A Quick Guide on How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man?

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As a man of culture, you understand there is no harm in wearing multiple rings; if anything, you look good with multiple rings on.

But then, there is a relatively thin line between looking great in multiple rings and looking like you are trying too hard, and so everything looking disarrayed.

So, how do you make sure that you always look modest and elegant wearing multiple rings as a man? What rules do you need to follow?

Are the rules for ring wearing easier or looser for women than they are for men?

Well, let’s take a look at some of the important things you need to consider when wearing or planning to wear multiple rings as a man.


Can men wear multiple rings?

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

First, yes, men can actually wear multiple rings, as long as the rings feel good on you and if they represent what you actually like and your style.

It is important to take into consideration the fact that not all men love or wear watches as their only accessories, and for many others, the watch is just one important accessory that is incomplete without addons; rings are, to these men, the perfect add-ons, and so, multiple rings come in handy.

It’s also important to note that a watch, whether luxurious or not, is a functional accessory that every man must have, so adding rings means adding more and building up your personality.

But what does society think about men wearing multiple rings?


Is it seen as wrong by society for guys to wear multiple rings?

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

While a single ring is not a big deal and, if anything, an expected piece of jewelry, it doesn’t come off as a mainstream fashion option for men to wear multiple rings.

However, your lifestyle notwithstanding, and whether you’re gay or straight, there is nothing wrong with you wearing multiple rings simultaneously as a man.

Of course, this is not how it is for all men, and even if you admire the idea of wearing multiple rings, you might not find it as comfortable at first.

In most cases, you have to build up to things and to grow your confidence, so you may need to wear one, then add on a few more pieces with time and as you grow more confident.

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

You could wear the wedding ring and maybe a signet ring at the same time, but after some time, maybe consider stacking the rings up on every finger or maybe three fingers.

As your confidence grows, so will your preferences, which means that you will soon find yourself with multiple elegant rings that all suit your style, some with gemstones and others without.

Some of the rings would be considered fashion pieces, while the others will be the more expensive, fine jewelry options. How you feel about the multiple jewelry options is what matters the most, rather than what society thinks of considers feminine.

So, whether you are into wearing 2, 5, or more rings, no one will really get in your way, and you should rock all those rings. What matters to you the most is what makes you happy, and if that means more rings, then you should go on to wear them

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

You should be able to embrace who you are and what normal feels to you, so if that means multiple rings, then you should go for it.

That said, your work and style may contradict each other, and when that happens, you want to make sure that you don’t compromise your work for style unless you don’t mind giving up your work.

Some workplaces are just too conservative, and it may be safer for you to avoid wearing multiple and distracting rings if your place of work is not as progressive, and so you may have to leave some of the rings to the weekend or evening social events.

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

It’s also important to note that today, society doesn’t really care much about the number of rings a man wears, especially for bold men going for goth or rockstar styles.

And the best part about wearing multiple rings is that they not only match your style, but in case of problems or issues with security, you will have a way to defend yourself… not that we are encouraging it, but we are just putting it out there as an option.


How to wear multiple rings as a man

1. Always start small

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

As mentioned above, wearing multiple rings at the same time looks great, especially once you figure out how to tock the multiple rings look, but when you’re new to accessorizing in a world that has largely been considered feminine, you may want to slowly build up your confidence, wearing one or two rings at a time, and building up to wearing a few more rings at a time.

However, it is not always easy to build up on rings as it is chain necklaces or even bracelets, so you should take things slow and just ease into them.


2. Mix and match metals

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

A neat trick you need to remember when it comes to rings or any other type of jewelry is to learn how to mix different metal components with each other.

Contrasting metals like white gold, platinum, silver, rose gold, or yellow gold is all a matter of personal style. Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to multiple rings, especially when starting out, you’d want to ease into the look by picking one metal and sticking to it, then change up your look and add more colors with time.

As you build on mixing the metals for the rings, you need to make sure that the pieces match your style and the rest of your jewelry, not just the rings.

However, you shouldn’t limit yourself and make sure that the metal blends you choose actually look great on you and against your skin and overall style essence.


3. Work on creating contrast

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

When it comes to creating a well-put-together look with multiple rings, you can enhance your stylishness by adding a bit of contrast to your pieces.

Creating contrast means piling on the rings of different sizes and styles because doing this creates character and more style. On the other hand, piling on the same size and style of rings though it creates a nice monotone look, is quite bland and overwhelming.

So, the first thing you should do is to choose rings of varying widths. Avoid wearing two rings that are too narrow or too wide next to each other.

You should also avoid rings of the same width on different fingers or on the same finger because that look is not only aesthetically less pleasing, but a combination of a narrow and wide ring will create an elevated, more stylish look that is not bland at all.  

