How to Wear Fake(Inexpensive) Earrings with Sensitive Ears?

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Even when we are well aware of the risks involved, most of the fake (inexpensive) earrings on the market are super cute. In addition to the cuteness, there’s also the cheapness element. We cannot all afford genuine sterling silver or gold earrings, which means that our next best option is to buy fake (inexpensive)  earrings.

But what happens when you have sensitive ears? Can you still wear these pieces without worrying about incessant scratching, redness, and even rashes? Well, even with sensitive ears, you can still wear cheap earrings, but only if you know how to wear such pieces.

Keep in mind that the reason for sensitivities when you wear fake jewelry is that these pieces are made with cheaper materials, often cheaper metals like nickel, brass, and copper which are known to cause reactions.

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So, if somehow, you cannot stand your cheap earrings bought years ago and if your ears end up in a hot, super-itchy mess at the end of the day, forcing you to wait it out for days, swab the same pieces in alcohol, and then wear then again, this article is for you.

Today, we focus on the things you should be doing when you have sensitive ears, but you still wish to wear cheap, fake (magnetic)  earrings.


Wear ear cuffs instead

To avoid the pain and discomfort, you might want to stop wearing the dangly earrings for some time. Screw backs and clip-ons are often problematic for most of us too, but ear cuffs seem to do the trick even though they are not actual earrings. The cuffs often work well because they will fall off quite easily. Note, however, that the cuffs are not replacements for good earrings and there’s also the thing with glasses – you cannot wear your glasses with the cuffs on, comfortably.


Invest in the good stuff

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One thing I learned as I struggled with poor quality earrings and endless itchy ears that were consequently scarred is that you are better off with the good quality earrings. Of course, this means spending a lot more than you’d like, but at the end of the day, your ears will thank you. The best bit about investing in good earrings is that you will find that you need fewer pieces because they are all good.

Whether you are the only one in your family that struggles with sensitive ears or everyone seems to have the same issue, you need to get some fine jewelry. While at it, remember that some jewelry regarded as fine jewelry such as sterling silver might not sit too well with you, especially if you are allergic to copper (copper is the other ingredient in sterling silver). Gold earrings might also fail if yours are low karat gold earrings.

What fine jewelry means, therefore, is that you need higher karat jewelry pieces. If you are not allergic to copper, genuine sterling silver earrings will work and if you are unsure of gold, opt for 14k or 18k gold earrings. Remember that the fine stuff will cost you more, but will be worth it at the end of the day.

Also, always buy nickel-free earrings. While brass and copper are also responsible for allergies, the main culprit when it comes to earring allergies is nickel. In fact, most of the people with earrings and jewelry allergies tend to be allergic to nickel. Therefore, the next time you are buying new earrings, ask your jeweler for authentic, nickel-free earrings.


Apply Clear Nail Polish

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The internet is a beautiful place that seems to hold the answers to most of our troubling questions; which is why a query on dealing with reactions to earrings will reveal that you should dip the earring in clear nail polish (preferably two layers) if you are reacting to your pieces. Interestingly enough, the clear nail polish on earrings advice works! Yes, we’ve tried and tested it.

Note, however, that this trick doesn’t work for everyone. With many varieties of nail polish on the market today and the use of toxic chemicals in the polish, you might have an adverse reaction to the polish (not just the earrings), especially if your ear piercing isn’t fully healed or if the last time it was itchy you scratched it too hard creating wounds. So, be careful with this approach, if you have to use it.

If this trick works for you, you’ll need to reapply nail polish every few weeks because the older layer will chip off soon, especially if the earrings are your go-to.



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The use of Vaseline on fake earrings is one of the oldest tricks in the book; it may or may not work. First, you need to apply peroxide on your earrings before coating the earrings with Vaseline. After application, let the earrings sit for some time.

But as mentioned above, this trick may or may not work, and it sure didn’t work for most of my friends or me.

The next best alternative to Vaseline is Neosporin. Neosporin, like Vaseline, creates a protective barrier, and it also helps deal with allergies.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil will not only make your hair shinier or your skin hydrated, but it could be what you’ve been missing to make your cheap/ fake earrings bearably wearable. Coconut oil will act as a barrier between your skin and the metal. Just dip your earrings into the coconut oil for a few seconds and then wear it.

Though this solution works for some people, keep in mind that it might not work well for you.


Go Hypoallergenic

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 You’re probably downplaying this tip because the last pair of earrings you purchased were supposedly hypoallergenic. We understand your frustration, but the truth is that sellers will say anything to make you buy their jewelry. The hypoallergenic mark on those earrings might not be real. See hypoallergenic earrings here.

If you want actual hypoallergenic earrings, check the material used. In the hypoallergenic spectrum, steel is one of the materials you should consider. Ensure that the steel or stainless steel used for the earrings is surgical stainless steel – this works for surgeries and replacements for joints etc., meaning it should work for your ear lobes too. The best part is that stainless steel earrings are quite affordable.


Take a break

Earrings might be a big part of your outfit, and your face might feel naked without earrings, but it’s okay to take a break. You really don’t have to subject yourself to pain all the time. Go earrings-free half the time, and after a nasty reaction.


What should you be aware of?

Be aware of your skin’s sensitivities, the material used to make the earrings, and the safety of the metals, as well as the options of earrings you could choose from.



The tricks shared above have been shown to work on most occasions. But if they all fail, seek expert help.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!