I Want to Buy a Ring for My Girlfriend (Worries &Solutions)

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If you are thinking about buying a ring for your girlfriend, there are small but important considerations that you need to bear in mind.

A ring, not necessarily an engagement ring is a sign of commitment, but you need to tread carefully when looking for the right ring. You don’t want to buy a ring only to realize that the ring wasn’t the best move in your relationship.

We’ll guide you through the worries you might have over buying a ring for your girlfriend, and the solutions to help you navigate the ring buying situation.


Can I buy a ring for my girlfriend? (Not engagement ring)

Before we look at some of the things you should bear in mind when buying a ring for your girlfriend, and we are not talking about an engagement ring, you need to know if it’s the ideal thing to do or not.

So, can you buy your girlfriend a non-engagement ring? Well, yes, you can. But first things first – never get your girl a diamond non-engagement ring or any other kind of ring that could be interpreted as an engagement ring.

What this means is that you should find a simple ring and choose to gift her the ring around the holidays so that the ring comes off as a ‘just because I’m in love with you’ ring rather than a ‘I want you to marry me’ ring.

To avoid confusion, because even the simpler ring could be mistaken for an engagement/ serious commitment ring, consider having a little note to accompany your ‘just because’ ring.

But that is not all. Whether you buy your girlfriend a non-engagement ring or not is a decision that’s based on a lot more than the design or the size of the ring.

That decision depends on the girl, it depends on you and the message you wish to send out, and it’s also pegged on your relationship and where you are as a couple.

If you are in a serious, committed relationship and you are both sure that you are in this for the long haul (read marriage), then a non-engagement ring wouldn’t be the worst idea.

If you are unsure of your girl’s commitment, it would be best to keep an open mind. It’s likely that she might not be ready to commit or certain that she wouldn’t want to marry you in the future, and in such cases, she’d have the right and reason to refuse the ring. So, whatever your intentions, keep an open mind, and don’t rush it.

The good news is that if you are both certain about your commitment to your relationship and each other, and if you love each other that much, you can get her that non-engagement ring, and she will buy it.

So, to answer your question, we’ll say that the decision to buy the non-engagement ring or not depends on you, her, and your relationship.


Is a ring a good gift for your girlfriend?

We might argue that there are many other good gift ideas for your girlfriend, including fine necklaces, but that isn’t to say that a ring is a bad gift idea.

In fact, gifting your girlfriend, a ring might be the best idea when it comes to gifting your girlfriend jewelry if you wish to profess your deep love to her or if you wish to express your commitment to her and your future together.

A ring means ‘ I’m committed to you,’ and it could be the best option for you if you wish to explore a future with her.

But before you buy that ring or any other jewelry, it’s pertinent to remember that the jewelry you gift her will send different messages, and a jewelry item up the list of jewelry, for example, a diamond ring, shows more seriousness and commitment.

If your relationship is its early days, we’d recommend opting for something simple, nothing too valuable because you might scare her away.

Look for something that’s of great significance to the two of you, and avoid an overly expensive piece. At the end of the day, she will cherish that first piece of jewelry you buy.


So, when is a ring an excellent gift idea for your girlfriend?

There are numerous options for non-engagement rings that you could gift your girlfriend. The choice you make depends on your budget and the stage your relationship is at.

Essentially, you could buy her a diamond or a sapphire antique ring if you are in a serious relationship, and you want her to know that you are committed.

Cool gemstones relay the message that you may have a future together, while a diamond says that you definitely have a future together.

So, only get the diamond ring if you are 100% sure of things.

But like we mentioned above, it’s a good idea to have a note accompanying the ring so that it’s not mistaken for an engagement ring.


How to ask girlfriend what type of ring she likes?

The second worst thing that could happen to you besides being turned down is finding out that the ring you got is nothing close to what your girlfriend likes.

It’s really embarrassing, and since life is already hard enough, we’ll share crafty ideas to guide you as you find the best ring for your girl.

As you think about popping the question, engagement ring details like the setting will be on your mind, but you don’t want to pick the year’s most coveted ring design because she might not like it.

Below, we look at some of the ways you could learn about the type of ring liked by your girlfriend.

  • Take pictures of the rings she likes wearing.

Your smartphone is your biggest weapon here. Take photos of the rings she wears often. You’ll notice a trend soon enough. Look at the side stone settings, and if most of her rings are solitaire rings, then she’d appreciate a single topper engagement ring setting.


  • Walk around jewelry stores with her, and take notes.

The best approach here is to pretend to look for watches. So, invite her to join you in the search. She’ll definitely stray to the rings and other jewelry sections. Take note of the settings and ring style she seems to gravitate towards. If you can, talk to the salesclerk ahead of time and then go back to get a report on her preferences.


  • Learn from her tastes in art, film, and fashion

You will get a whole load of clues on her preferred engagement ring style when you watch her reaction in movies you watch together or and her art/ fashion tastes.


  • Reaction to jewelry trends

You need to be keen on this too. The next time she comments on a trend online, take note and go over the online articles and pictures together.  A scrunched up face, for example, tells you what not to look at or consider, ever.


  • Ask her closest friends and family.

Talk to her family or best friends, and recruit their help in choosing the best ring for her.


What ring should I get my girlfriend?

The ring you get your girlfriend is a collective decision based on her lifestyle, preferences/ style, and her career path.

What this means is that if your girl is a fashionista and will dress up when going out, then you’d want to find a unique, avant-garde ring.

But if she’s on that fast-track to management, you’d want to get her a tastefully elegant ring fitting her business persona.

And if she goes to the gym every day, you’d want to opt for a low profile rather than a large solitaire.

Don’t forget her style – an ultra-traditional lady won’t like an edgy ring with the biggest setting.


How to find out ring size without her knowing?

Asking your girlfriend for her ring size isn’t the best approach when you’re trying to surprise her with a ring, which is why we’ve come up with the following neat option for knowing her ring size without her knowledge.

  • First, you could ‘borrow’ one of her rings if she wears jewelry, then get it to the jeweler for sizing.
  • You could also borrow the ring, download a ring sizing chart online, the check the size by yourself.
  • But if she wears her ring all the time, you might want to wait for when she’s in the shower, to get the ring’s size. For this, slide the ring down a tapered candle until it’s snug, then mark the candle before returning to its rightful place. Now, take that candle to the jeweler for sizing.


A ring is a sign of commitment, and whether you are looking for an engagement or a non-engagement ring for your girlfriend, make sure that you choose a high-quality ring that will demonstrate your love and commitment to her best.

Just avoid gifting her a ring only weeks into the relationship.

Give the relationship time, and if you must gift her soon after you start dating, a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace would be a good gift idea.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!