How To Wear Power Balance Bracelet(In a Right Way)

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Do you wear a power balance bracelet? What does it mean, and what benefits does the power balance bracelet offer? Also, how should you wear your power balance bracelet?

In this article, we’ll look at everything you need to know about the power balance bracelets, what how they work?

So, let’s get started.


What is the power balance bracelet?

If you are an athlete, consider yourself an athlete; having been part of the athletics team in school or just being an overall physically active person often comes with its range of challenges.

The biggest of these challenges is often not being as small, fast, or stronger as you’d like, which is where the power balance bracelet comes in.

The power balance bracelet, like the other performance-enhancing accessories, refers to the wearable accessories that promise to instantly improve your strength, balance, and your level of flexibility. It is one of the get-slick-quick wearable accessories on the market, and the power balance bracelet is the most common option of the accessories.

Think of the power balance bracelets or wristbands as wristbands that are made of silicone, with two hologram logos that are infused with negative ions. An

But before we look at the bracelet and what it does, what is power balance?

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What is Power Balance all about?

Established by a company referred to as Power Balance, the company asserts that their Power Balance bracelet holograms are creations that are based on the Eastern Philosophies, related specifically to energy. These energies are also referred to as the chakras or chi.

While Power Balance fails to explain how their bracelets are meant to supposedly impact their energies and also to improve their performance, they claim to have many positive testimonials from around the globe commending the power of their bracelets.

Among the people that praise the company for their wearable power bracelets are and professional athletes from around the globe, including Mardy Fish, the tennis player. And with the numerous positive reviews, it seems like there is no reason to doubt the company, their bracelets, and the effectiveness of the power balance bracelets.

The other brand that makes some of the supposed best power balance bracelets is Phiten. According to this brand and from research-backed by Hideki Matsuyama, the pro golfer, the effectiveness of the power balance bracelet has to do with the Aqua-Titanium technology.

According to the company, titanium is an important material when it comes to the power balance bracelet’s functionality. This results from the hypoallergenic and bio-compatible qualities of titanium. These features result in the sense of balance in the body’s natural electrical currents.

Some people believe that the titanium in the bracelets not only reduces fatigue and pain but also improves strength while also improving ‘bioelectrical flows’ hence healthier oxygen flow throughout your body.

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Does it really work?

With all the hype around the power balance bracelets, do these cute little bracelets work? Will the bracelet hologram enhance your energy levels, strength, stamina, and endurance?

The truth is that while claims of jewelry capable of manipulating electrical impulses and frequencies noted to have been around from the 70s, numerous studies have since debunked these claims, which would mean that the power balance bracelets don’t really work?

However, these bracelets are not completely useless or ineffective. And the main advantage offered by the Power Balance is that they are largely a lot more colorful and stylish. Several other studies have found that these Power bracelets don’t have any effects on the wearer’s athletic acuity, power, balance, or strength.

So, what about the negative ions in the holograms? Well, it’s true that the bracelets contain negative ions. These ions are naturally occurring in nature, even in nature, which means that the negative ions are also present in the air, especially around the large water bodies, like waterfalls and oceans. There is also a high concentration of negative ions after rainfalls.

The perceived benefits of the negative ions in the bracelets probably comes from the negative ions that get inhaled into the bloodstream, prompting the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin increases feelings of relaxation while also creating an exhilarating effect on people. The catch, however, is that the negative ions in the bracelets haven’t been shown to result in many positive effects.

Therefore, the bracelet could be said to induce a placebo effect, and the perceived positive effects may only result from your mind believing in the ‘existence’ of the positivity ions.

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How to wear a power balance bracelet?

The power balance comes in a one-size-fits-all design, which means that the bracelets often fit snugly on the wrist or maybe a little loosely if you have a small wrist. You get to choose the wrist you keep the bracelet on.

According to Power Balance’s website, it’s stated that the performance of the wristband is powered by hologram energy, which offers its performance technology features and benefits.

The company claims that anyone can wear bracelets, besides athletes. Besides the hologram technology, the bracelet’s functions are also based on certain Eastern philosophies, including acupuncture and meditation.

For the best performance of the bracelet, the hologram logo rests on the N6 Acupuncture point, also called the Nei Guan, that’s located in your inner arm, just above the wrist.

By wearing the bracelet on this spot, the acupuncture benefits from the bracelet could help in the alleviation of nausea, as well as morning sickness.

That said, the Power Balance bracelet is not meant to put any extra pressure on the wrist.

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Several bodies of research and science show that the Power Balance Bracelets lack any inherent qualities that could result in an improvement in your athletic performance, and wearing the bracelet could be a placebo.

If you choose to wear the bracelet, the good news is that these bracelets don’t have any harmful effects, meaning that they won’t just make you look good, but you will also feel good (if you believe that the bracelet works). Increasing your athletic performance is entirely up to you.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!