Learn How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry In This Guide?

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Knowing how to wear your garnet jewelry can be very tricky, mainly because there are different types of garnet. They vary in color; therefore, you need to know how to match colors to wear them perfectly.

Also, knowing which hand and finger to wear garnets is hard because many blogs need to be more consistent with history.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

However, here is a guide on how to wear garnet jewelry.

It would be best if you did not miss the listed effects of wearing garnets simply because you do not know how to wear them.


What happens when you wear garnet

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Garnets are believed to help get rid of insecurity and personal problems. When you wear garnets, you will be able to notice your insecurities, and your soul will fight the insecurity using the spiritual strength from garnets. Ultimately, you will win over and become more confident when wearing a garnet stone.

Also, when you wear garnets, you can prevent obesity and prostrate issues. Garnets have been ranked high among the most helpful crystals in weight loss journeys.

It propels metabolism and boosts your energy levels. It is the crystal for weight loss because it is associated with the capacity to keep the brain focused on positive things.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Therefore even when you are obese, the stone will keep you in momentum and fixated on the positive results while you strive to work out and eat healthily. Also, you will strengthen your bone structure. Garnet mala is the specific garnet for strengthening your bone structure.

Also, when you wear garnets, your relationships thrive, especially if your zodiac sign matches the garnet stone. Garnets are associated with strengthening relationships because of their strong connection to human blood and heart.

It is associated with romantic relationships and strengthens platonic love between siblings, friends, and relatives.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

When you wear garnets, you can also find your inner self, communicate with it, and strengthen your interpersonal relationships.

Garnets have a unique way of fostering the love for commitment in a person’s heart and help the spirit devote itself to understanding communication.

Also, garnets evoke spiritual loyalty, trust, and warmth. And you should know that whatever happens on earth happens in spirit first. Therefore, in reality, when you wear garners, you pursue to become more loyal, trustworthy, and warm.

With these qualities, relationships grow and become stronger. Also, it is the key reason why wedding rings often are blended with garnets.


What are the effects of garnet?

Garnets affect the person wearing them and the people around them. They have healing effects and astrological effects.

Health effects of Garnets

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

  • Garnets are helpful because they help regulate blood circulation in humans. When the body has less blood, wearing garnets can help you attract the positive effects of the medication and a nutritious diet that will help you regain your blood.
  • Protects females from getting hemorrhage and anemia.
  • Garnets help in blood detoxification because they are connected to the root chakra.
  • They also help in keeping the lungs and spleen strong.
  • They help in healing depression because they help focus on being more optimistic in their situation.
  • In ancient tribes, garnets were believed to protect people from poison; some people still wear garnets for protection from poison.
  • Garnets help strengthen bones.
  • Garnets also help in building a stronger immune system.
  • They also prevent the effects of radiation on the body
  • Garnets affect degenerative diseases as they help create a balance

Astrological effects of Garnet

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

In Astrology, garnets are said to be related to Capricorn and Aquarius and the moon’s ascending node. They are stones of fearlessness, friendship, and love because they are connected with Rahu.

Their astrological powers are associated with their power to bring fame, wealth, confidence, recognition, and realign ambition to people.


I. Protection from evil and evil thinking

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Garnets can protect people from evil spirits, disasters, witchcraft, and negative energy. Also, garnets can shift a person’s thoughts from negative to positive; therefore, they can shield your thoughts from evil.


II. Helps in achieving goals

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Garnets have astrological strength that helps people regain confidence, increase their ambition, and become more creative. In addition, wearing the stone helps you attract fame and wealth.

Therefore, setting goals and wearing them will make it easy for you to achieve their goals because all the universal positive energy will be aligned with your goals.


III. Increases sexual energy

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Red garnets are the specific garnets that help increase sexual energy in any person wearing them. The red garnet is spiritually connected to the bottom spine and helps stimulate the primal energy stored in this area.

The stimulation of primal energy increases the sexual urge in a person and grants them more sexual strength to increase intimacy in their relationships.


Can garnet be worn every day?

 Yes, Garnets can be worn every day. Garnets are durable enough to be worn every day. They fall between 6.5 and 7.5 on Moh’s scale of durability.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Which hand should garnet be worn?

