Is 18k Gold Good for an Engagement Ring? (2024 Updated)

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Is 18k gold good for an engagement ring? You may ask. When you are dealing with gold, you will hear about karat.

That is a term that gets used to state the purity measurement of gold. In that case, 24k gold is the purest gold that there is.

The other well-known grades of gold that people purchase when it comes to rings and other jewelry are 14k and 18k gold.

Is 18k Gold Good for an Engagement Ring

The question that people have is what grade of gold is best. But first, it is essential to state that 24k gold is too soft, that is why it is not typically used to make jewelry. If you were to do that, the gold would scratch and dent easily.

For that reason, other metals get added to gold to make it stronger. Therefore, whether you are purchasing an 18k or 14k ring, you are purchasing a gold alloy and not the real thing.

For 18k gold, it means that it has 75 percent gold, and what is left is other metals to make the jewelry structurally stronger.

Even with that, you will find that an 18k gold ring would be a lot heavier than a 14k gold because gold is generally dense.

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In this article, we are going to look at one of the types of gold that gets used to make jewelry, and that is 18k gold. Let’s see what it is and the properties of the same. Before reading this post, I hope you guys read this post: 10 Frequently used Hypoallergenic Metals for Engagement Rings. If you guys want to know more jewelry metal for rings, read this post.


What is 18k gold engagement rings?

18k gold engagement rings are those rings that are made out of 75 percent gold and 25 percent of other alloys. You are going to part with more money when you go for an 18k engagement ring because of the amount of gold it contains. The other thing about this grade of gold is that it tends to be more yellow due to the additional gold it has.

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It means that the 14k gold will look whiter as compared to the 18k. That is something to think about when you are purchasing gold engagement rings. If you want it to be yellow gold, then you wish to opt for a higher grade of gold. In this case, that would be 18k gold.

The reality of 18k gold engagement rings is that they are not as scratch resistant as 14k gold. With more alloys that the gold has, the stronger it is. Also, when it comes to maintenance, you will have to polish the 18k gold engagement ring more because if it getting scratched and tarnishing. While you are getting something as close to pure gold as possible, you have to contend with the issues that come with it.

That said, it is not all bad news when it comes to the tarnishing abilities of 18k gold. You will find that when it scratches, it forms a patina that makes the gold look vintage.

If you’re looking to have something that is rustic and stands out, then you can opt-out of the frequent polishing and let the patina add to the desired effect. That said, it is essential to point out that if you live an active lifestyle, then you should reconsider getting an 18k gold engagement ring. The reality is also that it ought not to be worn daily because it cannot withstand everyday wear and tear.


18k gold properties and usage?

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When it comes to 18k gold, the good thing is that you are not restricted to yellow gold. You can get white gold or rose gold. With pure gold, you have to contend with the actual color of the gold. You can get 18k gold either in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. The colors come about depending on what they have been alloyed with. For example, rose gold is a combination of gold and copper.

That said, the most frequent usage of 18k gold is in making jewelry. You will also find it getting used when it comes to leafing or plating of other items. Gold does conduct electricity, so it is used in industrial contexts. Their softness makes them possible to work with and can get shaped into wires for various conductivity reasons.

The other context where gold gets used is in electronics, and they can be found in any high-end and advanced smartphones there is. Gold also gets used in computers, again, because it is a conductor of -electricity. Therefore, you will find them in micro-chips and micro-processors. The other obvious usage of gold is obviously in dentistry, for example, when you see someone with gold teeth in place of what was there before.

There are also uses of gold when it comes to medical use. You will find that it is used in the treatment of, for example, rheumatoid arthritis. That said, you will also find gold getting used in aerospace when it comes to circuitry and also applied on space vehicles because of gold’s ability to reflect infrared- radiation. It also serves to stabilize the temperature in the aircraft.


Pros of 18k gold as an engagement ring

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  • It is more yellow compared to lesser grades of gold
  • It forms a patina that adds character to the ring
  • It is more prestigious when worn in any setting


Cons of 18k gold as an engagement ring

  • It is more prone to starches because it is delicate
  • You have to polish it more as compared to 14k gold engagement rings


Wrap up

There are a lot of uses when it comes to gold. It is not just in jewelry making, but it is on things that we carry with us every waking day, our cellphones. That said, if you are getting an 18k gold ring, you are showing status in society.

It also means that you can care for the ring so that it does not scratch and tarnish. You also don’t want to spend way too much time at the jewelers, getting it polished every other month.

If you’re delicate in the way that you handle jewelry, then your best choice for an engagement ring is 18k gold. Otherwise, if you are active, then the 14k gold is better.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!