Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment In 2024 Or 2025?

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You’ve probably heard countless times that gold is a great type of jewelry to invest in because it holds real value in the long run, and you may make a lot more money when you sell the jewelry after some years – and it is true – gold is a great investment vehicle.

But does it apply to all forms of gold used in jewelry? Are all solid gold alloys valuable, or is there a specific gold alloy that you should aim to buy more of?

This article addresses 18k gold jewelry, and in it, we’ll share our opinions about the value of 18k gold.

We’ll also share expert opinions on what makes 18K gold jewelry valuable and if this type of gold is what you should invest in.


Is 18k gold jewelry a good investment in 2024?

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

First, it’s important to note that 18k gold is made of 75% pure gold that is alloyed with other metals, but often, silver is alloyed with gold to create 18k yellow gold.

But for 18k rose gold, for example, gold is alloyed with copper in addition to silver or other metals for that champagne or pink gold finish, and with white gold, the alloyed gold is rhodium plated.

So, even if you invest in the best of 18k gold jewelry, yours will be an imperfect form of gold, and so, it doesn’t hold as much value as pure gold – this gold is valued based on the weight of the pure gold form the alloy or the 18 parts out of the possible 24 parts.

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

Its value is also determined by the current market prices and the gold’s weight.

What this means is that if you are planning to buy solid gold jewelry for investment purposes, you may only want to hold onto this belief regarding the value of the jewelry as a second thought and reason for purchase.

In other words, think of 18k gold jewelry as nothing but stunning high-quality jewelry.

So, if later on, it turns out that you can get some money off the sale of the jewelry, it is a great venture and a way of holding on to some of your cash rather than as a primary form of investment.

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

And if you want to buy gold pieces purely for inv, it may be wiser for you to opt for actual gold pieces made of 24k gold like gold bars, coins, or the latest investment trend, gold EFTs.

Keep in mind that despite the low weight of your 18k gold jewelry, the fact that the jewelry is made of 75% pure gold in weight will mean that you will still enjoy good returns later.

Also, opt for plain solid gold pieces in 18k rather than gold-studded pieces. Avoid the diamond-studded 18k gold pieces because diamonds do not appreciate.


Do You get more returns from 18k gold jewelry?

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

Compared to 14k gold pieces of jewelry, 18k gold pieces of jewelry will offer more returns because they are made of 75% pure gold, which is quite valuable. The weight of the jewelry matters too.

As you look for such valuable jewelry varieties on the market, it is important for you also to consider buying 18k gold jewelry from reputable jewelers.

The jewelry should also be hallmarked with the metal’s specific karatage. The value of gold at the time of sale will be determined by the weight of the jewelry, and the good news is that, unlike other investment tools or metals, the value of gold seems to always be on the rise.

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

There’s one caveat, though. Depending on who you buy the 18k gold jewelry from, the value of the gold when you finally sell it will be very different or slightly different from the purchase price because retailers often mark up the prices, with luxury prices jacking up the prices more than the other jewelry sellers because each sale must contribute to the high overhead and marketing costs incurred by the brand.

So, unless yours is a vintage piece, the 18k gold jewelry will be valued for less than the purchase price of the jewelry – well, unless the value of the gold jumps too high that it covers the purchase price of the jewelry.

The buyer will also skim some amount off the value of the gold pieces, so you should keep your expectations realistic.

These challenges notwithstanding, investing in gold jewelry is still a better investment decision than buying expensive diamonds that will be worth close to nothing after some time,


Why is 18k gold jewelry a good investment?

1. Constituent components of 18k gold

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

The primary reason why investing in 18k gold jewelry may be a solid investment decision has to be the fact that this gold alloy is made of the highest percentage of pure gold for wearable gold jewelry.

18K gold jewelry contains 75% pure gold, and it is alloyed with silver or other metal alloys to create a gold alloy that is relatively durable.

So, even if you will pay a lot for this type of gold jewelry, the percentage of pure gold in this jewelry makes it a great investment.


2. Gold retains its value, or the value grows

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

Other than the percentage purity of gold in 18k gold, the most appealing feature and the reason for its popularity as a form of investment is the fact that at its heart is gold which retains or grows in value over time.

Gold’s value is quite dynamic, but most importantly, the value of this metal doesn’t really ever deep beyond a certain value meaning that even in the worst of times economically, you will still get a good sum off the sale of gold jewelry.

Did you know that in about all the countries of the world, gold is adopted as the ‘gold standard,’ so to speak, and have consequently fixed their currencies’ values to be based on the specified gold amount?

This is because gold retains its value over time and in the long run. So, with inflation eroding the values of currencies, gold gives a good hedge over inflation,


3. 18k gold jewelry is beautiful

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

The thing that stands out the most about 18k gold jewelry is the fact that this jewelry is stunning, and it represents the perfect blend of durability and quality.

These features come from the fact that 18k gold jewelry contains a high percentage of pure gold, which results in the excellent luster of the gold jewelry.

So, despite being alloyed, the alloying doesn’t affect its quality as much, and they enhance the metal’s durability. With the metal’s inherent beauty in mind, it makes sense that it is the kind of jewelry that is worth investing in.

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

Years later, you will still wear this jewelry with pride because the gold pieces will always look absolutely stunning, and there is also the fact that after those many years in your hands or after they’ve been passed down to other members of the family, the jewelry will fetch a good amount on the market.

18K gold is described as having a near-pure appearance in comparison to pure gold.


4. It is hypoallergenic

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

You’ve heard that the best kind of gold jewelry to invest in if you have sensitive skin is 18k gold. This is the ideal recommendation because of the fact that 18k gold jewelry is alloyed with mostly skin-safe metals.

The 25% is often made of copper, silver, platinum, palladium, nickel, or zinc, and almost all 18k gold jewelry are free of nickel and zinc.

Since nickel is the leading cause of allergic reactions, especially because of its use as a primary bleaching agent for gold, its absence in 18k gold makes this gold alloy the perfect option for most persons with nickel allergies.

Conversely, lower karat gold pieces contain nickel, hence a high risk of nickel allergies.


Pros and cons of investing in 18k gold jewelry

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment


  • 18k gold boasts an amazing lustrous finish, and it looks almost perfect
  • It’s relatively durable than 22k or 24k gold
  • It works well for different skin tones
  • It’s an excellent tool for investment
  • 18k gold jewelry is skin-safe and hypoallergenic


  • Despite the alloying, it’s soft and susceptible to damage
  • It’s expensive
  • It might not be a great investment option for anyone looking for passive income.
  • Its insurance is expensive.
  • This type of gold jewelry calls for specialized safety and storage equipment.

4 Tips for investing in 18k gold jewelry

Is 18k Gold Jewelry A Good Investment

I. Consider the purity level of gold – and ensure its karatage certification or hallmarking. It must have the 18k stamp.

II. Purpose of jewelry and your lifestyle – 18k gold jewelry is stunning, and you may want to wear the jewelry daily, but because of the softness of the metal, this is impractical, especially if you lead an active lifestyle where a ring may be knocked or dented when cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc.

III. What metals are alloyed in it? Since you want the safest 18k gold jewelry, make sure it is free of alloys like nickel. Note that yellow gold often contains silver and zinc; white gold contains white metals like silver, nickel, and palladium; while rose gold is gold alloyed with a high concentration of copper.

IV. Shop from reputable gold jewelry sellers.



18k gold jewelry would be a good investment for you. But before you purchase the jewelry, go through the information provided above.

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