I Hate Wearing Necklaces- What’s Next?

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Necklaces are among the earliest forms of jewelry that were adorned during the earliest civilizations. Over the years necklaces have served a ceremonial, religious or cultural purpose at one point or the other. As such necklaces are a very important piece of body jewelry that carry various meanings and come in a variety of designs.

Although necklaces are special, not everyone appreciates them. When it comes to jewelry, there are many people with differing preferences. Some might enjoy wearing necklaces, but others prefer rings or bracelets, or earrings.

In this post, we will focus on those individuals who hate necklaces. We will explore whether it is normal to dislike necklaces, the reasons why, and how to accessorize without necklaces.


I Hate Wearing Necklaces- Is It Normal?

As we mentioned, necklaces are among the earliest pieces of jewelry. You will always see a majority of people wearing necklaces.

i hate wearing necklaces

They vary depending on the design of the necklace. You’ll find others wearing chockers as opposed to pendants, or a string of pearls as opposed to a metal chain.

Given that the majority of people do wear necklaces, it would seem abnormal that someone would dislike necklaces and opt not to wear them.

The truth, however, is that it is perfectly normal to hate wearing necklaces. Each person has their preference when it comes to jewelry. Some dislike necklaces entirely, whether it is on them or if someone else wears them. This dislike can be so bad to a point that some report feeling like gagging when they see any form of the neckpiece.

Others only dislike certain types of necklaces. For example, you might dislike metal neckpieces but be okay with those made of organic material like ivory or wood. Others don’t like the necklaces on them but wouldn’t mind seeing them on other people. So, in case you have been wondering whether it is okay to hate necklaces, you aren’t the only one who does.

So, you don’t have to worry about being perceived as crazy.


Why Someone Doesn’t Like Wearing Necklace?

Now that we’ve established it is perfectly normal to dislike necklaces, this brings us to the question of why this is so? What could be the reason behind this dislike? There are several reasons for this and they are as follows:

i hate wearing necklaces

1. Kosmemophobia

Just as there are people who have an irrational phobia of heights, spiders, or snakes, there are also individuals who have an irrational fear of jewelry.

This fear is what is known as Kosmemophobia. Different pieces of jewelry rank differently when it comes to this phobia, the worst being necklaces.

There isn’t a lot of scientific work done on this condition as it is not as widespread. There is however a Facebook group, where people with this phobia share their experience.

Some report the fear as a feeling of disgust, irritation, or fear when they see any form of jewelry especially necklaces.

It is not clear what causes this phobia or when it developed and whether or not people can recover from it.


2. Sensitive skin

Another reason why someone may dislike necklaces is because of the irritation they feel when putting on the necklace.

This is especially true for metallic necklaces on individuals with metal sensitivity or extremely sensitive skin.

As a result of the irritation, one may be hesitant to put on necklaces or even end up disliking them in general.

i hate wearing necklaces

3. Discomfort

Unlike people with sensitive skin, there are others who just simply aren’t comfortable having anything around or touching their necks.

Aside from necklaces, such people also avoid scarves or turtle necklines. Some explain that anything around their neck makes them feel like they are being choked.


4. Appearance.

As we mentioned, there are a group of people who don’t mind others wearing necklaces, but they wouldn’t like the necklaces in them.

This mostly has to do with disliking the appearance of necklaces on them. It could be that they don’t find necklaces flattering on them and so opt to not wear them.


How To Accessorize Daily If You Do Not Like Wearing Necklace?

While necklaces are a great way of enhancing your look and complimenting your outfit, they aren’t a must. The following are a few tips and tricks on how you can accessorize without needing to wear a necklace:

1. Accessorize your clothes.

i hate wearing necklaces

By this, we mean purchase clothes with minor embellishments like large buttons or bedazzled collars.

Such clothing already makes a statement on its own and so you wouldn’t need to add a necklace as that may lead to overcrowding.

It’s a simple way to look stunning without much effort.


2. Prints and Patterns.

Wearing clothes with prints or patterns is another great way of skipping out in necklaces without looking dull or boring.

i hate wearing necklaces

Most prints and patterns are colorful or vibrant and eye-catching in their own right. Adding a necklace to such cloth items would end up overwhelming them.

Play around with other jewelry and accessories.

Necklaces aren’t the only jewelry pieces that exist. You can compensate for the lack of a necklace with statement earrings, or a nice cocktail ring, or a stunning bracelet.

You could also use other accessories like belts, hats, shoes, and bags to enhance your outfit.


3. Use your hair

Many people may not know this but your hair is the most important accessory you have. If you’re not up to wearing a necklace or earrings that’s okay.

Just let your hair down and add some volume to it with some curls. This way you won’t need any accessories to make a statement.


4. Try bolder make-up.

i hate wearing necklaces

By this, we don’t mean overdoing your making. We mean choosing brighter or more vibrant colors.

For example, paring your little black dress with bold red lipstick is enough to make a statement without adding any necklace or jewelry to the mix.

You could also try smokey eyes or a warm blush. Whatever works for you as long as it is tasteful.



As you’ve seen, it is perfectly normal to hate wearing necklaces. It just means that they aren’t your cup of tea.

Luckily, necklaces aren’t the only way to accessorize and look stunning daily. Just follow the tips we’ve shared with you and you won’t have to worry about your outfits looking dull.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!