22 Inspirational Sterling Silver Necklaces in 2024

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Necklaces are not only eye-catching but also very versatile in style, length, the shape of the pendant, and type of chain and fastening used.

Finding inspirational sterling silver pieces could prove difficult for most and this short review is for you. There is a necklace for everyone.

Among the many possible choices, we came up with this list of our most favorite so far. Maybe they could be your new favorite too.


22 Inspirational Sterling Silver Necklaces

1.“Be” Graffiti Charm Necklace

This 18-inch-long, box-chained necklace pendant features two contrasting spheres of metal perfectly locked into one.

One sphere is of the rose gold hue and has the engraved markings “be”.

The other sphere is of sterling silver and it is dotted with more inspirational words like compassionate, kind, and free among others.

It fastens easily with a spring-ring clasp

This necklace is ideal for ladies of all ages because of its two-tone design and its beautiful and empowering messages.

It can go with any outfit and it is electroplated in consideration of those with metal allergies.

It is, however, important to note that this coating will fade over time and you should avoid contact with water and you should store it in a dark place to prolong its lifeline.


2.Live and Love Life Necklace

Made of 925 sterling silver and very thinly brushed over with a shade of rose gold, this necklace is just the perfect gift for a free-spirited soul.

Available in sterling silver and also yellow-gold flashed options, this pendant hangs on an 18-inch-long box chain that also matches the color of the pendant.

The pendant is reversible and has different messages on each side.

On one side it says “Live the life you love” and on the other side gives the wearer a valuable lesson or truth on life.

This motivational piece is sure to be a winner for women’s gifts.


3.Lanyard Necklace

This tri-factor necklace is made of stainless steel making it ideal for all skin types and all occasions, weather, and activities.

It features more than 30 different pendants of varying designs and styles.

Some of the pendants have inspirational messages that speak directly to the wearer and some of them could fit their specific career.

Like one pendant that says “Nurses call the shots” which is a perfect gift for anybody interested in or working in the medical profession.

Other pendants are representations of animals that could serve as a great gift for those who appreciate and love animals.

The chain is a 34-inch-long charm type that is strong enough to hold your phone, keys, and your nametag with no risk of breakage.

The lobster claw clasp keeps the chain secure.


4.Always Remember Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

Made of 925 sterling silver, this pendant necklace is free of any lead and nickel which are the two biggest culprits of metal allergies.

That means it is the best choice for anyone who has or is averse to metal allergies.

The chain is an 18-inch-long box chain that fastens together by the use of the lobster clasp.

The pendant is heart-shaped and features a long and inspiring message that seeks to remind the wearer of how special and loved they are.

At the bottom tip of the heart, there lies a shiny gem of cubic zirconia crystal that makes this bracelet even more attractive as it glistens against bright lights.

It comes with a gift box making it a very classy and thoughtful choice for all your female friends and family.


5.Twisted Pendant Necklace

Available in Yellow-gold flashed silver and plain sterling silver color shades, this 18-inch-long box chained necklace holds a twisted pendant engraved with a powerful message.

The 925 chain has a spring-ring clasp that keeps it in place.

Its variety in color shades and its unique and general shaped pendant makes this piece ideal for gifting to both male and female genders.

It also makes it versatile in the many outfits it can be worn with.


6.Easter Holiday Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

What makes this necklace great for Easter time is the message it bears.

In a round disc made of sterling silver, there is a cross-shaped piece sticking to one end of it.

The message says “I am with you always” and this is the message Jesus left his disciples before his ascension.

Handing on a 16-inch-long box chain, this charm necklace is the perfect gift for all women and especially those of the Christian faith because it will always uplift their spirits to look down at the pendant and see the message.

Sterling silver is safe for all skin types to wear and it can be custom designed at an extra cost.


7.Compass Pendant Necklace

 This adorably cute necklace pendant hangs on an 18-ich box chain.

The pendant is made of sterling silver and it features a circular disk with a heart cut out.

Covering the heart is a tiny imitation of a compass with the four major directions drawn on it and held together by some sort of movable pin that allows you to move the compass over or away from the heart-shaped indentation.

On the side of the missing heart is the motivational quote to “go in the direction of your dreams”.

The chain fastens with the help of a spring-ring clasp.


8.Cross Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

Features a 19mm long cross that is available in .925 sterling silver and is designed in the traditional or diamond cut styles.

The traditional cut may be available in a shade of gold but the diamond is strictly silver colored.

A 22-inch-long Franco chain holds the cross pendant and due to its thickness, no clasping mechanism is put in place.

This piece is made to fit and slip over your head easily while wearing or removing it.

This style also makes it very great for those people who struggle with clasping tiny jewelry together.

Interestingly the chain is also adjustable which is perfect because it allows the wearer to set it at the length they feel most comfortable.


9.Mustard Seed Faith Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

Hanging on an elongated cable type chain, this necklace features an unusual pendant which is a tiny glass globe with an even tinier mustard seed in it that is sealed with sterling silver metal.

You may choose chains of varying lengths between 16, 18, and 20 inches long.

The ring is based on the Biblical story of the Parable of the Mustard Seed that Jesus used to illustrate to his disciples and followers the power of even the littlest amount of faith.

With the gift box that it comes with, this is an ideal present for any female.


10.Sand Dollar Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

16-inches of cable chain hold this sand dollar necklace pendant made of sterling silver metal.

This piece is safe for wear by all skin types and is a gift for all ages and even genders.

The simple design on the pendant is referred to as the sand dollar and it is mostly associated with Easter and Christmas.

It clasps shut by the use of a spring-ring fastener.

