How To Wear Long Necklaces Like a Pro In 2024

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Accessorizing has the power to turn the simplest of outfits into spectacular fashion statements, making you the most stylish person in the room.

But we don’t always know how well to accessorize with some items, which is why you may want to read this article to learn how to pull off the long necklace look easily.

How To Wear Long Necklaces

Whether you are trying to create the perfect casual look or you wish to accessorize more for work, this article is the perfect fit for you.

So, let’s jump right into the details.

Tips for wearing long chain necklaces


1.Wear the necklace with larger pendants

how to wear long necklace

If you are going for a chic look, but something that is still simple and elegant with just one long pendant necklace, we recommend wearing the slightly long chain necklaces in the 20-24inch range, with a bigger pendant that lies around the center of your chest.

This would allow you to achieve that very dramatic and swooping effect.

We agree that matching your chain to the pendant can be quite challenging, and you’d have to keep trying different options and pendant designs to find what works for you.


2.Invest in high-quality jewelry

how to wear long necklace

At the end of the day, you want to invest in the kind of long jewelry that will last a really long time without getting tarnished or breaking.

For this to happen, you must consider the quality of the materials that the necklace is made of.

The material needs to suit not just your skin type and needs, but it should also look generally good and strong. It should also be strong and flexible enough to allow you to tie it into a knot for style versatility.

So, if you are buying a metallic chain necklace, ensure that it is made of durable materials that would blend with different types of pendants easily.

The material that the pendant is made of is also important, and it should be cohesive with the rest of the chain.

The surface textures must match, and if you are buying a solid metal chain necklace, ensure that the finishes are smooth, elegant, and cohesive.

For your cable or rope sharp link chain necklaces, you could match them with pendants boasting rough textures or a matte finish.


3.Wear the long necklace with your casual outfits

how to wear long necklace

If you want to create a relaxed, chic look, a long necklace might be the only thing that you are missing to complete the look.

The best part is that you could easily complete the look with pants or cute shorts paired with a blouse or a sleek tank top.  

An open flannel over your cute casual dress would also be ideal as a canvas for the long necklace.

You also get to try out different kinds of long necklaces made of different materials for a more polished and casual look.

So, if you wish to create a great contrast without having to go overboard, the long necklace will help you pull off the look easily, especially with your casual outfits.


4.Stop wearing long necklaces with your crop tops

how to wear long necklace

Though tempting, you really should drop the idea of wearing long necklaces with tank tops.

And in as much as you may not want to wear the long necklace with just your overly long pieces, you shouldn’t wear the long necklace with the very short outfits like the crop tops.

Since the crop top rests just above or at your belly button, wearing the long necklace with the crop top will make you look a bit off.

However, you could still pull off the long necklace; crop top looks if you are pairing the cropped top with high-waisted pants/ bottoms, whether skirts or even shorts.

The long-waisted bottoms help in evening things out, creating a cleaner and a more crisp canvas against which you could easily display your long necklace.


5.Stop mismatching your long necklaces with your outfits

how to wear long necklace

While you could wear most of your long necklaces with pretty much any outfit, you need to know that not all your necklaces are as versatile as you’d want them to be.

Some of the long necklaces work best as statement pieces meant to be worn with more of the dressy, fierce look, meaning you cannot wear them with old jeans and a t-shirt or even other bright accessories like pearls or the classy beads, but a good range of the long necklaces are more suitable for you if you are dressing up one outfit, and not trying to throw on everything else you can imagine.

So, before you mix-and-match, think of how the outfit comes together and whether you should be wearing the statement piece or more of the simpler long necklaces.


6.Try layering up the pieces

how to wear long necklace

Not sure how to accessorize with the long necklace? Layer up the necklaces.

The best part about layering necklaces is that they look great with dressy and more casual outfits, and they are always that extra thing you need to jazz up your look.

Generally, you could layer up with gold, brass, or sterling silver pieces.


7.Avoid wearing your long necklaces with extra-long outfits

How To Wear Long Necklaces

The rules can be a little confusing, but it’s always just about balance, which is why you can pull off the long necklace look with some of your oversized sweaters and long summer dresses, but not all of them.

In most cases, wearing a long necklace with long dresses, for example, will make you look like everything you are trying is just drowning, and your clothes could also look bad.

If your outfit features long lines, you should contrast it with shorter accessories that will rest just below your clavicle or above your chest.

Nothing that rests lower than your chest.


8.Long necklaces work best with the high-cut shirts

how to wear long necklace

The high-cut shirts make the perfect backdrop for your long necklaces – think high necks, the high collars, and even the high-low silhouettes.

These pair well with the long, dangling necklaces, and even the dainty necklaces would add just the right amount of sparkle to your outfits, whether casual or dressy.


9.Double the necklace if you are wearing a boatneck or a crewneck

Wear the first look, close to your neck, but not the same way you would a choker, and above your crewneck, then the second loop should go down your chest.

You could also opt to double the necklace and wear the loops evenly across the chest if you are wearing a turtleneck or a scoop neck.

how to wear long necklace

10.Avoid wearing a long necklace with a V-neck

This is important because long necklaces work by lowering the eye rather than raise the eye as you’d want with your V-necks, which might not be your intention if you are wearing a V-neck.

Keep in mind that if you are busty and you’re wearing a V-neck and a long necklace, for example, you will look weird.



To accessorize with long necklaces correctly, you always need to make sure that you wear the necklace with the right outfits.

There are blurry lines between some of these rules, but it’s important to keep them in mind to avoid looking unfashionable.

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