How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse(Quick Guide)

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First, let us pass our condolences to you – we are very sorry for your loss. We also understand that you are having a rather hard time dealing with the loss of your loved one, and we pray it all gets better.

As you go through everything and are trying to figure things out, you might be looking for tips on how to wear your wedding rings after the demise of your loved one. Of course, this is one of the things that people don’t really talk about, hence this article.

Here, we’ll share with you great insights on what to do or how to wear your wedding rings after the death of your spouse.


What finger does a widow wear her wedding ring on?

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

If you are a widow or a widower, you’d have to wear your wedding ring on your right hand. This is the universal sign, and you’d have to move the wedding ring to your right hand after.

Just keep in mind that moving the ring to your right hand would indicate that you are interested in dating or are ready to go back to the dating scene.

If you are still grieving, this might be a rather hard thing to do or navigate, meaning you may want to put off this decision for as long as you need to.


How long should a woman wear her wedding ring after her husband dies?

Well, it depends on whether you are ready to move on or not. While some widows opt to move the ring to their right hand after some time, others get the jewelry redesigned into a pin or a pendant.

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

But how long it takes before a woman decides to stop wearing her wedding ring is often variable. Some people will keep the ring on for years, even decades, especially when they know that they could never remarry or move on, but for most individuals (widows and widowers), the average time is two-five years. The rules on this matter are not written in stone.

Religion matters too, and in some cases, the widow or widower would have to take the ring off immediately, or even in 2 months.

But when the time is right for you, then you can take off the ring. You will know when this is because it is a completely personal thing.

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

What to do with wedding rings after a spouse dies?

You have several options to choose from once your spouse passes on, and we’ll be sharing some of your options here.

1. Wear the ring

You could choose to continue wearing the ring for some months or years, depending on how you feel. Some people let go easily; others don’t.

If you think that taking off the ring will mean that you are moving on too fast, then you could still keep it on. It’s also worth noting that you could choose to wear the ring for the rest of your life if you wish to, especially if it makes you feel safe.

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

Wearing the ring for months or years later would also be ideal if you still feel married or you just aren’t ready to stop wearing the ring because it is a symbol of love for your deceased spouse.

Obviously, there are countless reasons why you may want to keep the ring on after months or years, but really, do you need a reason to stop wearing something that means a great deal to you?

At the end of the day, choosing to keep the ring on after the demise of your spouse is quite complicated and a choice that only you can and should make. Do not let anyone pressure you into removing the ring when you are not ready to.

If you are not ready to get back out there, don’t let anyone bully you. Everyone grieves differently, and there is no time frame for when you can stop wearing the wedding ring.

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

2. Move the ring to your right hand.

The wedding ring always sits on the left hand, but if you’re widowed and want to do something to mark the new change in your life, you may want to move it to your right hand.

This is often considered a baby step, especially if you think that you might be ready to let go or to stop wearing the wedding ring – know that this is just symbolic, and you don’t really have to use this as a sign that you are moving on or letting go.

Just think of the shift as an important move in your life.

If, however, you choose to remarry, you could remove the ring from your right hand completely.

This often says that you are ready to date or are moving on. Just make sure that you are absolutely ready to do this and if you are not, even when you meet someone special, mention it to them.


3. Have the ring redesigned

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

You could get the ring redesigned if you want to keep a piece of the ring without having to explain the meaning of the ring.

It could be designed into a brooch or a pin or something completely different. Just find a good jeweler to help you come up with something unique and beautiful.

So, talk to the jeweler about the sentimental value of the ring and the fact that you’d like to make something meaningful out of it.

Keep your style preferences in mind as well.

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

4. Put the ring away for safekeeping.

There are things that you’d never be able to let go of, and your wedding ring would be one of those things.

If you are ready to get the ring off your finger but you just want to keep it around, you could always keep the ring for safekeeping.

Find a safe place where the ring will not get lost or be damaged, whether that is the final thing you want to do or if you are thinking about what you’d like to do with it in the end.

Whatever you eventually do, this is the best way for you to keep the ring safe, even if you never get rid of it.

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

5. Donate the ring

If you wish to, you could give away a ring for a good cause. Since there are numerous nonprofits that will take used jewelry for resale the use the profits to fund all their work, this would be an ideal option too.

But make sure you research the causes and the groups that fit your needs and preferences and also your values.

The non-profit’s mission should align with your mission and the things you and your partner cared about.

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

6. Make the ring a family heirloom

The ring could be redesigned into an heirloom, although you also have the option of keeping the ring as is.

Other things you could do with the ring are as follows:

  1. Add it to your pet’s new collar
  2. Set it into their headstone
  3. Display it in a cloche

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

How to wear wedding rings after the death of a spouse

You could wear the wedding ring on your right hand, which is often the ideal option if you are ready to let go/ move on. A widow or widower wearing the wedding ring on the right hand is a sign that they are ready to move on.

  • Wearing the ring on a necklace

This is the most common way that widows choose to wear their rings. It’s a practice that is more common among women than men, but it is the preferable option for most people because anyone would see the ring and know about your marital status.

How To Wear Wedding Rings After Death Of Spouse

  • Redesign it into another kind of jewelry

This is the other thing that you could do if you want to keep the wedding ring(s) in your life forever. Rather than wear or keep the ring, it could be redesigned or recast into a different kind of jewelry altogether, such as a pendant or a pin.



Grief is one of the hardest things we have to face in life, and if you are bow trying to figure out your life without the love of your life, your person, we hope that the content in this article gives you some ideas on the next steps.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!