Help! Is 14k Italy Gold Chain Real Or Fake?

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Is 14k Italy Gold Chain Real Or Fake? If you are looking for gold chains, you have come across the Italy gold chains. But are these 14k gold chains real or fake? Should you buy the first Italy gold chain, you come across, or do you need to think twice about that chain?

In this article, we’ll look at everything you need to know about Italy’s gold chains, and whether they are real or fake.


What’s the 14k Italy gold chain?

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First things first – 14k gold means that the gold chain you are talking about is only 14 parts gold out of the 24 possible parts, and the rest is made of other metals or metal alloys. 14K Italy, then means that the gold chain is made of 14k Italian gold. What this means is that the gold chain is authentic/ real gold.

14K gold is pretty much the middle class of gold. The number denoted to the gold depends on the percentage of available pure gold in the metal alloy mixture, and the other types of gold chains will be marked 8k, 10k, 12k, 20k, 22k or 24k gold.

8K and 24k gold chains are not common – 8k isn’t the best quality gold, and you will find it in flea markets, while 24k gold chains are made of pure gold, and they’d be too soft to be crafted into gold jewelry. Most 14k chains are made in Italy.

In the United States, gold with less than 10k solid gold does not carry the karat mark, and they can’t be regarded as gold, at least not legally anywhere in the US.

In the UK, the gold minimum/standard is 14k gold. Often, the gold jewelry with a 10k mark or less will be gold-filled as they contain a rather thin layer of gold.


14k Italy gold chain real or fake?

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While you won’t be able to tell whether the 14k Italy gold chain is made of genuine gold by looking at the chain, you can verify the authenticity of the gold by running an acid test.

Fortunately, you can access an acid test from Amazon affordably, and you can use the kit to test different karats, including other metals like platinum and silver.

Since precious metals aren’t magnetic, the use of a magnet to test the chain’s properties wouldn’t be ideal.

Something else you need to know is that actual gold will not have any smell to it unless a smell substance is spilled on it.

That said, the 14K Italy represents the fact that years ago, the US gold/ jewelry scene would let their manufacturers get away with making gold whose purity level was under 14k or 58.5% gold, but they’d still stamp this gold 14k.  Buying 14k Italy meant buying 58.5% gold/ 14k gold.


How can you tell if 14k Italy gold chain is real?

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As a gold lover looking for the best fine gold jewelry, you need to know how to differentiate real gold from fakes. But it takes some practice, hence this section.

Essentially, you cannot go wrong with Italian gold because Italy is known well for its traditional, high-quality yellow gold that seen in jewelry that’s made in precise and intricate designs.

Italian gold is also regarded as one of the best kinds of gold in the world, and it’s been enjoyed by people from all around the world for centuries.

But how do you know that the gold chain marked Italy gold is genuine or not? Despite being reputable by design, there are many counterfeits on the market, and you have to be extra careful when buying the Italian-made gold jewelry.


Here are some of the ways you could tell when the gold chain is real or not.

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First, while Italian gold jewelry is often 18k or higher, genuine 14k Italian jewelry features a 585 mark. On the other hand, 10K Italian gold jewelry is marked .4167, while 18k gold is marked 7500.

How about forged gold? Well, when it comes to forged Italian gold, you will find that the base metals are marked 14K Italy and 585. The forged marks are often seen in pieces that do not have any gold content, which is why you must be extra careful when selecting Italian gold jewelry.

Lastly, steer clear of gold pieces that are marked or described as ‘gold filled.’ These pieces only have a gold coating, with at least 10k gold or 10% of the 12k gold. Gold-filled jewelry is only 5% pure.

And as mentioned above, you could tell whether the gold chain you are interested in is genuine or not by carrying out an acid test. Just be careful when handling the acid.

You could also smell the jewelry – solid gold doesn’t have any smell, which means that jewelry with a coin-like smell isn’t genuine.


How much is the 14k Italy bracelet worth?

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 Like all other gold jewelry, the cost of a 14k Italy gold bracelet will vary depending on where you buy it from.

Generally, a 14k Italy gold piece is priced at an average of $23.50/gram, although the price will vary depending on the market conditions.

If you are selling 14K Italy bracelet at a reputable store, you always expect to get around 80% of the spot market value of the jewelry at that time. The price often starts at $1232/ounce of gold.

The cost of the bracelet will be determined by multiplying 14k by .585% of the pure gold, then divided by 31.1grams/ troy ounce.



While Italian gold doesn’t have a higher intrinsic value than gold obtained from any other part of the world, and that the price of gold is always determined by the market, the weight and the karat, Italy gold is pretty much the standard for good gold.

For the longest time, made in Italy gold pieces have been taken as the standard for the best gold jewelry.

So, if you are sure that the gold marking isn’t forged and that the jewelry is marked 585, you know that you have good quality Italy gold chain that’s worth your money.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!