Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Good Quality? – Detailed Answer in 2024

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When it comes to jewelry and jewelers, there is a whole world out there that is almost inexhaustible. There are many top-tier jewelers like Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Chopard, Hary Winston, and others.

In the same breath, there are many other lesser-known jewelers who create jewelry pieces that are more accessible and affordable.

Ana Luisa is one such company that is committed to making pieces that are affordable and that are made with environmental wellness in mind.

The company mainly focuses on making sure that its operations are environmentally sustainable by using recycled metals and leaving a very small carbon footprint while at it. So, what is their jewelry like, and is it worth buying?


About this brand

Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Good Quality

Ana Luisa is a New York-based jewelry company that focuses on making sure that its products and manufacturing processes are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

For this reason, 78% of the raw materials used are recycled, and they only create products from 4 types of metal; brass, gold, silver, and stainless steel.

In addition to having a tiny carbon footprint, this company tries to maintain a minimal water footprint by making sure that the water used along the manufacture and supply chain is very little which goes a long way in environmental sustainability.

For these two reasons, this company is officially certified Climate Neutral, meaning that its production process and products do not have an adverse effect on the environment.

When it comes to products, there is a decent diversity and range from which to choose. The company makes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and several types of fine jewelry. The main focus is to deliver commendable quality without pricing their products too highly.

In the next few years, the company hopes to eliminate the use of new raw materials and depend entirely on recycled metals. This will enable it to reduce its carbon footprint even further.


Is Ana Luisa Jewel Quality Good?

Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Good Quality

Well, yes and no. The main things that this company works toward are sustainability, affordability, and a decent level of quality. Being that up to 78% of their raw materials (especially metals) are recycled, the quality may not be as excellent as you would expect.

In addition, the fact that the company tries to make its products affordable also impacts, to a large extent, the kind of quality buyers get.

When buying the pieces, you will notice that they are shiny and beautiful, but this does not exactly translate to good quality. You may notice that the pieces are not as sturdy as most others from high-end brands.

Simply put, beautiful as Ana Luisa jewelry is, it will not last you as long or take on as much pressure as a piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co or Chopard will.

The pieces may lose their sheen faster, and some may even bend and scratch easily due to pressure depending on what metal is used to make them.

They are, however, for their price point, commendable pieces that you can wear on a daily basis and even as statement pieces when attending certain occasions.


Some complaints from real customers

Some of Ana Luisa’s customers have complained about several issues, and some are highlighted below:

Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Good Quality

  • Quality feels cheap

One customer stated that she had bought pieces of jewelry from the company, but they felt quite cheap, and a charm on her necklace looked like it was made from plastic.

She also complained that one of her huggies earrings would not shut again after wearing them only once.


  • Allergic reaction

One customer mentioned that her husband bought her a pair of 14K gold-coated silver earrings because she is allergic to all other metals including silver.

She did not notice that the post which goes through the ear had been left bare without coating, and she suffered quite the allergic reaction. Suffice to say, she was not too elated.

Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Good Quality

  • Poor build

A customer wrote that she had bought herself a pair of 14K gold-coated moon earrings, but 10 minutes after wearing them, she looked in the mirror and discovered that the stone was missing.

She attempted to repair them but she could not make them work. She was extremely disappointed by the damage.


  • Fading too quickly

A man who had bought his wife a pair of earrings complained that they had started fading just after being worn twice.

He also tried reaching out to the customer but no one ever got back to him which was very disappointing for him.

Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Good Quality

Is Ana Luisa jewelry made from real gold?

Well, yes. Ana Luisa uses real gold, but there is a catch. When making their jewelry pieces, the company depends on repurposed metal from jewelry and other items. Mostly, the jewelry is made from 3 main components; silver, stainless steel, and brass.

Gold is only used for coating purposes, and almost all pieces of jewelry come with 14K gold plating. This is the reason behind their beautiful sheen and luster.

There are, however, several jewelry pieces made from gold and alloys of the same, but they are very few in number.

Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Good Quality

When the items are made, they are plated using recycled gold. The plating involves only one layer, and this is why you cannot expect the jewelry to last too long.

Within a short period of time, especially if you wear the jewelry constantly, the brass, silver, or stainless steel will begin to show.


Is Ana Luisa Jewelry waterproof?

No, Ana Luisa jewelry is not waterproof. When you make a purchase, the company recommends that you keep it away from such elements as perfumes and water, and any other substance that may encourage it to tarnish from oxidation.

Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Good Quality

For this reason, this jewelry is not ideal for use on a regular basis, meaning that you cannot exactly use it as a wedding band or daily accessory, especially if you are constantly exposed to water, detergents, and other harsh chemicals.

This is also an indicator that you need to be careful when storing it since you do not want it in an environment that has lots of moisture as this will encourage oxidation in the long run. Have the pieces covered in a soft velvety cloth and stashed away in a dry jewelry box for longevity.


Is Ana Luisa jewelry worth it, and why?

Having established that Ana Luisa jewelry is not exactly top tier as far as quality goes, you may wonder whether or not it may be worth the fuss. Ana Luisa jewelry is worth it because of several reasons:

Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Good Quality

1. The quality matches the price point

They are priced the way they are because they deliver the sort of quality you can expect – average. Buying one is, therefore, not a waste.


2. The jeweler has the environment in mind

Buying from the company is not just an expression of goodwill, but a practical step towards supporting its efforts.



Having been around less than 5 years, Ana Luisa as a jeweler has come a long way in creating a place for itself as a company.

The fact that all operations are environmentally oriented gives it something of a niche since many jewelers are not treading the same path.

The truth is, however, the quality is not ideal for pieces you want to wear on a regular basis or gift other people, especially if you are constantly working in harsh environments.

You can grab a couple of pieces to wear on occasion if you like, though.

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