Top 10 Hypoallergenic Metals for Engagement Rings

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Are you looking for men’s wedding bands metals comparison and cons? or you want to find hypoallergenic wedding band metals. You come to the right place.

Nothing beats receiving or shopping for an engagement ring. From the thoughts of the future and the promise it carries to the priceless gemstones, engagement rings mark a magical moment. So, what are the ten hypoallergenic metals for engagement rings?

Hypoallergenic Metals for Engagement Rings

When shopping for an engagement ring, you have to factor in the choice of metal and the possible allergic reactions the wearer may experience.

Approximately 15% of jewel wearers have metal allergies. Whether it is itchy fingers, skin inflammation, redness, rashes on the skin, or irritation, the wearer should consult their dermatologist immediately.

Luckily, there are a variety of hypoallergenic metals used in the jewelry industry for people with sensitive skin. Let us find out ten hypoallergenic metals for engagement rings.


A list of Hypoallergenic metals for engagement/wedding rings

Hypoallergenic metals refer to metals that have a reduced risk of giving persons with sensitive skin an allergic reaction. Metal sensitivity is quite popular among jewel wearers.

By wearing hypoallergenic metals, you reduce the discomfort and distress on your skin. These pieces of more forgiving jewelry do not react with your immune system, avoiding the pain of buying jewelry made from the wrong kind of metal.

Nickel and lead are some of the most common allergens in the jewelry industry. Many jewelry manufacturers use these metals to increase the tensile strength and durability of soft metals. It makes them more malleable when creating various designs and incorporating multiple gemstones.

The higher the quality of metal used in making the jewelry, the lesser the risk of it causing adverse skin reactions among people with sensitive skin.

If you are looking for an engagement/wedding ring, it is crucial to find one that does not react with your skin. You wear such rings daily; thus, no need to spend your hard-earned money on jewelry made from metals that will require you to visit the dermatologist. Here is a list of ten hypoallergenic metals for engagement/wedding rings.



Palladium has made quite the debut in the jewelry market. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to platinum and gold, palladium is the best option. It is a metal that belongs to the platinum family, with platinum’s bright tone and level of purity, but lighter, more budget-friendly, and denser. The metal is also rarer and more durable than platinum. Palladium has a rating of 4.8 on the Mohs scale while platinum has 3.5.

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>This white metal does not tarnish, and it is hypoallergenic. Professional jewelers recommend purchasing pure or palladium950, as opposed to palladium500, because of the amount of alloys combined. Palladium950 is 95% pure while palladium500 consists of 50% palladium and 50% alloys, which could also include nickel, lead, or cobalt metal.

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Pros of palladium engagements rings

  • It is super lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The metal does not tarnish or corrode
  • Strong and durable
  • Quite affordable

Cons of palladium wedding rings

  • Some palladium rings may contain metal alloys that may cause allergic reactions, depending on the proportion of metals used.



Platinum metal is one of the safest metals used in the making of jewelry. Often, jewelry makers use 95% platinum and 5% iridium to make various types of jewelry.

There are no known allergic reactions that arise from platinum; hence, its popularity in making engagement and wedding rings.

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The metal is strong and durable with high malleability that is ideal for making a variety of styles. As such, wearers can readily find a platinum ring that fits into their lifestyle and matches their sense of fashion.  This highly valued metal is resistant to corrosion and does not change color over time.

It also does not oxidize, making it challenging to dull its shine and damage its beauty. However, jewelry made from platinum is quite costly and has a similar price tag with 18k and 14k gold.

Pros of platinum engagement rings

  • Hypoallergenic metal
  • Resilient and durable
  • Resistant to oxidation and corrosion
  • Available in diverse and unique designs
  • They do not tarnish

Cons of platinum engagement rings

  • They are expensive
  • They scratch and wear out after a while of use


3.High karat white gold

( Here I write a great post on Is White Gold Good for Engagement Rings?)Throughout the history of time, gold has always been an excellent choice for engagement and wedding rings. Its naturally warm and yellow hue makes gold rings timeless and romantic. White gold, in particular, has made quite a name for itself in the jewelry industry.

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It mainly consists of pure gold combined with silver and palladium, or with copper, nickel, and zinc. Most wearers prefer adding a rhodium plating to increases its white hue and durability.

Gold metal is hypoallergenic, and so is white gold, especially one with rhodium plating.

However, you have to ensure the component metals in white gold are all hypoallergenic to prevent it from reacting with your skin. Some white gold jewelry may contain nickel and copper, which are some common skin allergens.

Pros of white gold jewelry

  • Durable
  • Attractive and long-lasting appearance
  • Available in several styles due to its high malleability

Cons of high karat white gold

  • May contain metal alloys that cause an allergic reaction


4.Sterling silver

Another hypoallergenic option for your ideal engagement/wedding ring is sterling silver.

