Learn How To Wear Headphones With Earrings In This Guide

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Many people like listening to music through headphones since they create an isolated bubble within which one can listen privately.

If you are also a fan of earrings, you are probably wondering whether you can still wear earrings and put on headphones.

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

We created this post to guide you on how to wear headphones with earrings.

By the end, you will also learn whether you can put on headphones after getting your ears pierced and possible causes that can make earrings hurt when wearing headphones.

Read on to find out more!


Can you put headphones on after getting your ears pierced?

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

Yes, you can, but it is best to let the piercing heal before you put on headphones. Though headphones add a touch of style, not putting them on after getting your ears pierced can prevent you from experiencing pain or discomfort.

Putting on headphones after getting your ears pierced is not advisable since it can also lead to an infection. This is because the headphones come into direct contact with the ears and can lead to an unclean surface, infecting the ears. Ensure that you clean the ear piercings with sanitizers to avoid infection.

Since headphones can be pretty irritating on new piercings, you should consider holding off on wearing them for a few weeks after getting new piercings.

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

Headphones can make the freshly made holes start swelling or bleeding, making it hard for them to heal. The cushioning material of headphones can irritate the skin around the new piercing.

Wearing headphones immediately after getting new piercings is not recommended since the wound is fresh and the skin is still vulnerable. It can also result in trauma in that area, delay the healing process, and cause more pain.  

If you must listen to music before the new piercings heal, consider getting small earbuds only if the piercing is not very close to your ear hole. Earbuds such as Airpods may not cause an allergic reaction due to the soft materials used to construct them and their small size.  


Could you wear earrings when wearing headphones?

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

Yes. You can wear earrings when wearing headphones as long the piercings are not new and feel comfortable to you. Many young people consider wearing headphones with earrings stylish.

If you are new to this, it may take some experimenting to find the best jewelry styles for headphones and earrings. For things like tragus and conch piercings, ensure they are appropriately downsized.

Before wearing earrings and headphones, you should consider your ear’s shape and resting location. Feel free to wear larger over-ear headphones with your favorite pair of earrings.

Such headphones can give a wider berth around the ear and accommodate the piercings better. Small earrings are better since they can fit inside headphones and reduce the risk of pain.


Some reasons why your earrings hurt when you wear headphones?

Prolonged use of headphones

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

Using headphones for too long can make your ears hurt since it causes fatigue. The ears are not designed to accommodate headphones for too long.

Prolonged use of headphones when wearing earrings can hurt the ear cartilage resulting in pain. Like the rest of the body, the ears need to rest to prevent listening fatigue.


The headphones are too tight

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

If you wear headphones that are too tight over earrings, you will likely experience pain. This problem often occurs when people wear on-ear headphones with earrings.

Though the strong clamping force of headphones can prevent them from falling off, it can lead to extreme discomfort, especially when wearing earrings. You may even experience a headache from wearing too-tight headphones.  


Shallow earcup padding

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

This can lead to a lack of enough support, which can, in turn, hurt your cartilage. It is most common among people who have protruding ears and like wearing earrings with headphones.

The headphone drivers can press against the earrings and protruding ears leading to an uncomfortable listening experience.


How to wear headphones without hurting ears

1. Adjust different parts of the headphones

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

You can prevent headphones from hurting your ears by adjusting them. For instance, adjust the headphones’ height, the cable’s placement, and the headband’s clamping strength.

Doing this can prevent such parts from getting in the way as you listen to music. Take your time to play around with the positioning of the headphones until you identify the most comfortable fit.  


2. Put on looser headphones

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

You should also pay attention to the fit of the headphones before getting them. Go for looser headphones with a light squeeze.

Such headphones can work better than some monitor-style headphones, designed to fit tight on your head.


3. Stretch out the headphones

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

If your headphones feel too tight, you can prevent them from hurting your ears by stretching them out. You can do this with a sturdy object that is stable enough, such as a box.

Place it between the headphones and carefully stretch them as you pull the left and right ear cups away from one another.  

Allow them to rest in their position for at least 24 hours, and then confirm if the headphones are no longer too tight.

If they still feel tight, consider repeating this process using a wider object. Be careful while stretching the headphones, so they do not snap due to excess pressure.  


4. Add more ear cup padding

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

If your headphones do not have sufficient padding, you can enhance your listening experience by adding more ear cup padding. This can offer proper cushioning to the ear, so they don’t hurt.

Feel free to replace the ear cup padding with the headphones with thicker ones so that the headphones no longer hurt your ear cartilage.

Before replacing them, ensure you choose padding that comes in the right size and shape and is compatible with your headphones.

You can also choose ear cup padding made from quality material such as leather to enhance comfort.  


5. Know how to wear over-the-ear and on-ear headphones correctly

How To Wear Headphones With Earrings

Though over-ear and on-ear headphones may look similar, you should understand how they differ to enjoy a good experience using either. On-ear headphones are more compact and small than over-ear headphones.  

Check the right and left sides of the over/on-ear headphones. These headphones have R and L markings that you should pay attention to for proper orientation. As you put on any of these headphones, place the headband over the middle of your head and each cup right on the ears.



Though you can wear headphones with earrings, you should avoid using them if you have a new piercing.

It would be best to give new piercings enough time to heal before using headphones to avoid swelling or infection.

Once the ear piercings heal completely, you can continue wearing them with headphones.

Follow the tips we have highlighted above to prevent your ears from hurting.

Being a responsible headphone user can help you enjoy listening to music while still wearing your favorite pair of earrings.

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