Any female should wear the garnet on their left hand to attract the positive effects of the stone. For males, you should always wear them on your right hand to attract the positive effects.


On which finger should garnet be worn?

 Garnets should be worn on the thumb. However, you can also wear them on the ring finger to strengthen your relationships.

However, if you wear garnets for fashion and nothing more, wear them on any finger.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Can anyone wear garnet stone?

No, not everyone can wear a garnet stone. They are best suited for Capricorn and Aquarius people. Also, people who are guided by mars.

However, if you do not believe in astrology, you can wear garnets despite your month of birth.


So, who should not wear garnet stone?

 People with horoscope suggestions such as “Kala Sarpa Dosham” should not wear garnet because it will increase their pain.

Also, if Rahu comes sixth, eighth and twelfth in your birth position, do not wear garnet. However, anyone can wear it if you are not into this belief.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Who should wear garnet stone

People born in January can wear garnet stones. Also, Aquarius and Capricorn people. Lastly, anyone who is celebrating their second wedding anniversary.


A guide on how to wear garnet gemstone jewelry

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Garnet gemstone jewelry includes earrings, rings, necklaces, and pins. These jewelry are made from different garnets, meaning their colors differ.

Therefore you have to know which garnet is on your jewelry before you wear them to suit your outfit. However, most garnet jewelry blends well with olive green, forest green, and deep teal outfits.


Almandine Garnet Jewelry

These jewelry are scarlet and have overtones of brown. They are the most famous of garnet jewelry. They come as pins, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

How to wear almandine garnet jewelry

You can accessorize any bright-colored outfits with almandine jewelry. For necklaces, they need contrasting backgrounds for them to stand out. Therefore you might want to wear black, blue, red, and peach dresses and tops.


Spessartine garnet jewelry

Spessartine garnet jewelry range from yellow to orange-reddish. They look like the sub and are often called garnet of the sun. They make rings, earrings, pendant necklaces, and bracelets.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

How to wear Spessartine garnet jewelry

Just like the sun blends perfectly with a grey and blue sky, this jewelry will blend perfectly with grey and blue outfits. Also, you can wear them in dull shades to allow them to speak for your outfit.


Tsavorite Garnet Jewelry

This jewelry is green and looks just like emeralds, only that it is harder. They are famous for making earrings and necklaces. They can make bracelets, too, although not so famous.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

How to wear Tsavorite Garnet Jewelry

The green in Tsavorite Garnet Jewelry will go well with any shade of red, but preferably, don’t go with a deep red outfit.

Also, this would go with maroon outfits if you want attention on your jewelry. If you want a seasonal marine look, wear it with marine blue outfits.


Rhodolite Garnet Jewelry

These have a pinkish-red color, and they are durable and versatile. They are mostly used on necklaces, although they also make bracelets, earrings, and rings.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

How to wear Rhodolite Garnet Jewelry

You can wear your Rhodolite garnet jewelry with traditional outfits. Also, any outfits with these colors; black, white, grey, peach, green, blue, brown, and yellow will go perfectly with rhodolite garnet jewelry.


Grape Garnet Jewelry

This jewelry is red-purple. They are a shade close to Rhodolite garnet.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

How to wear Grape Garnet Jewelry

Grape garnet jewelry will look good when worn with bold-colored outfits. Go with yellow, red and deep forest green dresses. Also, you can go with navy blue dresses and tops when you wear grape garnet jewelry.


 Pyrope Garnet Jewelry

They range from violet to scarlet colors. They are used to make almost all types of jewelry.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

How to wear Pyrope Garnet Jewelry

 Pyrope garnet jewelry can be worn with dull colors like black and grey. Also, it can blend well with peach outfits.


Demantoid Garnet Jewelry

These are green. It makes necklaces and pins in most cases. However, they are rare types of jewelry.

How To Wear Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

How to wear Demantoid Garnet Jewelry

You can wear this jewelry with red outfits. Also, if you are bold enough, you can wear them in blue and maroon outfits.



You do not need to be a fashion guru to wear garnet jewelry to match your outfit.

All you have to know is how to blend the color of your garnet jewelry with the color of your outfit.

Remember the benefits of this stone and get more garnet jewelry for yourself.

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