Is 18k Italy Gold Real?( Detailed Answer by Jeweler)

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If you have jewelry with an 18k made in Italy hallmark on it, you might be wondering if it’s made of genuine gold or not. This article shares all the important insights into 18k Italian gold jewelry, and whether such jewelry is worth investing in, and of course, the actual meaning of 18K Italy gold. Keep reading to learn more about the 18k Italy gold and its authenticity.


What does 18K Italy gold mean?

18K Italy gold can be defined as gold jewelry that is crafted out of high-quality 18k gold from Italy. This version of gold is the finest quality gold.

Essentially, 18k Italy gold meets the highest quality standards for gold on the market, and this version of gold is pretty much the best possible version of 18k gold.

Italy gold is well known around the world in the fashion scenes, and its popularity has got to do with the fact that Italy is very well known for its high-quality yellow gold, the most fashionable gold jewelry options, and the best classic jewelry designs.

All across Europe, Italy is the powerhouse for the entire European jewelry scene, and thanks to the beauty and the tradition associated with the gold from Italy, this gold jewelry is the most highly-priced.


Is 18k Italy gold real?

Yes, Italian gold is real gold.

What you need to know about Italian gold is that this type of gold is different from other kinds of gold or, rather, gold from other parts of the world. With this in mind, you need to make sure that you are aware of the features and the physical properties of Italy gold, and to know how to determine the true qualities of Italy gold, this section is right for you.

Is 18k Italy Gold Real

Some of the physical properties of real Italian gold:

For starters, Italian gold and gold jewelry made in Italy is oftentimes sold only as 18 karat gold or higher, and this jewelry is often stamped with the European hallmark stamp, 750. This stamp of quality demonstrates an actual measure of the quality of the jewelry in karats. 18k Italian gold often bears the 785 marks for authenticity.

Note that the 24k Italian gold will have the 999 or 1000 marking to represents 100% gold in the 24k pieces of jewelry.

Besides the stamp of quality and the high percentage of pure gold in 18k Italian gold, the other important consideration you need to note about Italian gold is the fact that this kind of jewelry is often from gold that is mined from specific areas in Italy. The main areas that gold is mined from in Italy include Tuscany, Veneto, Piedmont, Campania, and Lombardy. When authenticating your gold jewelry, knowing where the gold and the gold jewelry is from is important in ensuring that you are buying authentic gold jewelry.

Is 18k Italy Gold Real

On top of the geographical locations where the gold jewelry is from, you also need to know who the main and the most famous Italian jewelry makers. Some of the most famous jewelry makers in Italy include Luca Benfaremo from Florence, Giorgio Damiani, and Arando, among others. Note that you also need to know that the best Italian gold is often from specific areas in Italy, such as the Vicenza region, Torre de Breco, and Arezzo. These are all areas that are known for the highest quality and the most high-end pieces of jewelry.

The most common/ typical pieces of Italian gold jewelry will have specific features, whether you are looking at necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, or bracelets. Most of the gold jewelry is braided, but the most common versions of gold jewelry by the ancient tribes like the Etruscans, for example, remain popular to date. The most common Italian gold jewelry is two or three-tone.

They are also quite famous for the connected loop jewelry designs. What really stands out from the 18k real Italian gold is the fact that the gold jewelry features a nice yellow finish that stands out beautifully.


How much is 18K Italy gold worth?

18K Italy gold is quite valuable, and you can get a good amount of money from selling the gold jewelry. Generally, the gold is valued at the market spot rates per gram, and the rates will vary depending on the market conditions. 18k Italian gold is valued in Euros, and 1g Italian gold is valued at 48.23 euros for the 18k gold.

Is 18k Italy Gold Real

Pro and cons of 18K Italy gold


  • It’s real gold, possibly the best quality gold on the market
  • Italy’s stamp of approval is regarded as a superior option for jewelry on the market
  • The biggest gold jewelry brands are from Italy
  • High-quality jewelry
  • Gold jewelry is the highest purity jewelry


  • Expensive
  • There are many fakes on the market today

Is 18k Italy Gold Real

Should you buy Italian gold or Italian gold jewelry?

While there is a high risk of getting scammed, especially because Italian gold jewelry is expensive and highly desirable, investing in authentic pieces would be more than ideal for you.

And if you are looking for the best quality Italian gold jewelry, then you should consider buying Italian gold jewelry. The authentic pieces of jewelry offer great value for money, and they are durable.

Just make sure that you check the jewelry for the stamp of authenticity for genuine pieces of Italian gold jewelry.



18k Italy gold jewelry is real. It is considered one of the purer versions of Italian gold, and you will be happy to know that the jewelry offers great value for money.

The jewelry is made of 75% pure gold, which makes Italian gold jewelry quite desirable on the market today.

If you weren’t sure about buying 18k Italy gold, you should know that this version of gold is a great investment.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!