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

Note that mixing and contrasting ring features is quite important, especially if you want to stack the rings together on the same finger.

It would be best if you also considered contrasting rings with different elements, particularly rings with a high profile and the ones that stick out farther from the fingers.

Think of the low and flat-profile fingers on one or different fingers because this will create a rather interesting dimension.

What this means is that you may want to sandwich a simple wedding ring in between the diamond-encrusted signet rung and the pharaoh ring, resulting in a more eye-catching and tasteful look.

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

The other elements to consider mixing up when it comes to creating contrast is the ring’s texture. You should mix the smooth bands that look and feel underwhelming with textured, richer, and patterned rings.

Wearing individual styles of rings can be a little underwhelming or, in terms of the textured rings, too much of an overkill.

And because your eyes need some rest, pairing rings with simplistic and ornate elements will create the best visual impact because blending these elements allows for individual appreciation of the beauty of these rings.

Contrasting textures also make it easier for you to wear multiple rings at the same time without feeling like you’re overdoing it.


4. Mix ring styles

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

As you build up to wearing multiple rings more confidently, you should think of mixing rings of different styles, preferably have a different ring style for each finger.

In other words, wearing 3 or 5 signet rings on different fingers may look okay in your mind, but even if the rings are made in different textures and sizes, all those signet rings on different fingers are quite uninteresting.

However, you can make things much more interesting by mixing the signet ring, a chic ring, a nugget rind, a cuff ring, and maybe a chain ring. Mixing these rings will create the real statement you intend to create.


5. What if you want more of a cohesive bling / look?

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

As you learn more about wearing multiple rings, you’d want to ensure that you also try out the more cohesive look for your bling.

Starting out would mean experimenting first with the plain silver and gold rings before you branch out and try more options that are iced-out, for example. You could also wear a diamond ring if you love wearing jewelry.

Your options would include the large solitaire pieces and the pave set diamond rings, preferably the ring options with some ice on the rings to add a bit of luxury and excitement to your look overall.

You will be happy to know that once you start wearing multiple diamond rings, you won’t be able to stop. And also, it may be time for you to experiment with other gemstones like sapphires and rubies.

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

And keep in mind that while you can wear multiple rings made of different colored stones on the same hand, you shouldn’t go too hard on it, and also you should strive for balance since you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard or worse, that you have no sense of style.

And when combining gemstones, you should avoid mixing colored gemstones that color-clash and also go light on the rest of your accessories when wearing multiple colored gemstone rings.

If, however, you are not crazy about colored gemstones, you may want to keep things subtle by wearing just one ring made of multi-colored stones and pairing it with other solid-metal rings. So, go for the metal-and the diamond-only rings.


6. Which ring goes on which finger?

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

It’s not enough to know that you can wear multiple rings at the same time; you also need to make sure that the rings go on the right fingers.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your rings must remain in balance, meaning that if you wear all your larger rings on one hand or the adjacent fingers and opt to wear the smaller rings on your other side, you will end up looking unbalanced and bulky.

Wearing multiple rings at the same time also means that you will lose your sense of contrast that is otherwise lost when you opt to wear a variety of rings.

However, to create a nice, statement look, you may want to try leaving some of the fingers unadorned or maybe wear a more minimal ring like your simple wedding band. 

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

That said, you’d want to think of the following considerations when trying to figure out which ring style to wear and on which fingers, depending on the associated symbolic meanings and the practicalities of the rings.

The pinky finger works great with statement signet rings, the wedding ring goes on the left hand, ring finger, the middle finger looks great with statement of stacked midi rings, and then you have the ring finger, which you may or may not have a ring on.

You could also wear a statement or chunky ring on your thumb.


7. Stacking rings

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

While you could wear a ring on each finger of your 4 fingers minus the index finger, and the maximum number of rings you could wear is 10, you still have the option of wearing more than 10 rings suiting your style, and no, you don’t have to be a hip-hop artist to wear multiple rings.

Just keep in mind that whenever you’re stacking your rings, you can either stack the small rings together on the same finger, or you could opt for a mix of the small and larger rings on the same finger – whatever feels comfortable and works for you, really.

Alternatively, buy rings that come in a stacked design to avoid all the second-guessing.


8. Right direction for wearing the rings

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

Most of the time, the rings with insignias are worn with the insignia facing in or out, depending on the intended meaning of the ring.


9. Go with your gut

How To Wear Multiple Rings As A Man

Lastly, you should always wear different rings depending on what feels right to you.

If you feel like taking off a few of your rings will look better on you, then you should do it.



Anyone can wear multiple rings, male or female.

And if you are looking for ideas on how to wear multiple rings, the tips above will come in handy.

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