A Guide On How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain?

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Heavy earrings are becoming trendy, and there is no doubt that pretty much everyone looks great wearing heavy earrings, especially with their hair held up high.

Unfortunately, wearing heavy earrings comes with two challenges; first, the earrings may stretch out your ears, but your heavy earrings may also cause pain.

But you can prevent this from happening, especially the latter. So, how do you ensure that your heavy earrings don’t overstretch your ears or cause any pain?


A Guide on how to wear heavy earrings without pain

1. Use Invisible Earlobe Patches

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

The best way for you to wear heavy earrings without being in pain is by using invisible patches. The earring patches have been used for years, with the long dangling earrings or even the heavier clip-on earrings.

The patches hold the earrings in place, pulling them up so that you don’t feel pain while also preventing the earlobes from being stretched out too much or tearing apart. The invisible patches hold up the earlobes and prevent the elongation of the earrings’ holes, hence a more comfortable fit.

Note that the invisible ear support patches are designed as small adhesive oval pieces that will strengthen and support the earlobes whenever you wear the heavy, chunky earrings that would otherwise hurt your ears.

And don’t worry, no one will notice that you have worn invisible patches alongside the heavy earrings, and the heavy earrings will protect your ears from overstretching.


2. Choose a heavy earring style that will distribute the weight

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

The most common problem that is faced when it comes to wearing heavy earrings has to do with not just the weight of the earrings but also the distribution of the weight of the earring.

So, the design of the earrings is essential because if they are heavy and put too much weight on just one portion of the ear, it will cause pain while stretching out the ear too much. So, you should opt for earrings designed to look much wider than they are thin, long, and heavy.


3. Settle on clip-ons

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

To be able to easily bear the weight of the heavy stud or post earrings, you may want to consider converting these earrings into clip-ons. The best part is that this is a very simple process, and you won’t feel the need to remove the heavy earrings before midday.

There are several varieties of clip-on earring converters on the market today, and you’d want to make sure that you have a few packs of clip-on earring converters on hand.

These converters are not only expensive but also very easy to use or apply. Also, the converters are designed in different shades of silver, copper, and gold, meaning they will match the different earrings you may have on, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the earrings’ color-clashing.


4. Apply numbing cream

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

If you will be wearing heavy earrings, say, for a wedding, it may be wise for you to apply numbing cream on your earlobes before you wear the earrings.

While this will keep away the pain, you should know that this is only a temporary fix, and it will only work if you are planning to wear the heavy earrings for a few hours at a time.

You will be happy to know that there are many options of numbing creams on the market, and you can buy them over the counter, and also, they are all remarkably well.


5. Apply a lubricant

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

A lubricant such as petroleum jelly or oil will help you easily slide the earrings into the earlobe’s ear holes and prevent irritation in case the earrings are too heavy and cause some stretching.

You only need to grease the earrings with a little bit of petroleum jelly or coconut oil before your slide the earrings in. Once applied, the oil or jelly will protect your ears.

This is also a very important step because most of the heavy earrings, whether dangling for pierced ears or clipped on, are often imitation or costume jewelry, which means that the materials that the earrings are made of may cause some reaction on your skin, hence irritation.

But thanks to the lubricant, the risk of irritation is lowered. And in case of irritation, the oil or the petroleum jelly will speed up the healing process on the affected area.


6. Monitor the use of the earrings and avoid wearing them all the time or for too long

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

Regardless of the weight of the earrings and how amazing the earrings look, you shouldn’t fall into the temptation of keeping the earrings on for too long.

You should take time to remove the earrings from time to time, and if you keep them on for most of the day, you’d want to make sure that you take off the earrings as soon as you get home.

This smart and important strategy will minimize the damage that the earrings may otherwise exert on your earlobes.


7. Shop for smarter earring options by settling on the extra-lightweight options

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

While heavy or large earrings are quite stylish today, you should avoid the temptation of wearing extra large and very heavy earrings.

To this end, you want to make sure that you opt for the large earrings made of the most lightweight materials, such as the heavy-looking and large earrings that are crafted with materials like hollow wood or even a lightweight metal made of hollow gold or any other types of lightweight metal.

Remember that at the end of the day, you should never sacrifice comfort for beauty, so you should only wear heavy or heavy-looking earrings that will not cause discomfort.


8. Plastic Surgery to fix the damage

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

If you have been wearing heavy earrings for some time and your earlobes have sustained a great deal of damage over time, say they are over-stretched and may be starting to show signs of tear, you may want to get to a dermatologist for professional medical help.

A plastic surgeon will fix the damage to your ear by strengthening the earlobes, making them plumper, stiffer, and even much more durable.

Although this strategy is so much more expensive and high-maintenance, it is the ideal solution for you if you are concerned about damage to your earlobes.


9. Alternate the heavy with lightweight earrings

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

Even if you have heavy earrings that you’d want to wear daily, you shouldn’t. Alternate the heavy with lightweight earrings for maximum comfort and also to give your ears time to heal.


10. Invest in good quality jewelry

How To Wear Heavy Earrings Without Pain

Finally, you need to know that if you want to avoid damage to your ears from wearing heavy earrings, you may want to avoid wearing the heavy costume jewelry options and choose to wear the higher-quality pieces made of genuine solid gold or sterling silver.

This is also ideal if you have sensitive skin,



You may wear heavy earrings from time to time, but you need to remember that they may cause pain or overstretch your earlobes, which is why we recommend the tips above.

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