What Are Huggie Hoop Earrings?(Features, Pros&Cons)

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You’ve probably come across this type of earrings a number of times, but do you really know what the huggie hoop earrings are? Well, this article lets you in on everything you need to know about the huggie hoop earrings and why you may want to invest in a few more pieces.


What is a Huggie in jewelry or in earrings?

With the era of the ‘curated ear’ right upon us, and everyone, including most celebrities, now wearing uniquely created jewelry pieces and collections for their piercings and the styled-ear stacks, there is really a whole load range of jewelry options for you to choose from.

It can be very confusing for anyone to know what they should choose and what to avoid, which is why you might want to take some time to learn more about the different classes of jewelry worn today.

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 Since you already know all about studs and hoop earrings, this article shares important insights into what you need to know about huggie earrings.

Huggie earrings or Huggies can be defined as a style of small hoop earrings that are designed to hug your earlobe, as the name suggests. These earrings sit very close to the earlobe, and they are also thicker than your standard hoops, with a lever-back that allows the curved bit of the earrings to click into place easily.

The Huggies come in different designs, and they are made of different materials as well. Some of the options include the simple gold, sterling silver, and rose gold plated options, along with the ones that feature more intricate designs thanks to the incorporated jewels, stones, and even dainty chains.

In most cases, the huggies could be worn on their own or as stacked pieces.


What are huggie earrings?

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 As mentioned above, these are smaller and thicker hoop earrings that are designed to sit closer or hug your earlobe.

They have a significantly small diameter compared to most standard hoop earrings, and this design feature means that they are often used for lobe ear piercings.

But they are also commonly used for helix piercings which is the piercing at the cartilage on top of your ear, the forward helix that is the piercing at the top-front of your ear, and even the tragus, which is the piercing at the front of your ear canal.

And in addition to wearing singular pieces on each ear, you could also stack the huggie earrings stylishly.


Pros and cons of huggie earrings

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  • Huggie earrings come in various designs
  • They are quite stylish
  • Secure
  • Safe on the skin
  • Made of high-quality and skin-safe materials
  • They are designed uniquely in the chunky contemporary design
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable, and the closure works easily, without digging into the skin behind your ear.
  • Intricate detailing with gemstones or unique metallic designs
  • Ideal for sleeping


  • Huggies are thick, and they are not ideal for persons with a preference for dainty earrings.
  • Not all huggie earrings fit the higher-set ear piercings


 Reasons for wearing Huggie earrings – Top Features of Huggie Earrings

 Huggie earrings are becoming more popular by the day, and the reason for this has to do with the charm behind the design of the earrings. We’ll highlight some of these beneficial features below:

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1.Huggies are an end to the incessant earring backing problems

If you have long hair, you will agree with us that you are done with the countless times that the earrings have been trapped and wrapped around the earrings posts or gotten knotted up around the backing.

Well, the huggie earrings could be the perfect end to this nightmare. With no posts and backings, there will be no more hair-pulling before you remove the earrings.


2.No earring backings

As mentioned above, the huggies don’t have backings, which is easily the most brilliant idea jewelry designers came up with.

The huggies feature a hinge at the bottom, instead, and the hoop’s post is locked at the back of the hoop. You know that the earring is secure when the bottom hoop clicks shut – there is no backing needed, and the earrings hold safely on the ear.

Note that the original huggie earrings were rather small, and they hugged the ear quite literally.

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3.They have a seamless design.

The other feature that makes the huggie earrings stand out is the fact that these earrings boast a rather seamless design compared to most of the hoop earrings on the market, which feature visible hoops at the top where the piercing hole is – this feature breaks the look of the hoop earrings.

The huggies have a cleaner look, and you cannot really see the section that goes into the ear hole, and this seamless design makes the huggie earrings more appealing.

The hinging that is down below for the huggie earrings means a cleaner line for the earrings.

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4.Huggies are fancier

If you are looking for simpler earrings that boast a more fancy look, you may like huggies.

These earrings are not only more comfortable but also just fancy, with no messy backings for you to deal with.


5.They are phone-friendly

Bigger hoops, studs, and dangling earrings may look great, but they are not the most comfortable earrings, especially when on the phone.

Huggies make being on the phone easier and more comfortable because you can hold the phone between the ear and shoulder without worrying about an incessant post poking you.

Even when holding the phone with your hand, the huggies are generally more comfortable.

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6.Sleeping comfort

Speaking of comfort, huggies are the ultimate winners when it comes to the types of earrings that you can sleep in comfortably.

If you find that you often go to bed with earrings, only to end up in pain in the middle of the night or when you wake up because of poking posts or even losing the earrings, make huggie earrings your new best friends.


How do huggie hoop earrings work?

Huggie earrings are notched, and this tells you how you should wear them and how they should lock/ click in place.

Huggie earrings are small hoop earrings made with a hinge at the bottom, with the post locked at the back of the huggie, closing the earring’s circle when you click it shut.

You don’t need any kind of backing with the huggie earrings because this type of earring will literally hold onto itself thanks to the back ‘post’ that the small top post clicks into.


How to put on huggie earrings?

Just thread in the arched post of the huggie earring through the ear, slowly push it back towards the lower clasp until it clicks.


Are huggie earrings in style right now?

Yes. Given the comfort, versatility, ease of wearing, and the unique designs of huggie earrings, these earrings are in style.


Should you have your own huggie earrings?

We all love comfort, even when looking for fashionable and stylish things to wear, and huggie earrings offer all these, which is why everyone should own huggie earrings.



Though small, huggie earrings offer great comfort, they have a seamless design, and they come in different designs that make them versatile and perfect for everyone looking for simple, sophisticated, fun, and comfortable earrings they can wear all the time and sleep in without having to think twice about.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!