What To Do If I Don’t Like My Engagement Ring Anymore?

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Not everyone likes their engagement ring forever, and that’s okay. And if you suddenly find yourself disliking or even loathing your engagement ring, you should know that you are not alone, and there really isn’t anything wrong with you.

It’s okay to hate your engagement ring, even if you know that you should love it because your partner put in so much to get that perfect engagement ring. So, what happens when you find yourself in this situation?

In this article, we look at everything you need to know about dealing with an engagement ring you hate and also the reasons why you hate the ring.

So, let’s get started.

I Don’t Like My Engagement Ring

I don’t like my engagement ring anymore (Possible Reasons)

  • Sentimentality– Sometimes, you may dislike your engagement ring because of its perceived sentimental value and the fact that wearing it doesn’t bring around the kind of feelings you may have anticipated. In such cases, you may want to keep the ring’s center stone, then try to exchange or sell it for a new setting.
  • You just don’t love it– The other reason why you may dislike the engagement ring is that you just don’t like the ring. You may have settled on it because it was the safe or the classic choice, rather than something you really loved. Picking your head over the heart is often a risky approach because you may only end up hating it.
  • The setting is just wrong– In some cases, the main reason why you’d hate your engagement ring would be because the setting is just wrong. There is a lot that goes into the determination of the ring’s setting and its appropriateness, but even after months of research, you may end up with the wrong setting for the ring, which is why you shouldn’t rush the ring selection process. Besides the setting, the design of the stone is also important, and it may affect the appearance of the ring, making you hate it eventually. Don’t forget to choose the right band for the ring.
  • Diamond Shrinking Syndrome– this happens when you think that the center stone is either too small or too big. When this happens, you’d have to check and change the ring’s setting, center stone, and the side stones chosen.
  • You rushed the process– the other reason why you now dislike the ring could be because you bought the ring in a rush, and it’s now not the best option for you anymore. What this means is that you should only buy your engagement ring if you are certain you like it. Take your time, and don’t rush it unless you had the ring in mind for years before the engagement.

What to Do If I don’t like your engagement ring anymore

1.First, give it a few days.

The first rule to keep in mind when it comes to buying your engagement ring is that if you don’t fall in love with the ring the first time you see it, you should give it a few more days before you buy it. For example, you could keep the ring for a few days to see if you like the ring.

While the engagement ring may appear or feel imperfect at first, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t too bad or that you will hate it forever. Things may turn around, and you may end up loving it.

Note that the ring’s first impressions matter, but they may be misleading. So, before you really make that big of a deal about it, you may want to give a ring (and yourself) a little more time.

Remember that at the time of the ring’s purchase, he may have purchased the ring because it looks or reminds him of his grandma or because there was a form of sentimentality attached to it. So, before you give up on the ring, perhaps give it a few more days.

I Don’t Like My Engagement Ring

2.Talk about the ring, carefully

If time doesn’t cure the soreness around the ring, you may want to talk about what’s going on, your feelings, and why you may be having those feelings about the ring.

Remember that talking about the ring and the feelings it brings to the surface is important because if seeing the engagement ring brings up feelings of annoyance and resentment, these feelings may bleed into your relationship.

So, to avoid the constant reminder of disappointment and how the ring may negatively affect the relationship, you may want to have a talk about the feelings brought about by the ring.

Be careful to brooch the subject carefully, privately, and slowly. This is a sensitive subject, and you’d want to settle on a suitable time, for example, when you are both feeling loving and open, rather than when you feel upset or in some huge disagreements.

Remember that this is a rather vulnerable and intimate conversation setting the right kind of tone for the kind of marriage you will have.

Therefore, it is important that you acknowledge the deep love and the thoughts that your fiancé had when selecting and buying the ring.


3.Return or exchange the ring

If the engagement ring was purchased new, you could go back to your jeweler to either ask for an exchange or return it.

You could even have the ring redesigned, the setting changed, or the center stone redesigned.

Sometimes, you will find that all you need is a change in one feature of the ring, creating a whole new style for the ring, specifically, something you love.

4.Modify the ring

The other thing you could do if you don’t like your engagement ring would be to modify the ring’s current design.

Interestingly, modification of the engagement ring could be as easy as changing the stone, the metal used, or you could also opt for something like a simple enhancer that adds to the ring’s heft, sparkle while giving you a more snug fit and a nice, transitioned style.


5.Choose your dream wedding band

While bringing up what you feel about the engagement ring is an option, it isn’t the only option for you.

And if you wish to keep at heart the meaning of the engagement ring represents – this deeply meaningful representation of love that you must cherish, you may want to start shopping for a wedding band of your dreams.

With the right wedding band, you won’t have to worry about the engagement ring you don’t like.


6.Be quiet about it if the size of the rock is the only issue.

While honesty is your best policy, you may want to keep your disappointment to yourself, especially if your main issue is with the size or the quality of the stone.

In either of these cases, complaining would mean saying that your fiancé didn’t spend as much money as you’d hope, and the choice made would only make him feel inadequate. Perhaps that is all your fiancé could afford.

 What it means is that if the style and design elements of the ring work well for you – that is, the stone’s shape, the metal, and the ring’s style, you may want to keep it to your mouth shut.

Also, it may be worth noting that you are marrying the person rather than the ring. All you need to be is the commitment to create a happy and harmonious marriage together.



Understandably, you don’t always end up with a ring you like. If you happen to hate the engagement ring, follow the tips shared above.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!