How To Wear Multiple Catholic Medals? – Layering Tips

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The Catholic church and believers of the religion hold their medals in very high regard, and in most cases, anyone can wear the Catholic Medals, but can you wear multiple pieces of the Catholic Medals?

First, you can wear multiple Catholic medals simultaneously, and all you need to do is to wear them the right way. But before we share tips on how to wear the medals, which are the main types of Catholic medals you may wear?

The most common types of Catholic Medals that are most easily recognizable are the Miraculous Medals, the Crucifix Necklace, the 4-Way or 5-Way Cross Necklace, and the Patron Saints Medals.

These are all important Medals that Catholics often wear, especially the clergy. You may have one or all of these types of medals sitting at home, but can you wear them all at once? Also, would it be proper to wear more than one of these medals on the same chain?


Is it proper to wear more than one medal on a single chain?

How To Wear Multiple Catholic Medals

For the most part, these medals come as individual pieces, each fitted on a standalone chain. Often, people wear these medals to show the importance of their faith and also their belief systems.

The medals differ, but most of the blessed medals are worn because they are regarded as symbols of protection and also reminders of their devotions.

And for the people that wear them, it may come off as an obsession, as some people hardly ever take them off. Other people have also worn their medals since Baptism and Confirmation.

How To Wear Multiple Catholic Medals

So, can you wear more than a single medal on just that one chain?

Yes, we you could. While most people prefer wearing single medals on each chain, there are several others that can be worn on the same chain, and some may even come pre-designed as rosaries with the medals incorporated into the design of the chain so that the wearer has all the medallions that they hold close on them, at all times.

Other single chains have the medals incorporated in them as charms.


How to wear multiple Catholic medals

How To Wear Multiple Catholic Medals

Generally, how you wear your Catholic medals will depend on your style and preferences in terms of the medals you prefer to have on most of the time.

If you are unsure about how to wear Catholic medals, here are some tips on how you can wear the medals.


1. Find metal chains made of the best quality metals

How To Wear Multiple Catholic Medals

To wear multiple catholic medals on a single chain or necklace, you should consider the chains or necklaces made of either stainless steel or sterling silver.

These versatile and skin-safe metals are ideal for women, men, and children. You should also think about the size of the medal and how its weight will affect how it looks on the chain.

With this in mind, you should avoid delicate chains or necklaces and opt for heavier metals because most medals are heavy and large.

We recommend the ball chains made of either stainless steel or sterling silver. These chains will also support the weight of the medals, should you choose to wear more than one of the Catholic medals.


2. Add the Catholic medals on one chain

How To Wear Multiple Catholic Medals

You could also incorporate the medals on the chain in whichever order.

However, you’d want to make sure that the chain necklace used can support the full weight of the medallions.


3. Wear it as a charm bracelet

How To Wear Multiple Catholic Medals

If wearing it as a necklace doesn’t work for you, you may want to wear the medals on your bracelet. The medals work quite well when they are incorporated into the bracelet as a charm bracelet.

These bracelets work great and also look great on the wrist because they will not weigh much on your wrist, and you will always have all the medals on your wrist.

You could opt for a solid wire charm bracelet or maybe a chain that allows for easy attachment of the medals. You could even add more types of medals that are meaningful to you.


4. Charm holder for the chain necklace

How To Wear Multiple Catholic Medals

You could also wear the multiple medals on one chain necklace, all held together by a bigger round or tear-drop-shaped charm holder, which will securely hold all the medals.


5. Layer the necklaces

How To Wear Multiple Catholic Medals

You could also buy the layered necklaces or have one made, then add the medals.



If you love your Catholic medals, the recommendations above will be the best ones for you.

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