that they collect their resources in the most sustainable ways, even as they keenly scrutinize their supply chain and the jewelry manufacturing processes to minimize carbon emissions to a large degree.

AWNL is also committed to creating the best quality pieces of jewelry that emulate the best elements of Swedish jewelry designs. This has resulted in AWNL’s creation of the most attractive gold and silver jewelry options, all of which are nickel-free and 100% hypoallergenic.

Is AWNL Jewelry Legit Company To Buy

There also is AWNL Stockholm, which specializes in creating the very best Swedish-Viking-Inspired jewelry options with a modern twist. And in each of their pieces and collections, you will come across stunning pieces made of a unique combination of natural, high-quality materials with detailed depictions of Nordic Mythology, all created in the most eco-friendly and sustainable designs.

When it’s all said and done, however, AWNL’s talisman jewelry is powerful and protective, and the company offers an extensive array of amulets that you can choose from for good luck, wealth, health, or even love. This brand fully indulges in creating unique and exclusive jewelry collections that come in classic designs but nothing boring. The jewelry pieces are also elegant but not dated, and they are all collected by AWNL’s highly talented jewelry designers. They also boast high-quality meteorite jewelry options for men, all of which relay a positive meaning.

In other words, if you are searching for meaningful jewelry. AWNL is a renowned brand of jewelry that represents dreams, passion, heart, soul, and style.


AWNL jewelry history in Sweden

Is AWNL Jewelry Legit Company To Buy

AWNL Jewelry is a renowned jewelry brand based in Sweden. Unlike other jewelry brands, AWNL Jewelry redefines jewelry by introducing talisman jewelry, which is believed to be very powerful in its protective features and grounding effects.

The company’s most renowned collection is the Classic Meteorite collection, which has been the brand’s focus since its inception.

AWNL is also known as the jewelry brand that deals in the very best types of Nordic jewelry, even as it brings the Swedish meteorites and their protective powers to the common man. The jewelry is created uniquely as charms of the Nordic Runes, like gemstones, and also symbols that connect people with the cosmos and the earth in one of the coolest ways.

In many ways, AWNL is one of the biggest brands that still believe in the protective powers of the Norse Runes, and this company has made it possible for everyone who believes in cosmic energy to experience the power of the stones through their talisman and/or meteorite jewelry.

Their collections also include pieces that have herbs and crystals incorporated in them, not to mention the combination of gemstones and even prehistoric materials with ancient symbols.

The common materials used include the Mosasaurus tooth fossil or the Tibetan horn bone. These result in AWNL’s iconic energy jewelry designed in a calming and educative way for your body and mind by leading them to a state of balance.


Is AWNL jewelry authentic jewelry online?

Is AWNL Jewelry Legit Company To Buy

Yes, you can find AWNL jewelry online. The brand’s site has many talisman jewelry made of meteorite stones in multiple designs, patterns, and metals.

AWNL’s jewelry stands out because of the company’s authenticated use of the Muonionalusta meteorite, natural gemstones, and 925 sterling silver, all elements that make the jewelry stand out and also the reason why the brand is renowned as a fine jewelry brand.


The official website of AWNL jewelry

Here is the website:


Is AWNL jewelry a legit company to buy from?

Yes, AWNL Stockholm is one of the reputable Swedish jewelry companies you should consider buying jewelry from.

Of course, like any other online jewelry brand, there is always a risk of the order details being messed up or the shipping and returns turning problematic, but this is all expected from any online brand.

If you are looking for the best varieties of talisman jewelry, AWNL would be a good brand for you to try shopping from.


The features of AWNL jewelry

Is AWNL Jewelry Legit Company To Buy

AWNL jewelry can be defined as Scandinavian Talisman jewelry with a nice, modern touch. The jewelry styles are inspired by Scandinavian styles, which means that all the pieces depict the simplicity of the concept.

However, they also have pieces that have challenged the status quo. They are more of the over-adorned commercial Scandinavian jewelry whose elements are blended with the hardcore Stockholm/ Nordic orient styles.


AWNL Jewelry Collection

AWNL boasts an extensive collection of Vikings and Meteorite-themed jewelry collections. The jewelry options from the meteorite collection include the Muonionalusta.

This renowned Swedish meteorite is said to have fallen from the skies, landing in Northern Sweden about one million years ago, and is now hidden under the renowned Northern Lights.

This meteorite is believed to have gone through a lot beyond human imagination. The pieces from this Classic Meteorite collection include pieces from other collections, including:

The mysteriously lost kingdom of Atlantis inspires Atlantis Collection.

The other collections include the Viking-inspired Vagabond and Adoration Collections. The Vagabond collection is inspired mainly by the Swedish street culture of freedom and love. And so, the pieces in this collection are made of the tiger eye stone, black onyx, and the dumortierite that symbolizes personal awakening.

On the other hand, the Dark Sky Park represents land that possesses an outstanding quality of a highly nocturnal environment and starry nights. The vastness of the universe also inspires it. So, the collection perfectly brings out the details of Swedish romance while also reminding humanity of just how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things, under the stars.  The jewelry in this collection also symbolizes the pursuit of perfection and crystal healing power.


Pros and cons of AWNL jewelry

Is AWNL Jewelry Legit Company To Buy


  • The jewelry is very stylish and trendy
  • They are believed to carry great healing and protective powers
  • The jewelry made of crystals and meteorites is believed to have the power to bring calm and balance to the lives of the wearer because it helps to stabilize energy and ensure balance in the state of vibration of the atoms all around us
  • The jewelry makes for perfect gifts
  • There is a great variety of jewelry for men and women
  • Muonionalusta meteorite used in the Classic Meteorite jewelry collection has healing and awakening powers


  • Some of its jewels without semiprecious stones or meteorite are kind of ordinary.
  • Their earrings are not as stylish as their bracelets or necklace


Why is AWNL jewelry is a bit expensive?

Is AWNL Jewelry Legit Company To Buy

The main reasons why AWNL jewelry tends to be more expensive than other kinds of jewelry on the market are as follows;

  • AWNL is a leading fine jewelry brand that deals in elegantly designed pieces of jewelry
  • Materials used– AWNL jewelry is made of high-quality materials such as 925 sterling silver, precious meteorite, and natural gemstones, among other elegant and high-value materials like healing crystals.
  • Gemstone selection –Each of theirgems is one of a kind treasure and hand-picked for the highest possible quality.
  • Craftsmanship– the jewelry is exquisitely designed, all handmade pieces.
  • Processing techniques used– the jewelry pieces come to life through extensive and detailed processes made through techniques like meteorite coating and geometric cutting options.
  • The jewelry pieces are created in the iconic Scandinavian designs

Is AWNL jewelry worth buying?

Yes, it is an ideal brand to shop from, especially for gift-giving when you want to share a heartfelt message.


AWNL vs King Baby?

While AWNL is largely inclined to create talisman jewelry that matches the elegant man’s style, King Baby is more inclined towards creating pure silver pieces of jewelry in that sexy rock n’ roll style.



Suppose you weren’t sure about AWNL jewelry. In that case, we hope that this article has cleared the air. You might want to buy the jewelry from AWNL, especially if you are into Scandinavian gemstone jewelry style and believe in the healing and protective powers of crystals.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!