A Real Guick Guide on How To Wear Omega Necklace

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Today there are very many necklace designs to choose from. Among the classics, is the Omega style. The necklace was popular since the 80s and was loved for its timeless circular shape. Today, given the current layering trend, omega necklaces would make the perfect short necklaces.

The biggest problem people face with this style, however, is the fit. Given that is a choker type of necklace, getting the perfect fit is important, otherwise the whole look would look of.

Luckily in this article, we will share with you how to get the perfect fit and how you should wear the necklace. But first, let’s start by understanding what an Omega necklace is…


What Is An Omega Necklace?

how to wear omega necklace

Omega chains are simply wide flat necklaces usually between 4-6mm, although you can find thin ones between 1.5-2mm. The thinner ones however look more like round wires.

The necklace is made up of metal segments joined together to form a chain. In terms of length the Omega chain comes in the chocker style, that’s between, 16”-20”. Length is important because of how the chain will be placed on your neck.

While omegas are elegant chains, they can easily kink and bend, because of their vulnerable structure. Twisting the chain could lead to irreversible damage, so you have to take extra care and protect your chain. Mainly because Omega is very expensive. A 6mm 14K gold omega, for example, could cost as much as $600.

You can also add a variety to your chain by introducing slider pendants and charms. While picking out the pendants, you need to consider the size and weight. Heavy ones could stretch and deform or even break the chain.

how to wear omega necklace

If the pendant fits too snugly, it may also lead to kinks on the chain. So, ensure the pendant is light and loose enough to easily move along the chain. Also, when it comes to picking the gemstones to add, you can never go wrong with diamonds. Other stones include blue topaz, black onyx, and tanzanite.

You can also opt to wear the omega chain alone. There is already a variety to choose from. There are those made of white, yellow, or rose gold. You could also get two-tone or tri-gold varieties. The chain can also have a smooth finish or a diamond-cut, or a satin finish. You will not run out of options easily.


How Should Your Omega Necklace Fit?

how to wear omega necklace

The perfect fit for an omega chain means that it lies perfectly around your neck without being too snug or too loose. Another problem with fitting is the dip and bump of your collar bone.

Any length beyond it will cause the chain to flip and turn. So, what is the perfect fit? Should fit just above your collar bone. For longer lengths, the chain you lay against your sternum, which is a nice flat surface.

When adding charms and sliders, keep these two positions in mind. If the pendant, charm, or slider lay on the sternum then the chain will hang straight. If it lay on the collar bone, then it would look weird jutting out. So, if you are thinking of adding a pendant then make the length longer.


How To Wear Omega Necklace

how to wear omega necklace

For an omega chain to look flattering, the fit must be perfect. That is why length is important. The idea placement of the omega chain should be above your collar bone or on your sternum.

This can be achieved with a 16” choker length. We are, however, not all born the same. Some of us will have long necks while others will have shorter ones.

The 16” length is more flattering for the long slender necks, but the 18” and maybe 20” may be the best fit for wider necks. So, make sure that the length you select is right. It shouldn’t be too long or too short.

Otherwise, the omega chain will kink, bend and damage easily. The necklace should sit straight on your collar bone without twisting.

how to wear omega necklace


Omega chains are a classy and elegant piece. With the many varieties available you are sure to find your perfect chain.

Just ensure that the omega chain fits perfectly, for it to appear flattering on you and give you the perfect look.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!