Is 14kgp Worth Anything?(Pros&Cons Explained)

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Is 14kgp worth anything? What does the 14kgp mean? Is 14kgp jewelry real? Should you buy 14kgp jewelry? You guys may ask these questions if you guys shopping online.

What you’ll find is that in the market, you’ll get gold from legitimate jewelers with different initials. There could be gold, gold plated or gold filled, but here in this article, we’re going to answer your question of what 14kpg means, it’s value.

Is 14kgp Worth Anything?

It helps a lot knowing the kind of jewelry you’re getting so that it doesn’t disappoint you in the near future.

Not all items labeled “gold” are created the same. Let’s dive in.

First things first:


What does the 14kgp mean?

When it comes to gold, there are different kinds, as mentioned.

Is 14kgp Worth Anything?

When you see the label 14kgp, that translates to 14k gold-plated jewelry. That means that there’s a base metal that has been plated with 14k gold.

Companies tend to take a less expensive metal or allow and add somewhat more value to it. That means they plate it with specific karat gold.

That’s quite common since that quite a high demographic of persons prefer to purchase inexpensive jewelry.


Is 14kgp jewelry real?

When you see something with the 14kgp mark, that means it’s not real gold. It doesn’t mean that the entire thing is fake.

Is 14kgp Worth Anything?

It has a legitimate base metal or alloy, and then there’s a thin layer of 14k gold added over it. However, if someone were to ask you if it’s real gold, then the honest answer is no.

That’s because a layer of gold added to an item doesn’t make it the real thing.

The good thing is that, depending on how the plating gets done, people with a keen eye won’t tell the difference.

Is 14kgp Worth Anything?

That way, people can assume that you are indeed wearing a gold piece, and they don’t have a reason to doubt you.

The trouble comes in when the layer of 14k gold starts tarnishing. The jewelry itself appears that it’s a different shade since the base metal is now exposed.

When that happens, you might need to go back to the jeweler for a recoating. If that doesn’t make financial sense, then you’re free to purchase a new one.

The pros and cons of 14kgp jewelry

Let’s look at what you stand to gain or lose when you purchase 14kgp jewelry.


  • It is much more affordable than 14k gold jewelry
  • When it’s new and taken good care of, it looks like 14k gold (the real thing)
  • There are unlimited options of what you can get in the market
  • You can change them based on the fashion season
  • Most fashion jewelry, which many love, consist of plated jewelry


  • They tarnish after a while, exposing then an inexpensive base metal
  • They don’t have a resale value

Is 14kgp worth anything?

Worth is relative, but in the commodity market, 14k gold plating is not worth much. If you were looking to resell after a while, you wouldn’t get a reasonable price for it.

The reality for that is what we call spot pricing. They look at the gold’s weight and then multiply by the current gold in the market.

For one, the 14k layer of gold is thin, and the base metal under doesn’t cost much, let alone being viewed as an investment.

Therefore, you ought to be careful of those that are overstating and overselling 14kgp gold.

Is 14kgp Worth Anything?

Should you buy 14kgp jewelry?

Whether you ought to purchase a kind of jewelry depends on how you ended up balancing out the pros and cons.

Those keen on antique jewelry and made from precious metals would choose to get something that’s made from gold.

That said, pure gold is too soft to make jewelry, so other base metals get added to make it stronger.

Is 14kgp Worth Anything?

That’s why you have a label of 14k gold, which means that it has 58.30 percent gold that’s been combined with other metals.

For those who want jewelry that’s inexpensive but will serve them for a while, then getting a 14k gold plated jewelry is worth it.

Fashion is continuously changing, so if you’re one that changes jewelry every other season, this kind works.

When the layer of gold starts to fade, depending on how frequently you wear it, then you won’t feel the pinch of having to spend money on that kind of jewelry.



People place different worth in things. A beloved grandmother might have gifted you with a 14kgp necklace or ring, and after a while, you notice it fade.

 Does that mean you’ll toss it out? If anything, it makes for a good story for when someone asks you about it.

For those looking for real gold, this might not be the best option, but you’ll need to remove a few extra dollars.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!