Even more enticing is the fact that this gift comes with a message card with the sweetest message and all carefully packed in a beautiful box.


11.Inspirational Elephant Necklace

Known for its immense power and strength, the elephant is the choice animal for this circular pendant and it has messages of empowerment engraved around and inside the elephant figure.

It is made of 925 sterling silver and hangs on 18-inches of cable chain of the same metal which is safe for all skin types to wear at no risk.


12.One Word inspirational Necklace

Simple necklace made of sterling silver metal features a round hollow ring that is engraved with one inspirational word on it like, harmony to keep the wearer empowered throughout the day.

The chain is a cable link sterling silver kind of 18-inches-long that clasps firmly at the back by use of the spring-ring fastener.

It also comes with the gift box which makes it perfect for birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other event kind of gift.


13.MVP Charm Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

Features a simple pendant with the initials MVP in capital letters.

They stand for “Most Valued Player” and this pendant hangs on an 18-inch long box chain.

It lacks a clasp mechanism due to its chain type.

This necklace is made of sterling silver and this is perfect for all types of activities and weather.

It is compatible with any closet and any gender who is highly athletic.


14.Friendship Infinity Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

The necklace is entirely made out of sterling silver material and is available in shades of rose gold, sterling silver or yellow gold. The pendant is a tiny infinity sign symbolizing an undying connection.

This necklace’s cable chain is adjustable and clasps with a spring-ring type of fastener.  

The metals that make up the piece are hypoallergenic but the coating in color shades could present a problem once the shiny surface coat rubs off.

It is the best gift to celebrate your friendship but be sure about your friend’s possible allergies.

For the safest option, buy the plain sterling silver models as they are safe and skin-friendly.


15.Cancer Survivor Necklace

The simple rectangular shape of the pendant with the special and short message saying “I am a survivor” just under the Cancer iconic ribbon makes it a great choice for both male and female individuals.

This would be a nice idea for a gift for anyone who is fighting or has conquered Cancer. 

It helps keep people mindful of the struggle to fight a terminal illness and making them more aware of their actions and charging them up to be helpful, kind, and considerate to their fellow human beings.

The entire piece is made of sterling silver and this material is problem-free for all skin types.


16 Faith or Believe Necklace

Features a rectangular bar with the words ‘faith’ or ‘believe’ on them.

They also have an option of an added pendant which could either be a cross or a pearl gem.

The type of chain is the box chain with a lobster clasp to keep the necklace secure.

It was made with children under 12 in mind and you could buy any length of chain between 14 and 18 inches long.

It is made of .925 sterling silver which will not react or corrode at all over time.

It should maintain its shine as long as your little one doesn’t lose it in the park.


17.I am enough Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

Engraved with “i am enough i am worth i am strong i am loved”-inspirational and meaningful design.

Give this necklace to a girl who needs encouragement, wishing that she can become more confident and stronger.

This is the perfect gift for someone who you care about.

Size for I am Enough necklace -Bar length:1*10*10 inch

The encouragement and thoughtful necklace is a great gift for girl or women.Can be used as birthday gift, christmas gift, thanksgiving day gift,anniversary gift, graduation gift,etc..Or just as a surprise for symbolizing to the special one how much you care!

I Am Enough Necklace is made of stainless steel which is recyclable materials and 100% healthy for body and environmental.

What’s more,our I Am Enough Necklace is hypoallergenic and nickel free which is safe to wear.


18.Sister- Sister Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

A necklace specifically for the female population whether they have a sister or not.

This piece is delicately shaped into an open circle that has the words “a sister is a friend forever” engrained on the sides.

Sterling silver is the metal used in the design and other than this silvery hue, they have also thinly coated some pieces with rose gold to increase the versatility in choice and fashion.

The chain is a box chain style with no clasping mechanism.

The gift box makes this a classic gift for all special holidays and events over the years.


19.Serenity Prayer Necklace

This exquisite pendant is made of cubic zirconia stone in the shades of black, white, and purple.

The words of encouragement are picked from a popular Bible verse from which the Serenity Prayer was coined.

These words are engraved in 24k gold.

The calligraphy on the dainty yet sturdy pendant is beautiful to look at through the magnifying glass that comes promptly inside your package order.

The chain is a box chain type made of sterling silver making this piece the best for anyone who is all about class and sophistication and doesn’t mind spending that extra buck.


20.Brave Charm Necklace

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

Made with children under 12 years of age in mind, this necklace features a bar of sterling silver encrypted brave on it and alongside hangs a sterling silver arrow pendant. 

It has the inspiration to keep your little one confident at all times of the day.

It hangs on an adjustable box chain of any length between 14 to 18 inches long.

The material is safe for all children’s skin types.


21.Breath Necklace

A simple and classy designed necklace featuring a cable chain and a tiny circular disk all made of sterling silver with the word “Breath” engrained in it.

It is designed to keep the pressure and stress of everyday life at bay.

The material is strong enough to withstand tough activities and water sports and can cross over any outfit from your closet.


22.Wedding Necklace Pendant

Silver Necklace Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

 925 sterling silver makes this thoughtful pendant that holds a simple message, “To my Flower Girl”.

A new and special way to thank that flower girl that decked your aisle with flower petals before you trod all over them.

This pendant is ideal for all the women who may have played a vital role in making your big day a success.

The silver color also goes well with plenty of outfits.



There are tons of sterling silver necklaces available online and dotted with inspirational messages or symbols.

These necklaces are essential sentimental pieces that help us keep our loved ones in our thoughts and more importantly help us get through the tough times.

For more buying guides, read this page for more.

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