A Quick Guide On How To Wear Malachite Jewelry?

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The striking, vibrant green color of malachite draws many people to jewelry made from this crystal. Though people buy malachite jewelry to add more elegance to their outfits, not everyone understands its numerous uses and the best way to wear it.

We created this post to share facts regarding the malachite crystal and give you valuable tips on how to wear it. By the end of it, you will also learn why you should wear malachite jewelry.

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About malachite jewelry

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral that is used to make jewelry. This beautiful gemstone features banded patterns and displays eyes, which makes it an intriguing gemstone.

Its formation occurs in limestone, found in other minerals like turquoise and azurite. It is available in different shades of green, such as dark and light green.

This opaque gemstone has a dull luster. When it is polished, it displays a captivating silky luster.The first use of this beautiful gemstone can be traced back to ancient Egypt. It has been used for thousands of years due to its powers.

Many people in Greece and Europe used malachite as a protection amulet against the evil eye and also as a piece of jewelry. The malachite jewelry looks amazing when paired with different skin tones. This gemstone is also given as a gift on the 13th marriage anniversary.


6 reasons you should wear malachite jewelry

For physical healing

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Malachite jewelry is not only beautiful, but it can also help with physical problems. This has been a useful tool that healers used to rely on back in the day.

It can help eliminate pain or tightness in the body. It can also help your body eliminate any physical distress and reduce congestion.

Due to its calming nature, wearing malachite jewelry can help keep your blood pressure down. It is also known to work in harmony with bones and facilitate the quick healing of torn muscles. If you have joint problems, you should consider getting malachite jewelry.

Since malachite has strong feminine energy, it can help ladies facing problems such as menstrual cramps. Popularly known as the midwife stone, malachite has been helping pregnant ladies cope with labor pains.

People also believe that malachite jewelry can help boost the immune system, detoxify the liver and improve circulation.

If you have a specific problem in your body, place the malachite jewelry on the ailing area for around 20- 30 minutes. Perform this treatment at least once a day until it heals.


For connecting with the Earth

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

If you are feeling disconnected, you can wear the malachite jewelry. Since its energy resonates with the Earth, the jewelry is naturally grounding. The vibrant green color of malachite will remind you of the jungle and plants.

This stone is believed to work across the chakras and strengthen your Solar Plexus Chakras to feel more grounded and experience vitality.

You can achieve this by meditating with malachite jewelry. During your meditation sessions, sit quietly and gaze at its green color as you contemplate your connection with nature.


For improving relationships

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Since malachite is a heart chakra stone, it can help improve your relationship with a loved one. If you have communication problems that may affect your relationship, wearing malachite jewelry can help you resolve them.

When your heart chakra is blocked, you may struggle to show full love to your partner or even let them in.

Since malachite jewelry can work on the heart chakra, it can get rid of such blocks so that you can relate better with your loved one.

This balancing stone can help you feel more stable and open your heart to different types of love. It is also great for encouraging self-love and compassion for others.


For emotional healing

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Wearing malachite jewelry can help you enjoy its powerful therapeutic energy. This stone can help you find emotional healing since it flushes out any toxic emotions in your life and clears away unwanted energy.

Malachite jewelry is calming and can release negative emotions and lead to positive ones.

It can give you the wisdom and courage to handle different situations. Also, wearing malachite jewelry can also help you embrace change since it is known to be the stone of transformation.

It can give you the confidence to get out of your comfort zone and approach emotional decisions better.

This jewelry can also help eliminate worries and fears. Simply holding it in your hands can offer a relaxing environment in tense situations.

If you are dealing with stress or depression, you should consider wearing malachite jewelry since it can offer emotional balance.


For protection

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Many people also believe that wearing malachite jewelry can protect them from harm. People believed it protected them from the evil eye in the past.

The bands that wrap around malachite look like eyes. In ancient civilizations, people also used malachite powder as eye makeup.


For boosting intuition

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

If your intuition is lacking, wearing malachite jewelry can help restore it. It can help tap into your inner guidance and assist you with meditation and visualization practices.

Many wearers of malachite jewelry believe that it can activate physical awareness.  


6 Tips for wearing malachite jewelry for a better result

1. Cleanse it

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Before you begin wearing malachite jewelry, you should cleanse it to eliminate any bad vibes and recharge it with positive energy.

You can place it next to clear quartz with naturally cleansing energy. Alternatively, bury the jewelry for one or two days so that it can soak the Earth’s cleansing energy.


2. Wear it every day

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Doing this enables the stone’s energy to be incorporated into your life fully so that you can maximize its benefits. However, you should take care of the malachite jewelry, so it does not chip off easily.

For instance, if you wear a malachite necklace every day, hiding it under your shirt from time to time can protect it.

Since malachite jewelry is soft, you can also prevent it from getting scratched by regularly wiping it down. You should also avoid exposing it to water or intense heat to prevent it from getting damaged.


3. Sleep with it

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Do not only wear the malachite jewelry during the day, and remove it as you sleep. Sleeping while wearing the malachite jewelry is advisable since it can help you enjoy more peaceful dreams.

It can also give you relaxing energy during the night. People who sleepwalk should also consider wearing malachite jewelry before bedtime.


4. Pair it with other stones

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Feel free to pair malachite jewelry with other crystal bracelets to achieve a certain effect. For instance, if you want to amplify your intention for compassion and love, you can pair malachite jewelry with rose quartz.  


5. Wear it while meditating

How To Wear Malachite Jewelry

Hold malachite jewelry in the palm of your hand as you meditate. You will feel a strong and vibrating connection to the Earth as you meditate with this jewelry on a mat or the grass.

Hold the malachite jewelry directly below your mouth and blow it on its surface. Doing this can eliminate any bad vibes and charge them with positive intentions.



If your zodiac sign is Taurus or Libra, consider getting malachite jewelry. This can heal you physically, make you feel more grounded, help you connect with others better, and offer emotional healing.

Malachite is a famous stone that has existed for thousands of years. Though no scientific evidence supports its benefits, many people believe in its powers and use it for different purposes.  

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