Is Alex and Ani Real Silver?( Quick Detailed Answer)

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These are some of the most popular bracelets among young girls and women across the world. Their design in expandable bracelets that required no clasp seems to be heaven-sent and we cannot get enough of them. As adorable and affordable as these dainty bracelets are we wonder, are Alex and Ani made of real silver?

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Jewelry lovers are becoming increasingly aware of their everyday choices and they are even more careful to read and research on everything before they make a purchase. This has been hyped up even more by the availability of online stores that have made shopping that much easier.

To be sure about your next internet purchase which just might be an Alex and Ani jewelry piece, this review will help put things into perspective.


Is Alex and Ani Real Silver?

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The short answer to this question would be an emphatic yes. Although, this is not true for the entire Alex and Ani collection or brand.

They pride themselves in being ambassadors of sustainable consumption and production of jewelry. They have a strong belief in the power of metals to heal, guide, and protect as was the norm in ancient times.

This is why their Precious Metals Collection is made of carefully sourced, sustainable, and high quality as can be recycled 925 silver as the base metal and coated with 14K gold in different shades.

Ancient kingdoms believed in the power of silver to protect us with its antimicrobial properties and in the strength of gold to enhance our mind and decision-making abilities. Alex and Ani believe that their pieces are more than just jewelry.

Of course, it is common knowledge that to make sterling silver, you must add copper to it. This is done to strengthen the otherwise easily manipulated metal that is silver.

In other Alex and Ani collections, the final metal alloy is then coated with Rafaelian Silver or Gold in either a matte or shiny finish with an extra coating of anti-tarnish to keep the pieces looking new for longer.


Are Alex and Ani Bracelets Real Silver?

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No, Alex and Ani Bracelets are not made of real silver. They are proudly made from recycled silver and copper metal which is then alloyed in no particular formula to create the brass or copper colors they are so well known for.

Alex and Ani proudly use copper in their jewelry because they believe in its healing properties. It is believed that copper can get absorbed into the skin over time and while doing so, it stimulates one’s immune system while clearing out toxins as well.

Because it is strong and conductive, this is the best metal to use for long term benefits of positive energy that will be continually amplified by copper.

Largely because Alex and Ani have a dedication to spread love and preach ethical and sustainable business practices, they go step further by engraving most of their jewelry with empowering and motivational quotes that inspire everyone who wears their bracelets.

“Coppure” is the term they have coined to refer to the powerful effects experienced by wearers of jewelry that are made of copper and has a special message to boost.

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All their jewelry is coated in Rafaelian silver or gold which is their trademark finishing that can be done to a matte or a glossy effect then layered with anti-tarnish to keep it in good condition. The name is in honor of their founder Carolyn Rafaelian.



Taking care of Alex and Ani jewelry is easy, other than washing them in soap and water, you could simply get into a culture of wiping them down every week using the specially provided for Alex and Ani cleaning cloth.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!