15 Inexpensive Gold Jewelry That Won’t Tarnish (Under $200)

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Gold is a sign of prestige and class, but not everyone has a budget for it. That is where some brands step in; they believe everyone should own fine gold jewelry. In this article, we’ll look at brands and the gold jewelry they offer for under $200. The other fantastic thing is that even though they are inexpensive, you are assured that they won’t tarnish, and you can wear them for decades.

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Inexpensive Gold Jewelry That Won’t Tarnish

As you know, gold does not come cheap. If you’re to get jewelry make from even 18k solid gold, you’ll have to part with a few hundred dollars. On this list, we primarily feature 18k and 14k solid gold because they are the most durable. They are known for their ability not to tarnish. Lastly, they are also affordable; you can get the gold you want for a fraction of the price and still have the piece for a lifetime.


  1. TWJC 14k Gold ring

This engagement/ wedding ring is available in white gold and yellow gold, both being 14k. The stones are cubic zirconia of AAA grade, with the center stone being one carat. The ring itself has quite a high polished finished that will indeed catch people’s eyes. With proper care, the ring will keep its shine for a long time.


  1. Pori Jewelers tri-color huggie hoop earrings

If you want to dazzle people (and yourself) with earrings, then these huggie hoop earrings for Pori Jewelers are for you. They are impressively made from 18k solid gold, that is, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. The earrings have a high polish and diamond-cut finish. Given that it is 18k gold, you can consider these inexpensive earrings an investment.


  1. SISGEM 18k gold necklace

Here we have a necklace made from 18k yellow gold all through (not just the coating). It has a dainty cross pendant equally made from solid yellow gold. The likable thing about the pendant is that it is simple yet classic and goes well with a lot of outfits. The necklace is 18 inches long, which is a good length for any woman. The necklace comes in a gift box.


  1. Pori Jewelers 18k gold necklace

Here we have another piece from Pori Jewelers, and it’s a Figaro Link chain necklace that, according to the company, is made in Italy. The finish on the yellow gold is a high polish that makes it stand out. You can get this necklace in various lengths to suit your taste and outfit selections. You can also wear this necklace with a pendant of your choice.


  1. Milano Jewelry Collection 14k gold hoop earrings

Also made in Italy, we have these gold hoop earrings. They are handmade using 14 stamped fine gold. it also features a high polish finish that gives a mirror-like shine. The earrings do have grooves in various patterns, with the overall look itself looking timeless. It is also reminiscent of ancient civilizations, but it still perfect to wear every day.


  1. SISGEM 18k Gold Necklace

Here we have another item from SISGM: an 18k yellow gold necklace with a Celtic love knot for the pendant. The chain itself is stated as 18 inches long, which is a good height for when you’re earing various outfits. The necklace does come in a gift box, which makes it ideal for when you’re giving someone a present or simply storing the necklace when you’re not wearing it.


  1. SISGEM 18K gold bracelets

In this list of inexpensive gold jewelry, we have 18K pure gold bracelets with a pendant that has cubic zirconia stones. The pendant design is quite pretty, and it stands out when you wear it. The jewelry itself does have a high polish. It is ideal for gifting any woman in your life despite the age. The bracelet comes in a gift box as well.


  1. Kool Jewelry 10k Gold bangle

Here we have a bangle bracelet made from 10k yellow gold. it has a wave design and a satin finish as well, making the bangle both elegant and stylish. Along with the satin finish, the bangle is highly polished. The clasps on one side of the piece keep the bangles in place. When you purchase the item, you get an elegant black packaging making it ready for gifting.


  1. ICE CARATS 14K gold anklet

The list would not be complete without an anklet. Here we have one from ICE CARATS made from 14k yellow gold. it is double-stranded as well as being adjustable thanks to the extender. That means it is suitable for any women despite their size. The company is American, and it gives you a lifetime warranty too. You get a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity card.


  1. Mia Diamonds 14k gold belly ring

If you have a belly button ring, we haven’t left you behind. Here we have a 14k yellow gold belly ring with a pearl that’s cultured in freshwater. You’re also assured that the materials that US-based Mia Diamonds use are premium; you’ll have this belly ring for a long time. The belly ring also comes with a beautiful packaging ready for gifting or storage.


  1. Bracelet extenders

If you’ve had a gold bracelet for a long time and it no longer fits, the good news is that there are bracelet extenders made from similar materials, for example, 14k gold that you can get. You don’t have to worry about your sized when you have these bracelet extenders. Get one today and wear that beautiful bracelet you’ve kept out of sight.


  1. La Regis Jewelry 14k gold necklace

With this next necklace, you do get the best of both worlds with the pendant. It features a white pearl pendant necklace cultivated in freshwater, which is known for its shine and a brilliant cute diamond right above it. You can also pick the color of the necklace that you like; there is yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The necklace comes in a gorgeous gift box.


  1. Carol Jewelry 18k gold nose stud

Do you have a nose piercing? Well, here’s one gold nose stud you can consider purchasing. It is unisex and perfect for everyday wear. It is also tiny and has a bone L shape gold ball and is made from 18k yellow gold. The packaging comes in a chest-style box perfect for both gifting and storage.


  1. King Will Band unisex rings

Here we have 18k rose gold plated pain wedding bands that work well for both men and women. They are made in the USA and have a Certificate of Authenticity. If you’re looking for traditional wedding bands that are inexpensive but still made of gold, these work well. These rings are also ideal for when you want something simpler if you have a ring with gems.


  1. Oxford Ivy 14k plain wedding band

Last on the list, we have a traditional men’s wedding band that is both simple and elegant. It is made from 14k white gold and made in the USA. When getting it, remember to check your ring size do that you get something that fits you the first time around without resizing.



If you’ve wanted authentic gold jewelry for a long time, then here’s your chance.

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