How Will A Man Find The Right Jewelry Piece For His Woman?

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Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. And every woman appreciates a good quality piece of jewelry that fits right.

If you are a guy planning to get that special woman a nice piece of jewelry, the first and also the most important thing you need to do would be for you to first figure out the right size and type of jewelry that she would like.

Getting a bracelet in the wrong size or a necklace that she doesn’t like might not be the best move because women are all about the details, and it doesn’t paint the right kind of picture when you get her something she won’t like or wear.

She may or may not genuinely tell you what she feels about that piece of jewelry, but you don’t want to be on her wrong side. Yes, women are a lot, and that is what makes them special. In this article, we’ll make it all simpler for you by sharing tips on how to find the right pieces of jewelry for your woman.

Also, you’ve probably been making excuses for not getting her the right piece of jewelry. You’ll stop after this!

So, let’s get right into it!


How will a man find the right jewelry piece for his woman?

Essentially, we’ve created this guide because men across the world seem to always come up with excuses when they are asked why they don’t or haven’t bought jewelry for their women.

How Will A Man Find The Right Jewelry Piece For His Woman

These excuses tend to range from obviously made-up reasons to solid reasons why they stopped. The most common reason or excuses that men give for not buying jewelry for women are as follows:

  • No idea what she likes… but how will you know if you don’t ask or just talk to her, her friends, or the jewelry store she frequents?
  • She never really asks for jewelry. Come on! Ask her or the people in her life.
  • She didn’t like the last piece of jewelry I got her last time. Okay, now you are just being lame. You can’t give up that easily.
  • Jewelry is expensive. Is it really that expensive?
  • She’ll complain about how much I spent on it. Well, she might, but she secretly adores it. She could be wearing it even now or every day. Just check; we bet she loves.
  • Jewelry is unnecessary and frivolous. Essentially, jewelry is a symbol of your undying love, and it is not in any way frivolous.
  • She buys her own jewelry (and clothes), so why should I? Well, dummy, she does that because she’d like you to get them for her, as presents. Girls always love surprises.

The list of excuses that men make for not buying the women they love jewelry is definitely longer than this, with many men even justifying their decisions by saying she already has too many jewelry pieces she doesn’t wear.

How Will A Man Find The Right Jewelry Piece For His Woman

Others claim that the thought has simply never occurred to them, and you may be one of the men claiming not to know where to buy the jewelry from. And if this is not the case, you could argue that pretty much everyone gets their women’s jewelry, and you’d like to get them something different. And the list just goes on and on.

But we understand your concerns. We’re no longer tolerating the excuses, though. Instead, it’s time to do something about it, and we’ll tell you what to do to buy her the right piece of jewelry every time.

Just keep an open mind, though, because most of the things you’d have to do would involve you getting out of your comfort zone.


Tell Him

Before we share things that a man can do to find the right jewelry for his woman, this is for the ladies.

Men cannot read minds. And in as much as our body language and emotions communicate a lot, the truth is that no man can read your mind. If you’d like for him to get you a nice piece of jewelry, let him know. Of course, tell him how much you love him, and then mention that piece of jewelry you’d love. He’ll take a hint, hopefully.

How Will A Man Find The Right Jewelry Piece For His Woman

Again, men are not psychic. So, if you love jewelry and would like if he got you more pieces, mention and show him how much you love the pieces of jewelry and also how much they mean to you. You should also let him know that you’d love to get something special from him, and don’t forget to tell him how much it will mean to you if the particular jewelry came from him.

But make it easy for him. Create your jewelry wish list and always keep it current. Recommend physical or online stores he could buy the jewelry from.

Since we are owning up, here’s some advice you may not like – be honest about how you feel about the jewelry he’s gotten you. If the engagement ring you had redesigned was the worst piece of jewelry you ever set your eyes on, let him know gently.

Remember that men need a direct approach to things, so don’t assume.


Men, here are ideas for YOU!

1. By buying the jewelry she loves, not what she wears all the time

How Will A Man Find The Right Jewelry Piece For His Woman

This is a tricky one, but if you are going to find and buy jewelry which she will think of as the most beautiful piece in the world, first you have to love her and then know her. And always listen carefully.

Most men focus on the things their women like, but this should be the case. This also means that you should not listen to the salesperson when she asks you to think of the jewelry that brings out her personality because what she wears tell you what she likes. Well, this is the case, sometimes, not always.

Here’s the trick you should use – buy her the jewelry you’d like to see her in, rather than what she always wears or feels good wearing. Get her jewelry that feels sensual and alive on her body, and avoid the stiff, unyielding, and sharp jewelry that somehow marks her.


2. By Watching how she shops

You may think that you know or understand your woman after all those years, but it is surprising how you always learn something new about her and the new things she likes when you watch her shop. Look out for the pieces that make her eyes sparkle, and what excites her – you already know her excited voice, no?


3. By finding sentimental jewelry

How Will A Man Find The Right Jewelry Piece For His Woman

You cannot go wrong with jewelry that carries a sentimental value. Select a piece of jewelry that is meaningful or bears some history that means something to her. If, for example, your first trip together was to France or a coastal vacation spot, get her something to remind her of those good times. Here’s the best part – that piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive.


4. By getting jewelry made of the right materials.

Here, you have to watch her or her jewelry box and notice her favorite pieces. Are they made of gold (yellow) or silvery (maybe even white gold or platinum)? Which is her favorite gemstone? Is she into birthstones? Does she go for delicate jewelry or bold and strong pieces that match her strong personality?

How Will A Man Find The Right Jewelry Piece For His Woman

 While she wouldn’t mind something different, she’d appreciate getting her jewelry that suits her uniqueness and style.

Don’t forget to look at her. As you look into her eyes or beautiful face and tell her how beautiful she is, notices her subtle features. What’s her body type? Does she have a long neck that would make the long earrings look perfect? If she has a small head, for example, a dainty pair of earrings would look great on her. She may also like long necklaces because it balances out her wide shoulders and long neck. See? It’s not too hard to find the right jewelry for her if you pay attention!


5. By Listening

She will be subtle about other things she likes. Pay attention to her. She will either drop hints or flat out tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t. So, listen.

How Will A Man Find The Right Jewelry Piece For His Woman

6. By knowing that not all women love big stones.

If she is into big stones, and your finances allow it, go big, whenever you can. She’ll appreciate you for that. But don’t pick the stone blindly; know what her preferences are, then go from there.

Again, you have to take the subtleties; if she mentions that something is cute in a movie or jewelry store, then you can use that as a basis for what to get her.

That said, don’t assume that she’ll like the big stones because ‘women love big stones’ or her friends do. Know what your woman loves, and get her exactly that.



Finding the right jewelry for your woman might not be the easiest thing to do if it’s your first time or if you recently started dating, but it should be easier after reading this article.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!