I Hate My Cluster Engagement Ring – Now What?

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What do you do when the ring you thought you loved is the same thing you absolutely loathe? What do you do to that cluster engagement ring, then? Is there a way out, really?

While we feel happy when we first get our engagement rings and say yes, there is a big number of people that end up hating the ring or just outright hate it from the first time they see it. Unfortunately, after wearing the ring for a good number of days, weeks, or months, returning that ring no longer is an option, and you just have to figure a way around wearing the very thing you hate.

It’s not easy confronting such feelings, but for your happiness, you’d have to figure a way out. The good news is that we may be able to help you find some effective solutions to your problem. But first, the reasons why you hate your cluster engagement ring.


Reasons you might hate your cluster engagement ring

Reason 1 – Not stylish anymore

The beauty of being human is that we have the power to change our minds – your style can change overnight, just the same way you could have a complete overhaul of your system, consequently hating everything you once loved, which is the primary reason why you may hate your cluster engagement ring that you adored just a few months back.

So, in as much as that cluster engagement ring was more your style a few months, weeks, or days back, things could have changed, and you no longer find the ring stylish.

It’s important to note, however, that no one just hates a diamond ring, just because. The change of heart is often fuelled by different things, including a change in personal taste, which is why some people will still fall in love with the exact thing you hate and love it forever.

What this means is that in as much as the cluster diamond rings are cheaper than solitaire engagement ring and the cheaper rings felt like the best idea then, you may not find them stylish anymore, and that’s perfectly fine.


Reason 2 – Not comfortable

Haven’t we all bought things that felt and fit comfortably when you first got them, but somehow something seems to have changed, and you no longer find them to fit comfortably? Well, this could happen to your cluster engagement ring, and you’d naturally hate the ring and its discomfort for it. This happens, and you shouldn’t have to explain your preferences to the world. The ring’s setting might also feel uncomfortable when it rubs against the other fingers, and no one should fault you for hating it and the discomfort it brings you.


Reason 3 – Rings getting bigger or smaller.

If you lose or gain weight within months of getting engaged, the ring will not fit right, and you’d hate it. This is a natural human reaction, especially because resizing the ring might be impossible or just too expensive.

I Hate My Cluster Engagement Ring

What to do if you do not like your cluster engagement ring?

So, what should you do when you find yourself loathing your cluster engagement ring every day?

1.Gently inform you’re significant other that you are unhappy with the ring.

This might be the hardest thing you do, but if the ring doesn’t feel right and it leaves you feeling infuriated all the time, the most adult thing you should do is to have a talk with your fiancé. Just explain to them gently – mention how you’d have preferred a ring in a more classic shape (or any other shape you’d have liked) and also the color you’d have preferred the ring in.

Oftentimes, your significant other would be receptive – if they chose the ring without talking to you first, they might have been super-stressed when looking for the ring, and therefore just selected what they thought you’d like.

Maybe they were pressured by the super-pushy salesperson, and they took it because they were nervous.

Whatever the case, you’ll be relieved and surprised by their receptiveness. Side Note – if you cannot bring up such discussions, maybe you have no business getting engaged/ married.

I Hate My Cluster Engagement Ring

2.Let your partner know that the ring doesn’t match your personality

Again, this will be a tough conversation, but it’s an important one to have. If you hate the ring because of the cut, setting, or size of the diamonds, talk to your partner about it. Your partner might be quite receptive, and you can take it to the jewelers for resetting or even sell it and find a replacement.


3.Give it time

This might not sound like the kind of advice you were looking for, but you may want to keep the ring around for some time.

This is the best strategy, especially if the engagement ring is a family heirloom. You’ll notice that while you may agree with your partner to hold on to it until later when you can afford an upgrade, you will fall in love with the ring after some time.

Some lovely pieces of jewelry do not grow on you automatically, and instead of making rash decisions, it’s safer to keep the ring around for some time. You’ll be surprised with what time can do.

If you’ve always been fascinated with a particular jewelry style, for example, jewelry from the Victorian-Era, you may not always fall in love with such vintage styles at first glance, but over time, you’ll be unable to let go of your pieces. So, give it time.

I Hate My Cluster Engagement Ring

4.Expressly tell them you don’t like the jewelry.

This will hurt initially, but if you really don’t love the jewelry, it’s safer to tell them then go out and look for something you know you will love.

You could keep the older rings if your partner has an attachment to them, but you shouldn’t wear rings you don’t like. Tell them as it is – you don’t like them.

Sometimes, such honesty is appreciated.



Not sure what to do with your cluster engagement ring that you hate? Follow the tips above.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!