Is a Cartier Love Bracelet a Good Investment?-Check Our Answer

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Wondering if you should invest in the love bracelet by Cartier, and if you did, what would it mean to your finances and your investment portfolio? Should you buy the Cartier love bracelet as some form of investment?

Well, this article shares insights on everything you need to know about the love bracelet by Cartier and what you need to know about its value.


Cartier love bracelet history

Before we look at the price and value of the love bracelet by Cartier, it’s important first to note that the history of the love bracelet is one of the most intriguing stories.

Is a Cartier love bracelet a good investment

It is the story of love and finding everlasting love, although it is not as romantic as we may have imagined. And yet, it is the twist in this love story that led to one of the most iconic and exquisite jewelry designs that have stood the test of time.

The Cartier love bracelet was first designed in 1969 by one of Cartier’s finest jewelry designers, Aldo Cipullo. He designed the unique bracelet late one night as he lay awake in bed after breaking up with yet another love that he’d hoped would last forever.

In his most vulnerable and heartbroken moments, the idea of the bracelet’s design struck him, and this helped to ease his pain. When interviewed, Cipullo noted that at the moment, he felt despondent.

Still, even in that very moment, he wanted something that belonged to him or his heart, or instead, something that nobody could ever take away from him.

In many ways, and despite his heartache, he searched for a relatively permanent symbol of love. And with this idea and thoughts in mind, the love bracelet came to be.

Is a Cartier love bracelet a good investment

Since the Cartier love bracelet was created in 1969, it has been one of the most exquisite jewelry designs by the brand. It is also worth noting that because of the exquisite design of the love bracelet, Cipullo became the first of Cartier’s designers to have his initials incorporated in Cartier’s jewelry.

Note that unlike other uniquely designed bracelets by Cartier, the love bracelet has a unique design. It is an iconic piece designed as two oval semi-permanent bangles held in place or, instead, locked in place on the wearer’s wrist by a specially crafted screwdriver. The design of this bracelet has remained the most captivating one, and the imagination of the design has made it the most famous piece ever created by Cartier.

Note that Aldo Cipullo was born in 1942 to a costume designer father. He grew up in Rome, and throughout his childhood, Cipullo was surrounded by all manner of glittering odds and ends. He then immigrated to the US in his late teenage years, where he attended New York City’s School of Visual Arts.

He first worked as David Webb’s bench jeweler, and in 1964, he became a jewelry designer for Tiffany & Co. His profile rose fast while working for Tiffany. But he didn’t last long at Tiffany’s with his idea of the love bracelet pitched to Tiffany & Co, failing to sail.

Is a Cartier love bracelet a good investment

He didn’t give up, though, and he pitched the same idea to Cartier, who snapped up the idea and hired him. His creations would make up the iconic collection called the Juste un Clou Collection, also known as the Nail Collection.

Also to note is that the earliest of the Cartier love bracelets were designed almost like the ones on the market today. The bracelets were rendered in 18k gold, and, as mentioned above, they featured 2 arcs screwed together in an excellent, wrist-hugging oval shape.

The original ones also had Cipullo’s name engraved on them. Today, the design of the screws has also been altered, but the overall design of the love bracelet is unchanged.

You should also know that Cipullo’s designs inspired the industrial spirit across New York. And with the semi-permanent design of the bracelet and its initial design concept representing being locked in love or, instead, locked in the memory of love, the love bracelet became one of the most famous jewelry designs in the jewelry world.


Price of Love Bracelet 

The bracelet was originally sold for about $250, but now, the price of one bracelet ranges from $4000 to $56,000.

So, now that we have more insights into the history of the love bracelet, would it be ideal for you to invest in the love bracelet?

Is a Cartier love bracelet a good investment

Is a Cartier Love bracelet a good investment?

Yes, you will be happy to know that the Cartier love bracelet is a good investment. In addition to being a great investment because of its revolutionary design, the love bracelet is exquisitely crafted, which means that it can hold on to its value for a long time.

But also, the use of solid gold for the bracelet is also why the bracelet is a good investment. Below, we’ll break down the main reasons why the Cartier love bracelet would be an excellent investment for you.


Why is a Cartier love bracelet a good investment?

Is a Cartier love bracelet a good investment

  • High-end quality and design

Cartier’s love bracelets are great investment instruments, and they are priced in the thousands because they are made with the highest quality features.

For starters, the bracelets, including the initial ones made in 1969, were made of solid 18k yellow gold, a precious metal in today’s commodities market. There also are white gold and rose gold love bracelets that are highly valued and fetch a great deal on the market today.

As a result of the high-quality design and build of the love bracelet, it boasts one of the highest resale values of all the pieces in Cartier’s catalog. You should also know that the trendier options, specifically the rose gold love bracelets, have an even higher resale value because the bracelet’s finish is unique.

Besides the high-value gold, the other reason the love bracelet is valuable is the diamonds added to it. The diamonds aren’t incorporated in all the love bracelets.

Still, in the bracelets with diamonds, the high-quality characteristics of the diamonds is the reason for the high price tag of the bracelet and why it makes a good investment.

Other love bracelets are adorned by garnets and even amethyst stones that sit in place of the screws, and these also increase the overall value of the bracelets.

Is a Cartier love bracelet a good investment

  • Style

Over the years, and despite Cartier releasing several other jewelry collections and designs, not to mention more designs of the love bracelets, the stunning design of the bracelets has remained a standard feature.

And although the love bracelets from 2017 onwards are thinner and they have a self-fastening closure to symbolize self-love and independence, unlike the screwdriver versions from the previous years, the attention to detail is a standard feature, and it’s why the Love bracelets will always hold or even gain more value over time.  


  • Innovative bracelet design that is also luxurious

The primary reason why the Cartier love bracelet makes a significant investment is because of its multifaceted appeal that has made the bracelet a go-to option for everyone, from ordinary stylish persons to influencers, celebrities, and even billionaires.

It boasts a chic, innovative, and intricate design, and the fact that it is available in 3 main color finishes (yellow gold, white gold, and blush/ rose gold) is why it would be an excellent investment for you. It is also an excellent bracelet design for men and women into modern minimalist designs.


  • Symbol of love

Love bracelets are also valuable and make significant investments because of the sentimental value and that love, commercialized right, pays well.

So, the elegant design features, the use of the best quality materials, and the fact that these love bracelets will stand the test of time are all reasons why the bracelet is a good investment.

Is a Cartier love bracelet a good investment

Tips for investing in Cartier love bracelet

  • Confirm its authenticity

For the bracelet to hold its value after years or even months after you buy it, you need to make sure that it is an authentic Cartier piece. After all, the Cartier name is the biggest reason the bracelet is valuable.

So, first, check its serial number, then confirm the hallmark signs and the logos – these stamps should ooze expert craftsmanship and the highest level of precision. Look for 18K or 750 for the gold love bracelet and 950 for platinum love bracelets.

  • Check the features of the bracelet.

 As mentioned above, the bracelet’s design oozes the highest level of craftsmanship and expertise. So, look out for the screwdriver compartment, and the parts should all have the smoothest edges. And for the new designs, look for the elegant, self-fastening closure.

  • And finally, get the bracelet appraised by an expert.



Cartier’s love bracelets are made of high-quality precious metals like gold and platinum, and some are bedazzled with expensive precious metals.

They are also crafted very beautifully and are one of the jewelry pieces that are the ultimate symbol of love; the Love bracelet would be a good investment for you.

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