A Quick Guide on How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

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One of the most stunning pieces of statement jewelry you can wear is the long chain earrings. These stylish and elegant earrings look great, especially in casual settings, and they are not only easy to wear but also work great with different accessories.

So, how do you wear long chain earrings? Are there dos and don’ts that you need to observe when wearing the long chain earrings? And what makes them great?


About long chain earrings

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

The long chain earrings are long earrings that have a chain design with a length of about 7cm or even longer, and they may feature one or more chains designed to create the perfect statement look.

The long chain earrings are often made of different metals, but the gold and the sterling silver long chain earrings are the most common types of earrings in this style.

These earrings are quite elegant and may or may not be bedazzled with gemstones and other types of crystals that leave you with a classic, elegant, beautiful, and eye-catching design. These chain earrings are suitable for wearing at work and for special occasions.

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

Besides its versatility, the long chain earrings are also meant to be worn on different ear piercings, including but not limited to the earlobe and cartilage piercings. They may have a single or 3 or more chains incorporated into one stunning piece of jewelry.

Most long chain earring styles are also primarily inspired by minimalism, and they are made of gold and the best quality 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Speaking of styles and designs of the long chain earrings, the long chain earrings don’t have clasps attached to them, meaning that they are easy to wear and take off, and they will not easily fall off your ear.


Are long chain earrings in style in 2022?

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

Yes, the long chain earrings are stylish in 2022, and if you are looking for something different and unique, then the long chain earrings may be suitable.

If you like statement jewelry, the long chain earrings would be an excellent stylish option for you to wear.


Pros and cons of wearing long chain earrings

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings


  • The chain earrings are stylish and elegant
  • You can wear the earrings to work and also to social events
  • They look great with different hairstyles, and you get to choose chain earrings in different styles and metal finishes


  • It’s not a style that suits everyone, but it might not be ideal with your hair.


Tips for wearing long chain earrings

1. Avoid the extra weight of the chain earrings on your other ear piercings, such as the cartilage piercings

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

You could also attach one end of the chain earrings, especially the super long earrings, to a part of your hair. Doing this shift some of the weight from your ears and ensures that your ear piercings are not pulled down.


2. Hold your hair up

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

While you could let your hair down with ease for long chain earrings, the best way to make your long chain earrings stand out involves wearing the earrings with your hair held up or to the side, exposing the earlobes.

Doing this exposes the beauty of the chain earrings while also showing off your neckline in all its glory. Wearing your hair up also means that the earrings will not get caught in the hair, which means less risk of damage to the earrings, and tangling of your hair.


3. Match the metals with the color of your hair and eyes

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

To ensure that the earrings stand out, you’d want to make sure that the color of the metals used to make the earrings match or blend well with your eye color, skin complexion, and hair color.

Ensuring that these elements blend well with each other means that you will look elegant and stylish, and the earrings will also stand out beautifully.

The white gold and sterling silver chain earrings may be ideal if your skin tone is cool.

In contrast, the rose gold and the yellow gold long chain earrings work best for persons with warm skin tones and undertones – this also applies to the blonde/ silver and black/ brunette, red, or brown hair colors; respectively.


Mix and match the gold and silver pieces

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

The long chain earrings also look elegant when you blend the gold and silver parts. This is one of the laws of fashion meant to be broken, and you will be happy to know that you can still rock your gold and silver pieces in tandem.

The best part would be wearing the long chain earrings that come as two-tone pieces. These dainty pieces and the delicate chains will bring out the elements of the metals beautifully, creating an elegant, perhaps vintage look.


Consider the event you’re dressing up for

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

While the long-chain earrings look great on you, even at work, they may not be the best jewelry for you to accessorize in, especially in the office and meetings, because it calls for much more attention.

The long-chain earrings are, however, more ideal for casual settings, including cocktail parties and even black-tie parties.


1. Wear long chain earrings embellished with gemstones, crystals, and other stones

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

The quartz stones, for example, work best with individuals with brown eyes; garnet and ruby stones complement hazel eyes perfectly, while London Topaz blends well with persons with green or blue eyes.


2. Choice of necklace

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

Since you’re wearing a pair of long-chain earrings, you may want to skip the necklace, not even the daintiest necklaces, because it will all be too much.

The longer chain earrings also complement your neckline in the best way possible, and generally, the most skin you show off around the neck, the more elegant you look, and the complex designs of the earrings will stand out even more.


3. Pair bold with basic pieces

How To Wear Long Chain Earrings

You should also pair the bold long chain earrings with a simple ring and preferably leave out bold necklaces, as mentioned above.



If you are looking for the best ideas on how to wear the long chain earrings, we hope that the information above has you covered.

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