Is An Ultrium Ring Worth Anything?(Quick Answer)

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Jewelry can be made out of any material, it’s all a matter of creativity. The majority, however, are metal pieces that range in value depending on the value of the metal.

There are some metals like gold and platinum that are highly valuable and others like silver and Ultrium that are cheap and accessible.

Is An Ultrium Ring Worth Anything?

Ultrium for, example, while it is cheap, is not necessarily a bad metal for making jewelry. Of course, it does have its pros and cons, hence why most people wonder whether it’s worth making jewelry with.

In this post, we will be taking an in-depth look at metal. We’ll examine what it’s made of, whether or not it is worth using to make jewelry.


What Is Ultrium Metal Made Of?

is an ultrium ring worth anything

Ultrium, also known as white Ultrium, is a trading name for non-magnetic (austenitic grade) stainless steel. Other trade or marketing names used for this grade of stainless steel are, Valadium, White Lazon, Celestrium, Siladium, and White Lustrium. This grade of stainless steel has a nice silvery shine and is often used as a cheaper substitute for white gold or silver.

You’ll mostly find them being used in graduates’ class rings.

In terms of content, Ultrium metal has the same composition as stainless steel given that it is a type of it. Like most steel, Ultrium is made primarily of carbon and iron.

Is An Ultrium Ring Worth Anything?

But because it’s a type of stainless steel, that means it also has an addition of chromium and some traces of nickel. As an austenitic grade stainless steel, Ultrium is strong, durable, and resistant to heat and corrosion as well as tarnishing.

The chromium is what gives it its corrosion and tarnish-resistant properties. It does so by forming chromium oxide, a protective layer that protects Ultrium from rust and tarnishes when exposed to moisture and air. The presence of nickel also helps with the strength and durability of the metal. As such, it is not easy to scratch or dent Ultrium.


Is Ultrium A Good Metal For Rings?

is an ultrium ring worth anything

When considering Ultrium as a metal for making rings, it is worth considering the type of ring you want to make. While Ultrium is a durable and tarnish-resistant metal, that’s available and affordable, it may not be the best choice for making engagement rings.

The reason is, the intricate designs that go into engagement and wedding rings would be difficult to do with Ultrium since it doesn’t bend well. 

Ultrium is, however, a great metal choice for graduate class rings. It has a similar shine and appeals to silver and white gold only it is stronger and more resistant to abrasions. Thanks to its chromium content it is also resistant to tarnishes and corrosions.

Is An Ultrium Ring Worth Anything?

That means that it requires less maintenance in terms of constant polishing to maintain the shine.

What’s more, Ultrium is not a precious metal therefore it is considerably cheaper to use, compared to gold and silver.

It was actually among the common metals used for class rings in the 80s and even today.


Does Ultrium Metal Turn Your Finger Green?

is an ultrium ring worth anything

Considering that Ultrium contains traces of nickel, it is more than likely that it may color your skin green if you put on a Ultrium ring.

Nickel is a highly reactive metal and is mostly said to be harmful or the skin, especially for those who have an allergic reaction to it.

If you are allergic to nickel, you will notice redness, inflammations, and itchiness, in addition to the green coloring. Otherwise, you shouldn’t worry too much about the green coloring.

The green coloring is normally due to nickel’s reaction to the oils, perfumes, sweat, or acidic level of your body.

Is An Ultrium Ring Worth Anything?

All of the above elements could cause a reaction with the nickel, causing the coloring. Some people have also reported black coloring caused by jewelry containing nickel.

You should therefore be careful when buying Ultrium jewelry. It’s best to avoid them if you have a sensitivity or allergic reaction to the jewelry.

In case you notice any redness, inflammation an especially pus, you should see a doctor for treatment.


Pros And Cons Of Ultrium Ring.

is an ultrium ring worth anything

The following are some of the pros and cons of buying an Ultrium ring:


  • It has an elegant shine similar to a silver or white gold ring.
  • It’s strong and durable and not easily braised.
  • It is resistant to corroding and tarnishing.
  • It doesn’t require as much maintenance in terms of polishing and cleaning.

Is An Ultrium Ring Worth Anything?


  • It contains nickel which is highly reactive and not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Given that it’s a cheap metal, it is not as valuable.
  • It’s hard and doesn’t bend easily therefore has limited uses.


Is An Ultrium Ring Worth Anything?

is an ultrium ring worth anything

Even though Ultrium can pass off as silver or white gold and is more durable than they are, doesn’t mean that it is more valuable.

Given that it’s readily available, means that it is cheap to acquire. As a result, Ultrium jewelry is sold at a cheap price and therefore doesn’t have that much value.

If you were to sell jewelry made of Ultrium, it would probably sell as scrap metal. That being said, Ultrium jewelry is more valuable for the memory they hold.

They would be a bad idea for future investment.



Ultrium jewelry is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable substitute for silver or white gold. It is a durable and long-lasting material, especially for active individuals.

You should, however, be careful about buying it, if you have metal, especially nickel, sensitivity, or allergy.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!