How to Wear Dangling Earrings( 3 Easy Methods)

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Dangling earrings are a quick way to transform any ordinary outfit into something sexy.

If you’re new to dangling earrings and love how they look on other women, but you’re shy to try them on, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ll tackle when it is best to wear these earrings and share some tips on how to pull them off successfully.


When can I wear dangling earrings?

Dangling earrings have their appeal, and women with fresh piercings want to know how soon they can wear them.

How long it takes is dependent on the piercer you went to and the aftercare. Let’s explore further.

Going to a professional piercer that uses sterile equipment and hypoallergenic earrings means that you won’t get an infection.

How you take care of the piercing in subsequent weeks also determines the rate of recovery. You’re to clean the area with saline water and pat it dry.

You shouldn’t touch it, and if you have to, make sure your hands are clean. Going swimming and other activities is out of the question. Remember, a piercing is an open wound.

When done right, your piercing should heal in about one to two months. How fast you typically heal from cuts and the like will give you an idea of how long to wait.

You can also check on the sensitivity after the one-month mark to determine the healing rate. Once you’re all set, you can pull out your dangling earrings.


But wait! Don’t just choose any.

The piercing is still likely sensitive, so you’re better off wearing earrings with hypoallergenic posts such as surgical stainless steel or other high-quality metals like gold, platinum, or titanium.

You do that to avoid irritating your ears.

Also, start with light dangling earrings as you don’t want to stretch the earlobe. Consider wearing the earrings shorter periods the first-month post-recovery.

Avoid getting pieces that can get caught in the hair or clothing as the tagging will make your piercing sore.


Are dangling earrings professional?

While it is thought that formal attire in all professional contexts is the same, there tend to be variations based on the industry and corporate culture.

In some companies, dangling earrings are allowed, as long as they are minimalistic.

For example, you can wear small hoop earrings or teardrop earrings made from gold or sterling silver.

In others, women, and in some cases men, are only allowed to wear plain stud earrings.

If you’re unsure, it’s best not to wear dangling earrings to a conference or client meeting.

You can otherwise save them for days where you can wear a somewhat casual outfit to the office.

Let the dangling earrings be the only statement piece, allowing it to amplify your otherwise simple clothing.

Paring dangling earrings with something formal makes you look too dressy for the workplace. You can save that for when you’re going for a corporate dinner.


How to wear dangling earrings

Let’s look at some essential tips that you can adopt to help you pull off dangling earrings.

1. Consider your face shape

There is no “one-type-fits-all” when it comes to dangling earrings. That is particularly evident when it comes to our face shapes.

For example, if you have a long face, wearing long dangling earrings only makes it look longer. To balance it out, short and round earrings would work best for you.

Those with rounder faces do look better with long dangling earrings; they elongate one’s face. Hoop earrings only make your face look rounder.

Women with a heart-shaped face are wider at the forehead and narrower towards the chin. You can bring symmetry with teardrop earrings.


2. What’s the occasion?

Chandelier earrings for a typical day are a tell-tale sign that you’re doing too much.

Save those for a formal event that requires you to show up elegantly dressed.

Studs and small hoops are great for the usual day-to-day rounds, and even they have the power to transform a regular outfit into something trendy.

In general, you have to look at the practicality of wearing dangling earrings.

If you’re wearing your hair down, going to exercise, or are babysitting, then you’re looking at a worst-case scenario of a ripped earlobe from getting snagged and pulled.

It would be best if you also exercised judgment in a formal setting, such as interviews to determine what earrings work best.


3. Be mindful of stretching

Stretching is a common concern when it comes to dangling earrings. While there are light ones in the market, some made from high-quality metals tend to be heavier.

When worn regularly, a stretched piercing will be inevitable.

However, before you ditch dangling earrings altogether, especially the heavy ones, there are tricks that you can adopt to rescue your earlobe from the seemingly inevitable end.

There are now earlobe support accessories that you can use to prevent your piercing from elongating.

Their primary purpose is to redistribute the weight to the lobe. One example is silicone piercing protectors that you insert into the hole before wearing the jewelry.

There are also earing backs, clip-on converters, and support patches.

There are also neat tricks that you can apply, such as pinning surgical tape behind your ear and piercing the post through it for added support. However, the best protection is wearing dangle earrings sparingly.



Dangling earrings have cemented their place in our world, transforming an average look into va-va-voom.

You, too, can learn how to integrate them into your life, giving you a confidence boost as you walk out the door.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!