Although its jewelry is not common because of its short-term durability, sterling silver is one of the most affordable precious metals available.

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It consists of pure silver mixed with copper or other metals that increase its tensile strength.

Sterling silver jewelry has a grayish-white color and can be plated. ( Last time, I write a detailed answer on this topic: Is Sterling Silver Good for Engagement Rings?)  Click this link to read more


  • An affordable precious metal compared to the others
  • An attractive grayish-white hue
  • Hypoallergenic metal


  • It tends to tarnish and wear off quickly


5.Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a metal that comprises of steel, chromium, and sometimes, nickel. This metal makes surgical equipment as well as musical instruments.

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In the jewelry industry, it is popular because of its incomparable durability, affordability, and strength.

More so, it is hypoallergenic, depending on the level of skin sensitivity of the wearer and the amount of nickel content used. Its jewelry is also easy to clean; all you need is warm and soapy water and a soft cloth.


  • Strong and durable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Highly workable to create innovative, sturdy, and modern designs
  • It does not corrode or rust and is scratch-resistant


  • People with nickel-allergies may have experienced an allergic reaction due to its 8%-10% nickel



Titanium metal is a natural element with extreme hardness. With its availability in different grades, the price range of titanium jewelry varies significantly.

Often, titanium grades 5 and 23 make body jewelry, with grade 5 titanium, as the most common around the world.

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Titanium jewelry is more prevalent among men’s engagement and wedding rings. They are stronger than the stainless steel ring but with more density.  More so, it does not tarnish or corrode and is less costly than platinum. ( read detail post here)Is Titanium a Good Metal for a Wedding Ring? (Detailed Answer)



  • Available in multiple colors and designs
  • Durable due to its resistance to corrosion, scratches, and tarnishing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • A trendy alternative


  • It is not resizable


7.Tungsten carbide

If you are looking for a modern and stylish ring that is hypoallergenic, tungsten carbide engagement/wedding rings are your ideal option. This metal is approximately four times harder than titanium and has an attractive luster and shine. It is also scratch-resistant and does not tarnish or change color.

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Its consistently high-quality finish and diverse designs make it one of the most popular options for jewelry available in the market.

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  • Extremely durable
  • Scratch and corrosion resistant
  • Available in multiple hues and unique designs


  • Its extreme durability makes it difficult to resize



Initially used in the aerospace and medical industries, cobalt is a hypoallergenic metal used in making luxurious bridal jewelry.

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As a biocompatible and inert metal alloy, cobalt chrome is another excellent option for people with sensitive skin.

It is also four times harder than platinum, extremely corrosion, scratch, and chip-resistant as well as heavier than other metals, like titanium.

Cobalt jewelry can last a lifetime and is easily resizable at your local jeweler. If you guys want to know more about cobalt wedding rings, please read this post. Is Cobalt a Good Metal for Rings? (Detailed Answer!)


  • Extremely durable and affordable
  • It has a bright white hue
  • It is resizable
  • Resistant to corrosion, scratches, ad chipping
  • Hypoallergenic metal


  • Some cobalt rings may contain nickel, which is a common allergenic



Niobium is a chemical element naturally found in the minerals columbite and pyrochlore.

It is a soft and grey metal used in several medical devices, including implants and prosthetics. In the jewelry industry, niobium is common due to its hypoallergenic properties.


The metal is also lightweight, highly malleable, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Jewelry makers expose it to heat and anodization to offer it in a wide variety in iridescent colors.

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  • Hypoallergenic in nature
  • Lightweight metal
  • Durable and resistant to corrosion and tarnishing
  • Available in a wide array of colors and designs


  • It is a soft metal, and some manufacturers combine it with copper, nickel, or other base metals to increase its tensile strength. Depending on the metal content of the base metal, it may cause specific allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin.


10.18kt yellow gold

18k yellow gold is the safest type of gold in the yellow family. It consists of 18 parts pure gold and 6 parts of metal alloy (75% gold).

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Often, it combines with copper and silver to increase its strength. 18k yellow gold is more hypoallergenic than white gold, which contains a higher percentage of nickel to give it its silvery hue.

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  • Most hypoallergenic metal in the yellow gold family
  • Highly workable
  • Warm and attractive luster and shine
  • It is a precious metal


  • It is quite costly



Metal allergies occur because of several reasons. It could be the moisture from your hands or chlorine from a swimming pool accelerating the reaction.

Regardless, people with sensitive skin need to take care of the type of metals used in the making of jewelry. It also helps to coat your jewelry before wearing it and use antihistamines to reduce the level of discomfort from non-hypoallergenic jewelry.

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