I Hate Halo Rings – Anyone Else?(Any Solutions?)

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Everyone is allowed their preference, but there has been a team of people that are not too happy with halo rings.

Those who love this cut swear by it and don’t understand why people feel firm against it.

Whether you love it or hate it, we’re going to look at a few compelling reasons why many believe that other cuts better.


Why would someone not like halo rings?

Some people tend not to be fans of halo rings for a couple of reasons. For one, they believe that it is outdated. The design dates back to the 1800s but was a modern hit between 2000 and 2010. From there, people sifted to other cuts, mostly solitaire or even dainty, which is more minimalistic compared to how large halo rings tend to be.

i hate halo rings

Another reason is that some feel that there is too much going on and find it distracting. There are indeed beautiful designs, no doubt about that, but halo rings are the last thing you want for someone into simpler designs. The point of having a diamond or gemstone ring is so you can see the singular stone itself. With halo rings, the other small rocks around the stone itself are distracting, and for some, as stated, too much.

Not all jewelers have mastered the art of making a halo ring. A few brands understand that the center stone is the main part and ensures that it stands out more than the halo. For others, using this design is sinister as it’s used to cover up either a poorly cut stone or one with less clarity. Since not everyone can afford a high-end halo ring, they have to settle for a poorly done design. What you may end up with is a small center stone that’s too far under the halo.

i hate halo rings

Everyday jewelry is the in-thing, and halo rings don’t quite fit that demographic. Apart from the many surrounding stones, it’s not exactly a ring you can wear with white t’s, jeans, sneakers, and walk out the door.

Since the design is out there, many will associate it with a certain kind of lifestyle where, based on your other accessories, the ring is a fit. For others, leaving the ring at home is the norm since they don’t want to attract unwanted attention, whether in the workplace or running errands. One stone is enough; more is one too many.

The jury is out there- a lot of people don’t like halo rings because, instead of making a statement, they end up looking unreasonably big and flashy.

Since it’s considered a lifestyle thing, many perceive halo rings wearers to have a particular personality; too out there and eager to show off.

That is a stereotype, but a lot of people can’t see past it. It’s all the more questioned of the center stone is large; why do you need other small stones surrounding an already large stone? A halo cut is the most expensive cut.

i hate halo rings

What to do with your unwanted halo rings?

Halo rings are expensive, so retiring them is out of the question. You also can’t play around with the setting because the stones will fall off.

Essentially, what you’ll need to do is get a new setting done. That requires taking the ring to the jeweler and letting them know what kind of setting you to prefer on your pave ring. It is possible to recycle the diamonds as well.

If you only want a ring with the center stone, you can consider getting a solitaire cut or something similar.

You can ask for them to make a dainty ring with the remaining small stones, meaning you get two rings out of one. While there are a couple of options, it is in your best interest to have a sit-down with a professional jeweler to explore your options.

They are better placed to discuss what is best for you. That said, you are going to part with quite a bit of money for these changes.

i hate halo rings


Halo rings are large, expensive, and do have a lot going on.

While that is the preference for some, many people prefer a simpler approach to how their rings are cut.

That said, if that’s what you love, don’t let this article dissuade you, but rather help you understand why you might be getting a side-eye from others.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!